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                                                                                                      The Great Mystery That Stumped the Author of Sherlock Holmes


From the other side of the red link below to you:  Everyone seeks adventure.  Just like you do.  I know you.  You don’t want too little adventure, and you don’t want too much.  You want just the right amount.

So, get comfortable, turn your lights down low, and follow me now.  If things get too scary, you can take a deep breath … or two.  On the other hand, if in a few minutes you are not waist-deep in enough adventure … well, never mind.  You will be!

Come with me now, behind the scenes, through the eerie shadows of the night, as you and I meet face-to-face with the most infamous serial killer this world has ever known.

All the best investigative minds failed to discover his name.  But Mega Genius did!  And soon, you will too. 

He is waiting for you now … in the darkness … on the other side.  Just select the red link below (if you dare!):





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31 October 2021: Here is a new Intelligence Briefing from Mega Genius®.



     Mega Genius® Intelligence Briefing [50], Part II

      "Knowing is Half the Solution"

This update on my latest expedition throughout Yellowstone National Park is a Part II follow-up to my recent 22 September 2020 Mega Genius® Intelligence Briefing No. 48: Part I, "Knowing is Half the Solution."

In September of 2021, I met up in Cody, Wyoming, with Mr. McKenzie Burns — a friend and business associate from Pennsylvania — for what we planned as just the right amount of twenty-first-century Western adventure.


                                                                  Mega Genius® and McKenzie Burns in the

                                                                  Bighorn Mountains above Cody, Wyoming.

                                                                  © 2021 Mega Genius®.  All rights reserved.

Cody is where another friend of mine, Bill, used to live, formally known as the late William F. Cody III.  He was the grandson of Colonel William F. Cody, renowned worldwide as Buffalo Bill, the buffalo hunter, U.S. army scout, and producer of Buffalo Bill's Wild West and Congress of Rough Riders of the World Show.  The town of Cody, and just about everything in it, was named after him.

Cody, Wyoming, has extremes.  For example, it seems to be an insignificant cowboy town, in Wyoming’s endless big-sky country, which is the most sparsely populated state in the contiguous United States.  Being in Cody is like living in history when everything seemed to be happening somewhere else.  It is where you can still go anytime and forget where you are.

Yet when something does happen in Cody, it is memorable.  For instance, James Bama, my 95-year-old friend of several decades, lives just down the road there.  He is the American artist renowned for his extraordinarily realistic paintings and illustrations of Western subjects, and an inductee into the Illustrator’s Hall of Fame.

If you are musically oriented, you may know that Kanye West, the rapper, producer and fashion designer, just officially changed his name to Ye (pronounced “Yay”).  He owns more than 9,000 acres just south of Cody Regional Airport, for which he reportedly paid $14,000,000 a couple of years ago for his 4,000 acre “Monster Lake Ranch.”  It includes a go-kart track and trout fishing lakes.

If none of those facts about Cody bounce you in the saddle, you could try what McKenzie and I did from the “blue ribbon” seats at the “Cody Stampede Rodeo Grounds” last month.  We watched the exciting finals of the annual 3-month-long “Cody Nite Rodeo,” the largest rodeo anywhere on Planet Earth.  Watching that extravaganza is guaranteed to jolt you into remembering where you are.

Yellowstone National Park resembled what I remembered from decades ago, with geysers, sulfur springs, mud pots, waterfalls, and stunning aerial views from the mountainous volcanic crater rim encircling Yellowstone National Park and from the summit of the mountains next door in Grand Teton National Park, soaring 13,775 feet (4,198 meters) skyward.  There were numerous deer, birds, moose, coyotes, and their offspring.  And there were prowling wolves (keeping their distance), intimidating bears (close enough), and wild American buffalo snorting and grunting barely 3 feet from our car (too close, for sure!).  And there were concerned human mothers dutifully watching their children (“Don’t touch that groundhog baby Ethel; you don’t know where it’s been!)”

Yet everything was different, too.  The Grizzly bears, moose, and American buffalo were descendants of those that I had seen long ago, as were the deer, coyotes, elk, big horn sheep, bald eagles, trumpeter swans, common loons, ospreys, American white pelicans, Sandhill cranes, and all the rest.  And the hundreds of geysers, and sulfur springs, and mud pots, and other hydrothermal features that I remembered in detail from decades ago had all changed, too.  Mother Nature had gradually changed or replaced them all with exciting and fascinating new ones of unique sizes and colors.

The summer of 1988 had been the driest ever recorded in the greater Yellowstone area, where more than 25,000 firefighters had fought an inferno that burned 30 percent of the total acreage of the park, more than 1,200,000 acres.  Several months later, in December of 1988, I had revisited the park just to see the extent of the still smoldering devastation.

Now, more than 3 decades later, there have been more major changes.  Blackened burned-out regions of the park still exist, but new green growth has replaced most of the destruction.

Yellowstone National Park is a region of extremes, of birth and death, of beauty and grotesqueness, but its refrain is primarily one of change … change … change …, because that is the mantra of the entire physical universe.  Yet that is not the mantra of life, although it would appear to be so if life is not examined thoroughly.  I’ll explain.

Energy, and condensed energy in the form of solids, existing continuously in one form or the other, is the physical universe, the mantra of which is change, every instant of every day, on atomic, molecular, and even galactic and universal levels.  Energy and condensed energy in the form of matter continuously change, as the Earth spins, and the solar system rotates, and the galaxy revolves, et cetera.

Conversely, thoughts, love, appreciation, considerations, agreements, faith, creativity and many more intangibles do not necessarily ever change.  One could correctly say that they belong to a non-physical universe, along with life itself, which is why none of those ethereal and “otherworldly things” can be captured with a pair of forceps, stuck into a conical Erlenmeyer flask, corked, and set aside on a lab table.

What I’m telling you relates to my 4 visits to Yellowstone throughout the last 6 decades.  Here’s why.

Long ago, on September 18, 1870, members of the Washburn-Langford-Doane Expedition entered the Upper Geyser Basin and saw an impressive geyser that was so regular and dependable that they called it “Old faithful.”  Soon thereafter, in 1882, Gen. Sheridan’s soldiers began using it as a clothes washing device.  When the geyser rested briefly, the men packed their soiled clothing into the opening in the ground.  Then, when the geyser erupted again minutes later, their linen and cotton fabrics blew out sky-high and supposedly cleaner (although their woolen clothing was torn to shreds).

I’ve already told you about Old Faithful geyser’s reliability in height, interval between eruptions, and length of eruptions.  But consider this.  In 1942 the temperature of the water in Old Faithful, at a depth of 72 feet (22 meters), was measured at 244 °F (118 °C).  Some half century later, between 1983 and 1994, the temperature of the water of the geyser was repeatedly measured again at the same depth.  The readings were identical to those in 1942, to exactly the same degree: 244 °F (118 °C).  Old Faithful, she is!

As I watched that famous geyser erupting just a few weeks ago, in a vast wilderness of incalculable changes in vegetation, animals, and geothermal activities from what I had seen in 1957, 64 years ago, after having erupted another 500,000 times since then, Old Faithful appeared unchanged.  She reminded me of “The Genius Formula™, that I isolated for you a couple of decades ago, which is unchanging, too … in fact, it is more eternal than Old Faithful geyser will ever be.

The entire physical universe will continue to change.  The Genius Formula™ will not!

I’ve done my best for you, my friend.  Now your future is in your hands.

