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Question: Who knows the most workable technique to increase intelligence, boost IQ test scores, and enable you to achieve genius IQ ... and even attain the highest IQ possible?

Answer: No one understands intelligence and the art of attaining the highest IQ possible better than the one person whose own certified level of intelligence is immeasurably high.

Jim Diamond has held memberships in all the planet's major high-IQ societies, including Mensa, Intertel (The International Legion of Intelligence), The Triple Nine Society, Ingenium High IQ Society, UNIQ Society, LOGIQ Society, Coeus Society, and Hall of the Ancients, among others.  He has been celebrated worldwide throughout the news media — in countless newspapers, magazines, radio interviews, and on hundreds of television stations — as "Mega Genius®: The Man with the Perfect IQ™."

Question: How does he say that I can improve my intelligence and achieve genius IQ ... and even attain the highest IQ possible?

Answer: The advice from "The Man with the Perfect IQ™" is to apply "The Genius Formula™," a simple, 3-step, easy-to-understand principle that he has isolated and made available to you. Thousands globally have adopted this highly advanced technique of the 21st century, proven to increase intelligence and IQ when conscientiously applied. 

"Mega Genius®" fully explains his evolutionary technique in just six audio MP3 lectures, titled "The Genius Formula™" Series," downloadable here, today, for $29.95 (United States dollars).

Question: Where is the proof that this technique really works?

Answer: Those who have heard "The Genius Formula™ Series" of 6 MP3 lectures, and applied the simple 3-step technique in their pursuit of genius IQ, the highest IQ and beyond, know that this technique really works.  (You can see some of their testimonials above, on the right side of this page.)

And we will prove it to you now, with our ironclad guarantee:



If you buy "The Genius Formula™ Series" of 6 MP3 lectures for $29.95 (USD) as a singular purchase from Mega Genius, Inc. and are dissatisfied with it, we guarantee to return your full purchase price for that specific product if (1) we receive your request in writing within 15 days of our having provided you with access to "The Genius Formula™ Series" and (2) you agree in writing to never again order any products or services from Mega Genius, Inc.

Mega Genius, Inc. has an A+ rating, the highest possible, from the Better Business Bureau, a distinguished nonprofit organization focused on advancing marketplace trust in the U.S. and Canada, since 1912.

The Founder

The founder and author of this 21st century discovery that you can use to increase your intelligence is Jim Diamond, an American certified mega genius, with an immeasurably high IQ, who clearly marches to a different drummer. For example, in the 1980s, he became the only person to respectfully resign from Mensa and all the other major high-IQ societies in the world, because none was able to maintain his interest intellectually. Acclaimed worldwide since 1985 by the news media for his incalculably high IQ test scores, Mega Genius®: "The Man with the Perfect IQ™," has been featured on more than 200 television stations during the year 2014 alone.

The Discovery

As the sun set on the 20th century, the consensus of authorities of the human mind was that each person was born with an "intelligence quotient," or series of IQ test scores, that remained the same throughout his, or her, lifetime. Universities taught that one's intelligence never changed. No clear path existed for you to increase your intelligence.

Then, at the dawn of the 21st century, Mega Genius® challenged that assertion, proclaiming that just as any ability could be increased, so could intelligence. He had solved the mystery of how to boost intelligence, he announced, and then asserted:



"Intelligence is easily teachable, if it is taught intelligently.

"If a person is of at least average intelligence, literate, and without significant brain damage, that person can use my newly discovered advanced technology to increase intelligence to genius IQ, and beyond.

"By understanding and conscientiously applying three simple and precise steps, the person can learn to think exactly like a genius and, with practice, attain a genius IQ"


 Mega Genius®, November 2000



A decade later, in 2011, the prestigious scientific magazine Nature agreed: We can increase intelligence! "The Genius Formula™" works!


The Challenge

As a public test of Mega Genius'® discovery, he was challenged by both law enforcement and the news media to solve the world's most famous murder mystery, which had long since stumped every investigative mind internationally, baffling even Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's renowned detective Sherlock Holmes. The identity of Jack the Ripper, the most infamous criminal of the 19th century, had never been discovered, confounding even England's celebrated Scotland Yard.

From the 19th century, throughout the entire 20th century, and even into the 21st century, the conundrum remained:  Who was Jack the Ripper?  And, now could Mega Genius® solve this greatest crime mystery of all time?

To publicly demonstrate the effectiveness of "The Genius Formula™" to increase intelligence, Mega Genius®immediately accepted.

Even Jack the Ripper, however, was no match for the man whose intelligence exceeds the highest IQ possible! Using no more than the three easy steps of "The Genius Formula™", Mega Genius® penetrated the fog of more than 120 years, brought yesteryear's images sharply into focus, and exposed the truth for all to see — indisputably winning the challenge!

It is not an overstatement to say that "The Genius Formula™" can be used to achieve the highest IQ possible and, when applied diligently and thoroughly, reveal the truth about anything.

Consequently, Mega Genius® not only identified Jack the Ripper by name, but publicly proved the serial killer's guilt with specific facts and logic!

(Read all about it in our free "Mega Genius® Intelligence Briefings.")


The 21st Century

Mega Genius® has demonstrated "The Genius Formula™" in the news media throughout the United States, Canada, South America, Europe, India, and Australia — across more than 50 countries worldwide. And now you, too, can use it to focus your awareness like a laser, avoid extraneous data, isolate information that is most important, and astronomically increase your perception. It is the 21st century's cutting-edge technology for attaining objectives and achieving success.

Incidentally, for those who wish to pursue the realm of the highest IQ possible, Mega Geniu®s has also recorded 38 additional truth-revealing lectures on a multitude of subjects essential to people's happiness and success — all from beyond the top of the IQ scale, far above the level of mere genius IQ. In all 44 of The Mega Genius Lectures® (which begin with Level I: "The Genius Formula™ Series"), he explains every major aspect of humanity's existence, a feat that no other human being has ever attempted.  Each to-the-point and hard-hitting MP3 lecture is a powerful IQ enhancer that distills the essence of wisdom about a specific subject.

Never before have all of life's facets fit together so perfectly and been so easy to understand.

Distributed exclusively by Mega Genius, Inc., The Mega Genius® Lectures are recognized on 5 continents as the most modern and workable method to increase intelligence.

These famous 30-plus hours of 44 MP3 recordings are grouped as follows:



The Mega Genius® Lectures


Level I:   "The Genius Formula™ Series," 6 lectures


Level II:  "The Uncommon Sense Series," 20 lectures


Level III: "The Whole Truth Series," 8 lectures


Level IV:  "The Lost Wisdom Series," 10 lectures


Level V:    "The Advanced Abilities Series," 13 lectures



Level I: "The Genius Formula™ Series" of six lectures, is available today, as downloadable MP3 files, for only $29.95 (USD) — 40% off the regular price of $49.95.

We cordially invite you to read testimonials, or synopses of all the lectures, or free "Mega Genius® Intelligence Briefings," or just explore any aspects of our corporate website at your leisure.

You may surprise yourself at what you discover.


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