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Since the year 2000, our purpose at Mega Genius, Inc. has been to help thousands of customers in more than 120 countries attain a genius IQ, and beyond. When you purchase any series of our MP3 "Mega Genius® Lectures," we will immediately email you a link to download those audio lectures, and listen to "The Man with the Perfect IQ™", and begin boosting your IQ test scores today! Our staff is waiting to process your order now.

Jim Diamond, "The Man with the Perfect IQ™", advises you to apply "The Genius Formula™," a simple, 3-step, easy-to-understand principle that he has isolated and explained in 6 MP3 lectures titled The Genius Formula™ Series.  Thousands worldwide have already adopted this highly advanced technique of the 21st century, proven to increase intelligence and IQ when conscientiously applied.

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If you order The Genius Formula™ Series of 6 MP3 lectures for the sale price of $29.95 (USD) as a single purchase from Mega Genius, Inc. and are dissatisfied with it, our corporation guarantees to return your full purchase price for that specific product if (1) we receive your written request within 15 days of our having provided you with access to The Genius Formula™ Series and (2) you agree in writing to never again order any products or services from Mega Genius, Inc.

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’The Genius Formula Series™’ does exactly what it promises. The lectures are done so well that every time I have listened to them, I have consistently been able to notice a significant increase in my intelligence. The spirit in which Mega Genius® imparts this wisdom is a quintessentially intelligent act, what my best observation says is in the very nature of truth. This is a gift of the highest quality.” -- A. S., West Windsor, New Jersey, USA

About the Man with the Perfect IQ

Mega Genius®, a registered trademark and service mark, is a pseudonym for Jim Diamond, a retired American magician of stage and television, also known worldwide as “the man with the perfect IQ™.”

As author of The Mega Genius® Lectures and as an internationally recognized expert consultant in human intelligence, he teaches corporate executives, celebrities, students, and others, in more than 120 countries, how to apply his simple formula to significantly increase their intelligence.

Along with Mensa and The International Legion of Intelligence, he has held memberships in Ingenium High IQ Society, UNIQ Society, LOGIQ Society, Coeus Society, and The Triple Nine Society (20 times as restrictive as Mensa), along with Hall of the Ancients, which requires an IQ equivalent to at least the 99.99 percentile of intelligence. Given the life-changing benefits obtainable by listening to The Mega Genius® Lectures, many people hold that Jim Diamond is the world’s smartest person. Read Jim’s Full Story