As decades pass, and as you are witness to the many changes of your friends, your body, and your life, you will be wise indeed to keep the unchanging Genius Formula™ close to your heart — first by remembering its 3 simple steps … secondly by understanding them … and thirdly by continually applying them.  And then, if you are smart enough to do that, whenever you pass a mirror you should at least mentally salute the friend looking back at you for his intellectual expertise.

I use The Genius Formula™ to maintain more fine friends around this planet than I can count, along with a sound financial state, superb physical and mental health, incontestable confidence, supreme happiness, superior wisdom, and the ability to meaningfully help others worldwide.

The key is to always remember that the true genius is not merely the one who knows what The Genius Formula™ is … or remembers it … or even the one who understands it.  No!  The truly intelligent person is the one who continually uses it, thereby making every facet of his life go right.

He is the one who wins the game!  And continual use of The Genius Formula™ is its own reward, and precisely how you, too, can win the game!


Mega Genius®

30 October 2021

 Copyright © 2021, Mega Genius®.  All rights reserved.



 25 May 2021: Here is a new Intelligence Briefing from Mega Genius®.



     Mega Genius® Intelligence Briefing [50]

      "Remember That I Told You So"


   Mega Genius Intelligence Briefing [50]


For more than seven decades, the Government of The United States of America has led most of Earth’s other governments in maintaining that interplanetary unidentified flying objects, commonly known as UFOs, exist only as imaginary mock-ups, like those discovered by Alice, after she fell through the rabbit hole, in Lewis Carroll’s world-famous literary nonsense genre Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland.

That is what régimes are still telling you and other citizens, yet they know that is a colossal falsehood!

In June and August of 2003, I told you the truth about UFOs in four Mega Genius® Intelligence Briefings.  You may choose to link to them again at the end of this intelligence briefing.

As one who has had access to a wealth of classified information, from multiple sources, and having just returned again, on May 6 and 7, 2021, from both of the two famous UFO “hot spots” of Area-51, in Nevada, and Roswell, in New Mexico, what follows here is an important disclosure.

First, The Pentagon, which serves as the headquarters of the U.S. Department of Defense, is now admitting that there is something out there, and the United States Senate wants to know what it is.

The director of National Intelligence and the secretary of defense both were ordered by the intelligence committee some five months ago to provide the congressional intelligence and armed services committees with an unclassified report about "unidentified aerial phenomena," although some addendums will be classified.  Within the next month you will be hearing of those findings.

Here it gets more interesting, as there are only three possible scenarios for those findings:


No. 1 Option:  Flying Saucers do not exist.

This finding will not occur!

Despite all of the past findings to that effect — such as those past conclusions of the Brookings Report, the Condon Report, Project Sign, Project Grudge, and Project Blue Book — this new determination will not persist in claiming that UFOs and the like are invariably imaginary … because such conclusions have become too numerous and illogical to be broadly accepted by the public in this twenty-first century.


No. 2 Option:  Flying Saucers Are Real.

This finding will not occur, either!

Although true, first of all governments do not like having to admit that they have lied profusely to their citizens for decades.  And secondly, having to announce that interplanetary aliens exist here in our airspace, and why, raises 10,000 more questions than the “authorities” of Earth have answers.


No. 3 Option:  Something “out there” exists, and we are now actively investigating it.

That is what you will be told.

This is a major change from the U.S. Government’s 74-year-old smokescreen that all UFO eyewitness reports can easily be attributed to cerebral short-circuits and alcoholic intoxication.

Also, the Government is changing the name of the “things,” from UFOs, meaning Unidentified Flying Objects, to UAPs, meaning Unidentified Aerial Phenomena.  You see, although those things have been numerously and thoroughly observed, the word objects is too precise.  How could a rational Government have been insisting for 74 years that objects do not exist?  So, to avoid appearing ridiculous, the Government will now prefer the less precise word phenomena. It will now be actively studying Unidentified Aerial Phenomena … to be known as UAPs.


Here are examples of what is happening:

For instance, former Obama administration CIA director John Brennen has said that scores of credible UFO sightings may be piloted — and these are his words — by “a different form of life.”

For instance, just a few weeks ago, John Ratcliffe, who served as DNI, a high-ranking government position that serves as the head of the United States Intelligence Community, revealed:


"Frankly, there are a lot more sightings than have been made public.  We are talking about objects [emphasis mine] that have been seen by Navy or Air Force pilots, or have been picked up by satellite imagery, that frankly engage in actions that are difficult to explain, movements that are hard to replicate, that we don't have the technology for or are traveling at speeds that exceed the sound barrier without a sonic boom."


For instance, last week President Obama appeared on "The Late Late Show with James Corden," on CBS, and admitted:


"What is true, and I'm actually being serious here, is that there is footage and records of objects [emphasis mine] in the skies that we don't know exactly what they are.  We can't explain how they move, their trajectory. They did not have an easily explainable pattern.”


In other words, something tangible and far beyond our scientific understanding exists “out there,” and sometimes even comes down here, and we are finally (although intensely reluctantly) admitting that we are stumped and are continuing to actively investigate it.

You do not have to believe any of this now, or any of the startling facts that I revealed to you 18 years ago in the four Intelligence Briefings links below.

But the wise will remember that I told you so.


Mega Genius®

25 May 2021


21 Above Top Secret, Part I – 07 Jun 2003

(Do extraterrestrials exist?)


21 Above Top Secret, Part II – 07 Jun 2003

(What is really going on?)


23 In Their Own Revealing Words, Part I – 25 Aug 2003

(Revelations by scientists and government officials)


23 In Their Own Revealing Words, Part II – 25 Aug 2003

(Revelations by U.S. Presidents and astronauts)


Copyright © 2021, Mega Genius®.  All rights reserved.


 15 November 2020: Here is a new Intelligence Briefing from Mega Genius®.



     Mega Genius® Intelligence Briefing [49]

      "Everybody Has a Plan"



It is always gratifying when a well-laid plan comes to fruition, and even more rewarding if along the way your life is filled with legendary friends, wide-ranging expeditions, and unrivaled exploits.  Because my life is, I am a fortunate fellow.  Please join me now as I offer you a peek into one of my unique adventures.

You may have already heard a bit about this escapade, but now I’ll reveal the rest of the story.  It all started on 20 October 1976, when I opened the imposing penthouse door of the private office of Joe Allbritton, on Wilshire Boulevard, in Los Angeles.

Joe was a friend of mine, a big player in Washington, D.C.’s business and political circles, and a person who continually executed well-laid plans.  He was a banker, Chairman of the Board of both Houston International Bank and Houston Citizens Bank, and owned University Bank shares.

He also owned Riggs Bank, the largest bank in Washington, D.C. then, founded by President George Washington, and which had served more than 20 other U.S. Presidents as clients.  So prominent was that single asset of Joe’s that an engraving of his bank building used to be printed on the reverse side of every 10-dollar bill of the United States of America.

Joe sat on the board of the John F. Kennedy Center of the Performing Arts.

He also owned a thoroughbred racing horse that won the Belmont and the Preakness Stakes.

Joe had many other plans that he executed just as successfully.  For example, he owned television stations, and a life Insurance company, and was a publisher, philanthropist, and owner of the 8-time, Pulitzer Prize-winning, Washington, D.C. newspaper, The Washington Star.  And he owned much more.

If you have never previously heard of Joe Allbritton and all his plans and achievements, it is probably because he was reclusive.  President Theodore Roosevelt had advised, “Speak softly and carry a big stick; you will go far.”  Joe took his advice, and did!

For example, he once entered a bank in Houston, Texas, with a check (probably for a sizeable amount) that he intended to cash, but which was declined by the bank on the basis that his identification was not sufficient for them to be sure who he was.

