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  Video Conference With Mega Genius® Live!  

  What Geniuses Ponder, Mega Genius® Knows. 


Important: This option is fully available at this time.  You can order today!

 From 2015 to 2020, Mega Genius® has encircled the world 20 times, conducting hundreds of face-to-face consultations with clients throughout more than 100 countries.   

Now there is an easier way for you to team up with Mega Genius®.  As of 29 June 2020, through the internet from your home or office, you may video conference directly with Mega Genius® personally, one-on-one, by audio and video, and receive live answers to all your questions, from a viewpoint above the top of the IQ scale.

If you have a problem, are upset about something, are having any kind of difficulty, are just curious about something, or if you seek personal advice about IQ test scores, or attaining a genius IQ or the highest IQ possible, you may consult personally, directly, and live with Mega GeniusSM.  He will offer you the certifiably most intelligent advice.

After you have placed your order for the “Ask Mega GeniusSM” option, you should receive your receipt for your order almost immediately by email.  (If you do not, just ensure that you are checking for it under the exact email address that you used when you placed your order and that your receipt did not mistakenly end up in your junk or spam folder.)

Your receipt will show your order number.  To arrange the date and details of your video conference, insert your order number in the subject line of an email to me, Maria Davidson, his personal assistant, at md@megagenius.comI will coordinate your live meeting with you and Mega GeniusSM, “The Man with the Perfect IQ™.”

Before your live meeting with Mega GeniusSM, you will need only (1) a working web cam and (2) a free "Zoom Application for Client" that you have installed and configured (easy to do).  And (3) you will need an invitation, which I will email to you.