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Important: This option is temporarily suspended as of 9 July 2016.


You may contact Mega Genius® personally, in either of two ways; please read both of the following pages carefully:

First, if you have a question, you can receive an answer from him by email, from a viewpoint above the highest IQ that is measurable.

If you have a problem, are upset about something, are having any kind of difficulty, are just curious about something, or if you seek personal advice about IQ test scores, or attaining a genius IQ or the highest IQ possible, you may consult personally and confidentially with Mega GeniusSM.  He will conscientiously respond to you with what is certified to be the most intelligent advice.

To do this, you may order a single “Ask Mega GeniusSM” option, or several of them at the same time. Each one of the “Ask Mega GeniusSM” options that you purchase, however, is valid for one question only. Consequently, if you purchase just one option, but then submit multiple questions for that single option, your order will be sidetracked and delayed.  Each option is good for one question.

Please clearly indicate your exact question.

After you have placed your order for the“Ask Mega GeniusSM” option, you should receive your receipt for your order immediately by email.  If you do not, then please ensure that you are checking for the exact email address that you submitted to us when you ordered, and that your receipt did not mistakenly end up in a junk or spam folder.

Your receipt will show your order number.  You may then submit your question to, and please be sure to reference your order number in the subject line of your email.  Your question will then be handled in the strictest confidence.

Within 10 business days, you should receive a reply directly from Mega GeniusSM, “The Man with the Perfect IQ™.”

Mega Genius’SM responses are unique. When you receive his reply, please read it carefully, as it applies only to you.  If you have any doubt about any word that he uses, please consult a dictionary, as Mega GeniusSM means precisely what he writes. Email replies from Mega GeniusSM are to the point, and will never exceed 300 words, which is close to one page.  Due to demands upon his schedule, we regret that there can be no exceptions to this.  If you require an answer longer than 300 words, please do not order an “Ask Mega GeniusSM“option.




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