Joe had a plan.  He abruptly bought the bank.  Thereafter, every employee of the bank instantly recognized Mr. Allbritton!



My appointment in Joe’s office that day was to determine whether or not I, as a longtime professional magician, might be interested in accepting a friendly challenge from Joe to execute some type of eccentric escape to memorialize the 50th anniversary of Houdini’s passing on 31 October 1926.

After an in-depth discussion, we reached an agreement:  Always the showman, I offered to present a “magical effect” that I called “’The Million Dollar Miracle:’ an attempt to escape from the laws of the physical universe” by teleporting myself, as a professional magician or by any other means, completely across the North American continent — instantly!

How I would perform “The World’s First Transcontinental Teleportation,” Joe would leave up to me, but I had to do it in plain sight and in only an instant.

To maintain transparency and credibility, Joe had no further personal involvement with the event, which would occur just 3 days later, between two of the world’s major newspapers: The Washington Star and The Los Angeles Times.

On the morning of 23 October 1976, an official 12-member verification committee photographed and fingerprinted me, and certified the documentation, on Wilshire Boulevard, on the balcony of the Los Angeles County Art Museum.

Moments later, at exactly 11:00 a.m., Pacific Daylight Time, in full view and completely surrounded by hundreds of spectators, and more closely encircled by only concrete and space, in what the committee later described as “a singular, brilliant flash of light,” my body was witnessed to dematerialize in full view.

At that exact instant, three time zones away, at 2:00 p.m., Eastern Daylight Time (11:00 a.m., Pacific Daylight Time), I suddenly reappeared near the White House grounds, 2300 miles (3700 kilometers) away, in Washington, D.C., surrounded by hundreds of other spectators who had been awaiting my arrival. I was then immediately photographed and fingerprinted again, by an official 12-member reception committee that certified that documentation.

As verified by The Washington Star, a 123-year-old daily, long regarded as one of the best afternoon newspapers in the United States, the images in both official photographs — in Los Angeles, California, and in Washington, D.C. — matched my identity perfectly, as did both documented sets of fingerprints from those transcontinental locations.

At the offices of The Washington Star, I offered an immediate (on the spot) $5,000 cash award to any committee member, newspaper reporter, law enforcement crowd control officer, or anyone else who could prove that either set of fingerprints, or either of the official photographs, or any of the other documentation was in the slightest way fraudulent.

Everything was carefully examined, but no one stepped forth to challenge the validity of any part of the event.

Then, I stated the essence of my successfully executed plan:


"It was either the greatest, largest, and most incredible illusion in the annals of modern magic, or it was the first and only reliably witnessed and fully documented transcontinental teleportation. I will let you decide."


My plan had been organized, executed, and tied with a bow!



We have focused on Joe Allbritton, the financial and communications tycoon, and then on myself, a retired magician of stage and television, and an expert in human intelligence.  Now we come to our third character.

Enter James Randi, a Canadian-American stage magician and challenger of paranormal, occult, and supernatural claims, which he liked to call “woo-woo,” meaning unconventional, dubious, or outlandish beliefs, relating to mystical, supernatural, or spiritual matters, and having no scientific basis.

I doubt that any of the three of us would ever have objected to being referred to as a character, including Randi, who was usually billed as “The Amazing Randi.”  Formerly an accomplished magician, he was primarily known as a “debunker,” or investigator of the supernatural.  He spent some seven decades chasing down frauds and exposing them before the public, on television, or in a church, or any other place that he could direct the light of day upon what he viewed as their dreadful activities.  Randi had a high level of expertise for recognizing woo-woo, and a low level of tolerance for it.  In that, he was relentless!

It seemed that there were so many swindlers.  And so much fraudulence in séances and readings through spiritual mediums, clairvoyants, mystics, and everyday psychics.  As a famous professional magician, Randi knew all of their deceitful techniques.  It was child’s play for him to reveal them.  What fueled Randi’s campaign against such frauds, just as it had driven Houdini’s crusade against them in the 1920s, was both men’s disdain for what they saw as a deluge of swindlers’ atrocious lack of ethics.

The truth of the matter is that some actual psychic phenomena can exist, meaning lying outside the sphere of normal physical science or knowledge, and can easily and scientifically be demonstrated, for example through the proper and specific laying on of the hands to alleviate, and sometimes abruptly cure severe physical maladies.  Unfortunately, though, fraudulent and malicious psychic phenomena are rampant worldwide.

One of Randi’s primary targets was Uri Geller, an Israeli-British, self-proclaimed, psychic who sued and was counter-sued by Randi numerous times, for millions of dollars.  For years their legal battles ricocheted intensely and internationally, in clashes that were of significant financial costs to each other.

As I watched accusations and counter-accusations reverberate, I could not help but form a plan.  It was just too tempting.

For 20 years after my “Million Dollar Miracle,” which had occurred in 1976, I awaited Randi’s response, confident that sooner or later I would hear from him about my instantaneous transcontinental teleportation.  How could he ignore me, unless he, the world’s most accomplished investigator of psychic phenomena, was baffled by my teleportation?

Then, in 1996, Randi offered $1,000 (U.S. dollars) to anyone who could provide objective proof of the paranormal.

I smiled.  Still, I waited for Randi to step closer.

Soon thereafter I learned that Randi had increased the prize money to $1,000,000 (USD).  I smiled and nodded, again.

Then I got word that Randi was contemplating issuing a challenge to me, personally, to prove that “The Million Dollar Miracle” was a genuine demonstration of the paranormal.  In other words, it was unexplainable by science.

That was what I had been patiently fishing for.  I love it when a well-laid plan comes together.

Consequently, on June 22, 2001, 25 years after “The Million-Dollar Miracle,” I unexpectedly revealed how I had done it:

“I did it,” I explained, “the same way anyone else would have done it.”

I did not need to prove anything.  Instead, I issued this challenge to Randi: I was willing to perform the feat again as “The Ten Million Dollar Miracle,” but only at a location that was open to the public.

Then if he could subsequently prove to an independent committee, or by any other means, that my performance of the instantaneous transcontinental teleportation was in any way fraudulent, I would pay him an award of $10,000,000 (USD); however, if he could not subsequently prove any fraudulence on my part, then he would pay me an award of $10,000,000 (USD). 

That was my challenge!

It was a friendly, but serious, contest.  I was certain that Randi operated on a false assumption that because 99.9 percent of alleged, or apparent, psychic phenomena were based upon trickery, he was safe to assume that valid psychic phenomena could not exist.  That was an atrocious assumption! In other words, I contend, “Don’t throw out the baby with the bathwater.”

Nevertheless, for the most part, I had great respect for Randi and his ethics in the realm of psychic phenomena.

Known only to me, and never revealed to anyone until today, these three factors were of paramount importance in my plan:


1.  I knew that it was impossible for Randi to prove fraudulence, despite my willingness to repeat the teleportation publicly.


2.  Randi’s response to my challenge would reveal his certainty, or doubt, about the validity of my 1976 performance.


3.  If Randi suspected that my 1976 “transcontinental performance” could somehow be valid, the price of my $10,000,000 challenge would conveniently leave Randi with a face-saving way out.


So, the question for the mind of “The Amazing Randi,” the rightly celebrated challenger of paranormal claims, was this:  “How confident are you that ‘The Million Dollar Miracle,’ now elevated to “The Ten Million Dollar Miracle,” is not a real teleportation?”

If, after 27 years of contemplation, “The Amazing Randi” could not figure out how I had performed the wondrous feat, then he would have to decline my challenge on the basis that my proposed wager was too risky for him, because he might lose.

On the other hand, if Randi was certain that he could prove that my instantaneous transcontinental teleportation was not authentic, then he would have no reason to avoid my challenge, and my $10,000,000 (USD) would be his. 


Question: What kind of person who was willing to bet $1,000,000 (USD) that no one could provide objective proof of the paranormal would be unwilling to bet $10,000,000 (USD) that no one could provide objective proof of the paranormal?


Answer: A person whose mind harbored significant doubt.


In 2003, “The Amazing Randi” answered that question himself in just 6 words when, in reference to my challenge and “The Ten Million Dollar Miracle,” he replied concisely, “It’s just too steep for me.”

Consequently, having declined my challenge, Randi had told me all that I needed to know:  Randi, the paramount investigator of the paranormal, was just … not … sure!

So, everybody has a plan.  Joe Allbritton’s plan was to accumulate and control energy through financial growth and big business.

My plan was to entertain by instantly expanding my sphere of transcontinental space and influence.

Then there was Randi.  Plans and objectives that people hope will come to fruition are not necessarily confined to this lifetime.  For example, Randi did not believe in an afterlife.  But, just in case there was one, he had at least the start of a plan.  Not one like Joe’s, which expanded and controlled his monetary energy.  And not one like mine, which expanded and controlled space. 

You see, Randall James Hamilton Zwinge, aka “The Amazing Randi,” departed from his body just a few days ago, on 20 October 2020, but not before having announced one final plan after his demise.  After investigating more than 100 alleged psychics, during which time he had “gone many rounds” with the Israeli-British, self-proclaimed, psychic Uri Geller, Randi had proclaimed a plan by which he sought to supersede and control time.

“I want to be cremated,” Randi declared.  “And I want my ashes blown in Uri Geller’s eyes.”



Well, what is worth remembering is that everybody has a plan, and while it is not necessary that you know everybody else’s plan, you will operate most successfully, by far, if you at least know yours.

Do you?


To see official photographs of "The Million Dollar Miracle," taken in 1976, please go to our "Interview" page:


Mega Genius®

15 November 2020


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 Mega Genius® Intelligence Briefing [48]:


"Knowing is Half the Solution," Part I



“Mitsi-a-da-zi” is an area on a volcanically active planet in this sector of our galaxy.

It is home to a “supervolcano,” meaning a gargantuan volcano that has erupted one or more times with a Volcanic Explosivity Index (VEI) of 8, the largest recorded value on the index.  In brief, if you understand that this is about a monstrously powerful volcano on a planet that is not far away, then you get the idea.

Volcanologists tell us that the supervolcano there last erupted about 640,000 years ago, when massive amounts of 1,800°F (982°C) liquid ash exploded at supersonic speed throughout a diameter of 3,000 miles (5,000 km).  Nearby mountains were utterly disintegrated during that catastrophic eruption.  Then the crater floor collapsed thousands of feet, leaving a 1,296-square-mile (3,357-square-km) bowl-shaped depression, 30 by 48 miles (48 by 77 km) in diameter, which volcanologists call the “caldera.” 

Although volcanologists do not expect that supervolcano to erupt again for some 50,000 years, you may be thanking your “lucky stars” that you do not live on that planet today.  But, well … actually you do!

That region of Earth once commonly called Mitsi-a-da-zi by North American Arapaho and Blackfoot Indians, meaning “Yellow Stone River,” is today known as Yellowstone National Park, a vast wilderness in the northwestern part of the State of Wyoming, and partially in the States of Montana and Idaho, in the United States.

Yellowstone National park is titanic and magnificently alive!  Nowadays, forests of pine, spruce, fir, juniper, aspen, cottonwood, and Rocky Mountain maple flourish throughout Yellowstone, spanning well over 2,000,000 acres, or 3,472 square miles (8,982 square km), of rivers, canyons, and lakes.

A profusion of wild animals prospers there, including black bears, grizzly bears, moose, bison, pronghorn antelopes, coyotes, elk, gray wolves, beavers, bighorn sheep, mountain goats, deer, marmots, bobcats, lynx, and mountain lions.

Soaring overhead are bald eagles, golden eagles, great horned owls, sandhill cranes, falcons, osprey hawks, ravens, Canada geese, trumpeter swans, dusky grouse, gray jays, black-billed magpies, red-breasted nuthatches, American dippers, mountain chickadees, herons, finches, egrets, woodpeckers, cuckoos, ducks, and hundreds of other bird species.

All the animals are unconfined, free to roam throughout the open area of Yellowstone Park as they choose.  It is their home.  For instance, should a Red fox decide to cross your path there, it legally has the right of way.  And if a 2,000 pound (907 kilogram) grizzly bear decides to share a road with you, it also has the right of way … in case you had any doubt about that.

Yellowstone Park is nature up close, at its worst and best.  For example, in 1870, 19 men with 40 horses set out on the Washburn-Langford-Doane expedition to document whatever they found in the unknown and unexplored region of Yellowstone.  Truman Everts, a 54-year-old tax collector, discovered nature at its worst.

Mr. Everts quickly got lost within an extremely dense forest, then found his way, and then got lost in the timber again, separated from everything familiar, including the rest of his party.  Then he lost track of even where he was going.  Then he broke his glasses. 

By that time things had deteriorated so badly that Evert’s horse concluded that it was being led around by an idiot, and the animal suddenly galloped away “at full speed among the trees. That was the last I ever saw of him,” Everts recalled later.  The horse had dashed with all the man’s blankets, guns, food, and almost everything else of value, except for a small opera-glass that Everts had on him.

Then things got worse.  The weather turned vicious, with heavy snow and wind whipping all about, but Everts managed to grab a small bird to eat and found a hot spring to rest beside.  Soon he started a fire with his opera-glass, and made a knife out of his belt buckle, and a fishhook out of a pin.  That was the highlight of his misadventure.  Then the bottom began falling out of everything.

Everts badly scalded himself in the hot spring.  Then he lost his belt buckle, fishhook, and opera-glass in a forest fire that he had accidentally set, which woke him at night as it was burning off most of the hair on his head.

Soon he wore out his shoes.  Then the flesh on his frostbitten feet wore away to his bare bones.  And for the next 5 weeks, Evert survived by eating mostly thistles.  Then he had to sleep in a tree one night to keep from being eaten by a hungry mountain lion stalking him below.

Eventually, 2 searchers saw what they thought was a wounded bloody bear crawling among some rocks, discovered it was the 90-pound, lost, horseless, scalded, starved, burned, frostbitten, scared, exhausted, and delirious Mr. Everts, and saved him from himself.

Nevertheless, for having miraculously survived his trial in hell — Whoop-de-do! — Evert was offered the position of the first Superintendent of Yellowstone National Park.

Like his runaway horse, Mr. Evert had finally learned to recognize immense trouble when he saw it and turned that job down flat!

That is a classic example of one utterly failing to use “The Genius Formula™.”

Yet at any time of the year, Yellowstone National Park — the first national park in the world — can truly be a nature lover’s paradise under the big sky.

Some of the most exciting wildlife, however, roams underground, or so it seems. 

Geysers consist of gas, superheated water, and steam exploding skyward.  In the immense and boiling cauldron of Yellowstone National Park, more than 10,000 different geothermal displays present themselves for your enjoyment, which are more than exist on all the rest of the planet combined.

With half of all the active geysers in the world continually blasting off at Yellowstone, the most famous is “Old Faithful.”  It is not the biggest, or the tallest, or the most predictable geyser, but it has erupted a dramatic column of boiling water every 45 to 110 minutes, from 108 to 185 feet (15 to 25 m) in height, depending on how compliant or obstinate it feels at the moment and has been doing so faithfully since at least 1870.  Park rangers consistently predict fairly accurately when the next eruption will occur.

Among others is what has been known as “The Great Excelsior Geyser,” in the area of the Park called “Midway Geyser Basin,” which has irregularly erupted some 300 feet wide and 300 feet high (91.5 m), making it the biggest and tallest geyser in the world.  A geologist has called it ″one of the grandest sites ever beheld in Wonderland.″ That geyser is my personal favorite.  (I like to think big.)

Unfortunately, Excelsior blasted itself out of existence as a geyser around 1899.  Now they call it “Excelsior Pool,” because it nonchalantly releases at least 4,000 gallons (15,142 liters) of water every minute.

Let’s see now, that means that if you stood with a common garden hose for 8 hours per day, you could fill an Olympic-size swimming pool with that same amount of water, but instead of it taking you 60 seconds, it would take you 8 days.

Or, if you could just divert all the boiling water pouring out of Excelsior Pool today, you could fill that same Olympic-size swimming pool in just 2 hours and 45 minutes.

Or, you could fill 75 bathtubs with the water boiling out of Excelsior Pool every minute.  By the way, some days Excelsior Pool has been gushing out twice that amount, some 8,000 gallons (30,284 liters), which would be enough boiling water for you to fill 150 bathtubs with the water boiling out of Excelsior Pool every minute.  (Should you ever decide to do that, I would like to watch.)

Then there are a multitude of other hydrothermal features around Yellowstone, such as hot springs, with fabulously-colored surfaces, and often bubbling or churning waters.  And there are peculiarly belching mud pots, which often stink.  Sometimes they suddenly spit globs of hot colored mud above your head, or directly at you as soon as your back is turned.  You have been warned.

There is a wealth of other wonders in Yellowstone, more than you could ever hope to see if you spent years there.  As a teenager expanding his attention, I saw, and remember, many of those wonders.  For instance, it’s hard to forget watching a middle-aged man trying to outrun an angry and charging momma black bear.  He made it to his car, just barely, but I think he used up every drop of his adrenaline in the process.  (When I saw him again a day later, in Old Faithful Inn, he had “the shakes” and his hair was white.)

I watched Old Faithful Geyser erupt several times, including one night as it was illuminated with colored lights.  It was a spectacular show, but there was a multitude of other impressive sights that I planned to behold the next day, including Excelsior, the world’s biggest geyser.  It was well off the beaten path, and had not erupted for decades, but who could say?  Maybe the next day it would.

I left rainbow-colored Old Faithful Geyser and walked across the street toward Old Faithful Inn, where I was staying.  As one who likes to examine thoroughly, I paused momentarily to ask a National Park Ranger walking by if he could tell me the height of Old Faithful’s eruption that I had just witnessed.  He looked surprised that I had asked, and then replied that it had just been measured at the second greatest height ever recorded since the geyser’s discovery in 1870.  Then he added that another Park Ranger, in a fire tower miles away, had just radioed him that Great Excelsior, the world’s tallest geyser and the one that I planned to visit the next day, had just awoken after 60 years of mere gushing and had fully erupted only a few minutes before.

I had just missed it.  Except for the isolated ranger miles away, in a fire tower, with binoculars, so had everyone else,

Meanwhile, hundreds of other visitors chatted excitedly among themselves about the glorious colors they had just seen lighting Old Faithful Geyser.  I walked along with them, back toward our accommodations where they all would begin turning in for what they planned was another peaceful night’s sleep in Old Faithful Inn.

I had my plans too, which I had just completely restructured.  Based on the minor geothermal events that the ranger told me had just occurred in the humongous caldera of the supervolcano upon which everyone in the park stood, I immediately canceled my scheduled visit the next day to Great Excelsior Geyser.  Then, as others slept, I quickly packed in the night.

In the calm morning hours of April 17, 1959, I departed Yellowstone National Park.  I prefer to avoid assumptions.

I was in southern Wyoming later that same day when I heard the breaking news on my car radio:  Yellowstone National Park had just been ripped apart by a massive earthquake registering 7.5 on the Richter scale. 

Colossal fault blocks of the Earth’s surface had risen, tilted, and collapsed.

The landscape had dropped 20 feet (6.1 m).

More than 180,000,000 tons of mountainside had slid and then risen up the Madison Valley wall.

The northern end of Hebgen Lake had dropped 18 feet (5.5 meters).

Campers’ clothes had been shredded and torn from their bodies by hurricane-force winds.

Hundreds of Yellowstone geysers had erupted in unison.

A new and deep lake (later named Earthquake Lake) 6 miles (9.7 km) long had been formed in the State of Montana.

The effects of the earthquake had been recorded 3,000 miles away, in Puerto Rico, and 5,000 miles away, in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, in Hawai’i.

Tragically, dozens of people had been killed in the volcanic upheaval.

Today, 6 decades later, almost as many bodies have never been recovered.  Swarms of aftershocks still rock Yellowstone National Park, which sits atop a thin 2 mile-deep (3.2 km) crust above a 125 mile-deep (201 km) chamber of magma estimated to be about 1,475 °F or 800°C.

The Old Faithful Inn where I had stayed, that had opened its doors in 1904 and is still the largest log building in the world, suffered extensive damages to its magnificent 500-ton stone fireplace; but what the earthquake ruined, mankind later repaired.  In 2007, more than 100 years after the lodge’s construction, the American Institute of Architects voted the Old Faithful Inn one of its favorite buildings in the United States.  (I have good taste.)

Today in Yellowstone, where volcanologists record the hottest hydrothermal vent temperatures on Earth, an area the size of Chicago slowly rises and falls as the slumbering, but active, supervolcano continuously breathes.

So that is how, on April 17, 1959, I quickly sidestepped one of the most powerful earthquakes in the recorded history of the North American continent.  It is a classic example of using “The Genius Formula™” to one’s advantage.

Everyone likes a little adventure; you just don’t want too little and you don’t want too much.  On that Friday, in 1959, I had just the right amount.

Some 3 decades later, in December of 1988, I tried again to see Excelsior Pool, sometimes known as Excelsior Crater, but was deterred from reaching it by an immense snowdrift so deep that it took a colossal snowplow to extricate my car.  That was just the right amount of adventure, too.

Now, another 3 decades have passed.  Still enjoying adventure, I will soon try for my third time to see what used to be the tallest and biggest geyser in the world.  (I just don’t give up.)

Who knows?  It may erupt again, just for me.  (I like to think positively.)

So, here is a golden lesson worth keeping in mind during your own adventures, and throughout your life:


1. Knowing “The Genius Formula™” gives you the potential for superior intellect.


2. Actually applying “The Genius Formula™” denotes wisdom, including an increased life expectancy.



Mega Genius®

22 September 2020


Copyright © 2020 by Mega Genius®.  All rights reserved.



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Mega Genius® just dictated another Intelligence Briefing.  Before posting it on the website under "Free Briefings," I thought I would publish it here first.  If you enjoy it, please let me know at .

Posted by Maria Davidson, Personal Assistant to Mega Genius®

 Mega Genius® Intelligence Briefing [47]:


"The Old Magician’s Secret"


Warning: This Intelligence Briefing may not be suitable for minors or the mentally impaired.


Let’s you and I pretend.

It’s almost midnight, on Halloween.  You stand in the dark depths of a dungeon, where a black cat hisses in the shadows.

By flickering candlelight you examine a rusted key, then insert and slowly force it.  You feel metal grating, until it finally gives, unlocking the dusty and timeworn journal of a magician of ages past.  Then with a snap and a squeal of protest, the diary’s binding proclaims the awakening of yellowed pages and faded script of another time, long gone by.

Now you read of a secret technique used since time immemorial.  A tactic that is still fundamental to the ethical performances of modern magicians just for the public’s enjoyment, but which is also recurrently used by scammers, swindlers, con artists, and other criminals, in the most unethical ways, to fool everyone who has ever lived — even you!

I will reveal that secret strategy to you now.  It is knowledge worth knowing, because understanding it and how it is applied is wisdom!

For an easily understood example of how this web of mystification is often cast above you, and all about you, to paralyze your awareness, let’s momentarily return to the days and crimes of Jack the Ripper, which I explained in 6 sequential intelligence briefings, beginning with No. 30, dated 16 September 2005, The Great Mystery of Jack the Ripper, Part I: “The Abyss.”  []

Jack the Ripper, you will recall, is the world’s most famous serial killer.  In 1888, in the Whitechapel-Spittlefields area of East London, he crept about like a phantom in the night, month after month, butchering women as if they were livestock in a slaughterhouse.  Often he vanished from the blood-drenched murder scenes carrying body parts carved out from the still-warm carcasses, such as Catherine Eddows’ left kidney, which the police of the City of London suspected that he fried and ate.

Jack the Ripper was never caught, and for more than a century his identity remained a mystery.  Accordingly, Madame Tussaud’s wax museum, in London, the most renowned in the world, has never commissioned a waxwork figure of Jack the Ripper. There, in the Chamber of Horrors, the infamous serial killer is depicted only as a gruesome shadow.

For months in 1888, both the police of the City of London and law enforcement officers of Scotland Yard did their best to identify and capture the Ripper, searching homes, interrogating suspects, prowling the streets themselves at night, in disguises, policemen dressed as women, trying to anticipate where in the moonless night the serial killer might attack his next victim, surrounding probable locations, but invariably finding themselves outwitted, confounded, and exasperated, until there was no one left to suspect.  The point that they were frustrated at every turn was well-made many years later by Bill Tidy, Britain’s famous cartoonist.  His drawing showed Scotland Yard’s famous fictional detective Sherlock Holmes, backed up by two constables, kneeling before a perturbed Queen Victoria on her regal throne.  The caption read, “I have reason to believe that you are Jack the Ripper.”

The key player in this murder investigation was Frederick George Abberline, an eminent policeman who, in 1873, was promoted from sergeant to inspector; and, in 1878, to local inspector, head of H division, the most notorious district in London; and, in 1887, was transferred to Scotland Yard; and, in 1888, as Jack the Ripper terrorized London was promoted to inspector first-class.  Soon thereafter he was promoted again, to Chief Inspector Abberline.  Not only was he one of the leading members of the Ripper investigator team, but, later, by the time he retired from Scotland Yard, he had received 84 commendations and awards.

(After the ghastly reign of Jack the Ripper, Abberline’s stature  expanded even further when he assumed the position of European Representative of the Pinkerton National Detective Agency, a prestigious company that soon employed 2,000 detectives and 30,000 reserves — more men at the time than the standing army of the United States of America.)

Chief Inspector F. G. Abberline was no one’s fool!  Or was he?

By his experience, performance, and reputation, Abberline commanded respect as he led the ground investigation into what became the legendary case of Jack the Ripper.  But Bill Tidy’s ludicrous cartoon of Scotland Yard’s inability to identify the serial killer was not as ridiculous as it seemed.  For if the if truth be known and proven, and it never was until I solved the case in 2005, Scotland Yard’s Chief Inspector F. G. Abberline personally, and face to face, interrogated Jack the Ripper — and never knew it!

This is how it happened.  Jack the Ripper had been seen in the early morning hours of Friday, 9 November 1888, in the wrong place, at the wrong time, by the wrong person — Sarah Lewis, a woman who would be able to identify him.  The Ripper panicked, but then quickly concocted a brazen plan and a complex alibi to explain why he had been seen in the immediate area and at the same time that the latest victim had been slaughtered.  (That would take a good story!)

Then, after hiding throughout the 3-day inquest to avoid being recognized and accused by an emotional Sarah Lewis, on Monday, 12 November 1888, the Ripper boldly presented himself to Scotland Yard before that prestigious organization could determine that he was a prime suspect.

There he faced up to Chief Inspector Abberline.

Then he told him the lie of the century.

Although the case of identifying and capturing Jack the Ripper officially remained open for years thereafter, the mystery was factually sealed like a tomb later that day, on Monday, 12 November 1888, when the esteemed Chief Inspector Abberline, of Scotland Yard, having unknowingly met face-to-face with the real Jack the Ripper, wrote the following: “I have interrogated him this evening and I am of the opinion his statement is true.”

On that day, Jack the Ripper derailed Scotland Yard’s entire investigation like a train wreck!  Then — for more than a century — both professional and amateur sleuths worldwide researched tomes of minutiae of more than 100 involved police officers, at least 140 witnesses, and more than 200 suspects.  They wrote and studied more than 100 books about the Ripper, produced and viewed more than 40 related motion pictures, and perused innumerable newspaper reports of the day, all to no avail.  Because the one person whom they all should have suspected had mistakenly been cleared back in 1888 by the indisputable Chief Inspector F. G. Abberline, of Scotland Yard.

In 2005 I was challenged by law enforcement and the news media to solve the “unsolvable” mystery of Jack the Ripper, which I agreed had gone on long enough.  It seemed that everyone associated with the case in 1888 had been suspected at one time or another, but the perpetrator had never been proven.

Incidentally, I had been tested before, when The Washington Star newspaper syndicate challenged me, on October 23, 1976, to instantly teleport myself, as the professional magician that I was (or by any other means), completely across the North American continent, from the balcony of the Los Angeles County Art Museum to the White House grounds, 2300 miles (3700 kilometers) away, in Washington, D.C.

Billed as “The World’s First Transcontinental Teleportation,” how I did it they would leave up to me, but I had to do it in only an instant.

I accepted The Washington Star’s contest.  So, they photographed and fingerprinted me; and, before hundreds of spectators at each location, I performed for them that day … and then took a bow.  I love an impossible challenge!  [

So, on September 16, 2005, I accepted the news media’s challenge to finally solve, and prove, the identity of the world’s most notorious serial killer, when I announced that “… shortly after 2008 (120 years after the serial killer’s reign) … I will solve the mystery of Jack the Ripper.”

I performed the transcontinental teleportation the same way anyone else would have done it, but I’ll let you in now on how I proved the identity of Jack the Ripper.

First, I accessed and perused all the books and other pertinent material that I could find about Jack the Ripper.  Due to an already hectic schedule that would only permit me to conduct research in my spare time, I estimated that I would need 4 years, until 2009, to solve the mystery.

Second, as I waded through the process, I found that a mystery that would have required expertise to solve in 1888 had become much more complicated 12 decades later and, consequently, nearly unsolvable.  Much information that would have been available 120 years previously had been misplaced, lost, stolen, or destroyed.  Correspondence had disappeared.  Buildings had been demolished.  Physicians, coroners, detectives, suspects, witnesses, and neighbors had all passed away.  And the number of suspects had grown considerably, finally resulting in the Bill Tidy cartoon of Sherlock Holmes accusing even Her Majesty Queen Victoria.

Complicating the matter, since the real Jack the Ripper could not be identified after 1888 by anyone without rudely accusing Chief Inspector Abberline of having made a crucial mistake, almost all subsequent investigators and authors made a fundamental mistake themselves: Instead of allowing verifiable data to expose the Ripper, those who sought to identify him proposed other suspects on whims, and then diligently worked to convince the public that they had guessed correctly.  Instead, they had all guessed wrongly.

Third, a fact is something that has real existence, while an opinion is a viewpoint about something that is not necessarily based on fact.

About half of everything that has ever been said or written about Jack the Ripper has been merely opinion.  It was necessary for me to recognize, separate, and ignore all that accumulated chaff merely to isolate the pertinent facts.

Fourth, I made several transatlantic trips to the Whitechapel-Spittlefields area of East London to inspect, measure, and study each of the crime scenes myself.

Fifth, I intentionally avoided forming any opinions in the meantime as to the identity of Jack the Ripper.

Sixth, On October 31, 2009, which was Halloween, when restless spirits of the dead are said to wander about at night, I mentally stepped back from the whole affair, to see how the verifiable essence of it looked, and within 30 seconds realized who Jack the Ripper had to be, and that I could prove it beyond question.  With enough pertinent facts isolated from the chaff, they spoke immediately and unmistakably for themselves.  Now, more than 10 years later, I know of no one who has questioned the proof that I published.

It didn’t take a genius, or deep thought, or mental agility.  It merely took the awareness of single sentence from the dusty and timeworn diary of that magician of long ago, who had written:

“If you believe someone who has been fooled, then you will be fooled too.”

And then the magician of ages past had crossed it out, re-dipped his quill, and scripted:

“If you believe someone who has been fooled, then you will have fooled yourself.”

Believing a person who had been fooled is the only reason why one of the world’s most unsolvable mysteries of the 18th, 19th, and 20th centuries persisted for 120 years, until — only by thinking for ourselves — we have seen the truth.

The failure to understand and apply that single sentence may be the greatest mistake in the history of the human race: “If you believe someone who has been fooled, then you will have fooled yourself.”

Take it from an old magician, it is knowledge worth knowing.

It is wisdom!


Mega Genius®

25 May 2020


[For a complete synopsis of the days and crimes of Jack the Ripper, explained by Mega Genius® in 6 intelligence briefings, beginning with No. 30, dated 16 September 2005, The Great Mystery of Jack the Ripper, Part I: “The Abyss,” see ]


Copyright © 2020, Mega Genius, Inc.  All rights reserved.

11 March 2020:  COVID-19 IN 400 WORDS

Various coronaviruses have circulated for more than half a century.  The current one, which started late in 2019, is called COVID-19.  Now people worldwide are starting to panic, just as I predicted in The Mega Genius® Lectures.   It occurs simultaneously with the overpopulation of a planet.

There are some pertinent facts that you should know:



COVID-19 is primarily spread by coming in close contact with one’s face, as by an infected person dispersing minute droplets by sneezing or coughing within a six-foot radius of you, or by you touching an object that an infected person has touched, followed by you touching your own face before washing your hands thoroughly.

The symptoms of COVID-19 are primarily respiratory, like those of a common cold, except that a person might not even be aware of having the contracted COVID-19.  Or, if one is in poor health, in a small percentage of cases it could prove fatal.  But, varieties of the flu that invade the populace annually are fatal to many people too.  When you get COVID-19, you will probably know that you have caught something.  If you are reasonably healthy, you should be all right soon, and so should those whom you accidentally infected.



COVID-19 is already unstoppable.  Authorities are merely trying to avoid new “hot spots.”

When an area of infection becomes too concentrated, it becomes non-functional: too many people in the region become incapacitated and the services collapse.  Almost everything stops working, as has already happened in a part of China, and in some European countries.

The way that health authorities hope to control the spread of COVID-19 is by preventing hot spots from occurring, by keeping people out of stadiums and auditoriums, away from concerts and conventions, and off of ocean liners.  The authorities’ hope that by keeping people several feet away from each other (which is also good for population control), the spread of COVID-19 can be smoothly managed, and uncontrolled hot spots can be avoided

Smooth management of the unavoidable spread of COVID-19 is the only workable technique that the health authorities have now — if they can make it work.



Conflict, fear, grief, and death is the lifeblood of the mainstream news media.


Posted by Mega Genius®, 11 March 2020




10 December 2019:  MEGA GENIUS'®  ITINERARY

During the last several weeks, Mega Genius® has been on another whirlwind tour across a couple of continents, which included The United States, The Republic of Ireland, The Netherlands, England, Scotland, Iceland, Greenland, completely across Canada through the Arctic Circle, to Seattle, back up to Edmonton and down to Calgary.  I wish I could do all that!

He told me that most of those places were freezing and snowy.  I think he wanted sympathy; but, since I envied all his traveling, he didn't get it.

Then he showed me a picture he had taken of his empty dining-room table, in his luxurious apartment, high up in a hotel in snowy Edmonton, Canada, taken on Thanksgiving DayHe wanted me to see that on that holiday he had no turkey, no dressing, no cranberry sauce… nothing.  I was so jealous… he still didn't get it.

Posted by Maria Davidson, Personal Assistant to Mega Genius®


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A great opportunity for you is knocking today!

Posted by Maria Davidson, Personal Assistant to Mega Genius®

05 June 2019:  I Wish I Were There!

Mega Genius® just completed another worldwide tour, consulting with clients in dozens of countries, completely around the planet, which he has been doing several times each year.

Although many more consultations are scheduled for Edmonton, Canada; Birmingham, United Kingdom; Johannesburg, South Africa; and Manilla, The Philippines, to name just a few, he will also be spending more time in the USA soon, where you can still book a personal consultation with Mega Genius® for the substantially discounted price of only $2,000 (USD) for three (3) hours.  There are absolutely no other charges.  To take advantage of this unique and discounted offer, just email me through the "E-Mail US HERE" address in the upper-right corner of this page.

A few weeks ago, as Mega Genius® was meeting with a client on the island of Maui, in the Hawai'ian Islands, I asked him to send me three photos from there.

First, one of Oneloa Beach, which I understand is one of the world's longest and most gorgeous shorelines.

Second, one of the vegetation on the Southside of The Grand Wailea Hotel Resort and Spa, where, in 1992, Mega Genius® hid 4-star General and Commander of the U.S. Central Command "Stormin' Norman" Schwarzkopf while Mega Genius® was sneaking him into the hotel where the General was to be the secret guest speaker the next day at a convention.  (Who better to misdirect people from spoting a world-famous 4-star general, and one of the most recognizable people on Earth at the time, than a former professional stage and television magician?)

Third, a hidden mansion on the island of Maui, that is just a couple of minutes down the road from Mega Genius'® two homes.  It used to belong to Mr. Bob Thompson, a longtime friend and neighbor of Mega Genius®, who sold his home just a few years ago to Oprah Winfrey, for $120 million dollars.

By the way, many years ago Bob Thompson worked for Mega Genius®


Oneloa Beach, on the Island of Maui.  Life could be worse.

© Copyright 2019 Mega Genius, Inc. All rights reserved

Southside wing of The Grand Wailea Hotel Resort and Spa,

where Mega Genius® once hid 4-star General Schwarzhopf.

© Copyright 2019 by Mega Genius, Inc. All rights reserved.

Sold by Mega Genius'® friend to Oprah Winfrey, for $120 million.

Notice the purple Jacaranda trees, blooming around the mansion.

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Posted by Maria Davidson, Personal Assistant to Mega Genius®

28 March 2019:  An Intriguing Update on The Mystery of Jack the Ripper

I have a surprise for you, if you read this notice today all the way to its end.

In 2009, operating from above the top of the IQ scale, Mega Genius® cracked the world's most confounding murder mystery by revealing the previously undiscovered name of the 18th-century serial killer Jack the Ripper, and proving it intellectually and indisputably.

To read the complete and true story of the murder case that stumped every detective of Scotland Yard for 121 years, until Mega Genius® accepted the challenge of law enforcement and the news media to solve it, select the Free Briefings link, which is on each of our webpages, and ... you're on your way.  Once you have read all 6 parts of The Mystery of Jack the Ripper, if you have not done that previously, you will gain a thorough understanding of the subject.

I also think you will be intrigued by peeking through this window into the past, and into some of the workings of the mind of Mega Genius®, "The Man with the Perfect IQ."


Now for the surprise.

Having finished that, you can read a fascinating update on the subject covering the last 10 years by selecting this new link:

It's always nice to know inside information.


Posted by Maria Davidson, Personal Assistant to Mega Genius®

24 January 2019:  Knowing and Applying “The Genius Formula™” Pays Off

If I didn’t know better, I would think that Mega Genius® is tethered to a lucky star.

For example, he discovered dozens of valuable first editions of classic literature, including all six volumes of the famous McGuffey’s Eclectic Readers and Mark Twain’s classic The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn.  Moreover, he found an original incandescent lamp (lightbulb), manufactured in Edison’s own laboratory by Thomas Edison himself.  And, two original and matching hand-painted versions of “The Spirit of ’76,” the most popular painting by an American Artist and the most popular patriotic painting in the world.  The original artist, Archibald M. Willard, had created them to enjoy in the privacy of his own home.  These, and many other world-class treasures, were once lost in the fog of history … their whereabouts entirely unknown!

That is, until Mega Genius® personally discovered and purchased each of these superlative assets for a song, all before he had reached the age of 21.

How can a person be so lucky?  Mega Genius® told me his secret:  “I use “The Genius Formula™.”

I could give you so many examples, but here’s just one other incident of his remarkably good fortune, regarding a couple of yo-yos that he found and mentioned briefly in The Mega Genius® Lectures.  I’ve asked him to give us more details now:


“In 2011, I received a small box containing a collectible yo-yo that I had won in an auction through eBay.  I placed it thoughtfully in my 40 year-old collection of hundreds of different kinds of yo-yos.  Then I emptied the box that the seller had stuffed with wads of newspaper and two other old-time and rim-worn yo-yos that someone had used decades ago to “walk the dog” too many times.

“Each of these two yo-yos was marked with a single airbrushed stripe, one green and the other blue, which identified them as having been made by The Duncan Toys Company, the most famous name in yo-yos.  Otherwise, both toys appeared nondescript, unremarkable, and as valueless as the crumpled newspaper that was meant to take up space in the box along with them.

"You see, the yo-yo is an ancient toy that may have existed in China more than 2,000 years ago.  And we have proof it existed in Greece about 500 B.C.  Many centuries later, throughout the mid-19th century, The Duncan Toys Company was manufacturing their yo-yos by the hundreds of millions.  In 1962 for example, that Company alone was creating 45,000,000 yo-yos per year, and could have sold millions more if they had been able to manufacture them faster — and at the time there were only 40,000,000 kids in the entire United States.  A year later, in 1963, they created 56,000,000.  Then, two years later, they declared bankruptcy.  Why?  Because they were so overwhelmed by the multitudinous sales that they could not think logically.  It’s true!  Duncan became so profitable, so fast, that they became nonfunctional.

"In modern times alone, more than 500,000,000 yo-yos have been sold worldwide. 

"My point is that so many yo-yos have been produced that the mere fact that a couple of old ones are found only means they are probably as worthless as their tattered strings that children broke decades ago.  So, the two junky-looking stuffers that I found in the box looked so old and ordinary that almost any yo-yo collector would have misidentified them both as worn-out “Genuine Duncan Tournament Yo-Yos” from the 1930s and would have tossed them straightaway into the trash.  Much like my seller had nonchalantly used them as worthless packing material.

"Instead, I examined them closely, with just the right light, at just the right angle.  Those who don’t look, don’t see.

"Then I discovered the faintest markings, indicating the yo-yos were two different models.  That was unimportant.  But what rang my bell like Big Ben were the barely discernable abbreviated words on each yo-yo — “PAT.PEND.REG.U.S.P.O.” — standing for “Patent Pending Registered United States Patent Office.”  The abbreviation “PAT.PEND.” indicated early American yo-yos that could only have been produced briefly, but I had never heard of them.  And upon checking further, I could find no evidence that either model was known to exist.

"Keep in mind that a few years ago a particularly collectible yo-yo sold in the United States for $16,029, which would be worth much more today with inflation. Suddenly my two junky yo-yos were looking more like museum objets d’art.

"Then I showed my yo-yos to my longtime friend Dr. John “Lucky” Meisenheimer, the world’s foremost authority on collectable yo-yos, who authenticated them as two models of actual Duncan yo-yos: Specifically a “Duncan Tournament Big ‘G’ Patent Pending” and a “Duncan Tournament Little ‘G’ Patent Pending.”  Now here is where Big Ben chimed the loudest: Lucky had no such models in his world-record collection of well over 10,000 yo-yos.  And had never seen the two models before.  And had never even heard of them either.  Together, the world’s foremost authority on collectible yo-yos, and I, had absolutely no evidence that either of the two models had ever existed … except in our hands.

"Finally, Lucky and I took them for examination by officials of The Duncan Toys Company, who stared at them as if they were viewing a mirage.  Nevertheless, the Duncan Company also authenticated them.  Even though their Company has no such models in their own prizewinning collection.  And even though their Company had not known of the existence of either model.  And even though their Company has no surviving records of ever having manufactured either model.  But now they had them in their hands, too.

"The World Yo-Yo Contest is the largest and most prestigious gathering of competitive yo-yo players and fans from around the world.  In 2011, everyone at the event was talking about and clamoring to see two things, one of which I held in each hand: The two rarest Duncan yo-yos on Earth."

Mega Genius®, 24 January 2019



Here are "The Two Lost 1931 Duncan Pat. Pending Yo-Yos," in the middle.  Below the image, I would like to present you with three questions:




The two rarest Duncan yo-yos in the world (centered, with a wide green and a wide blue airbrushed stripe):

A "1931 Duncan Tournament Little 'G' Patent Pending" and a "1931 Duncan Tournament Big 'G' Patent Pending," manufactured by The Duncan Toys Company; simultaneously authenticated in 2011, at The World Yo-Yo Contest, by both Dr. John "Lucky" Meisenheimer, the world's foremost authority on collectible yo-yos, and by The Duncan Toys Company. Copyright © Mega Genius, Inc. 2019.  All Rights Reserved.


Now please ask yourself three questions:


1. Would you have tossed the old yo-yos into the trash?

2. Would you have rescued the old yo-yos from trash?

3. Do you understand and apply “The Genius Formula™”?


Posted by Maria Davidson, Personal Assistant to Mega Genius®





12 December 2018:  Opportunity is knocking … but not for long!

PROJECT MEGA REACH, the chance for you to personally consult with "The Man with the Perfect IQ," is coming to a close at the end of this year.  Only a few days remain for you to take advantage of this huge discount.

Again, here is the offer:

You can obtain a 3-hour face-to-face consultation with Mega Genius®, anywhere in the world, for a flat fee of just $2,000.00 (U.S. Dollars).  (Extra hours are available at only $250.00 each.)  But your contract must be signed by 31 December 2018.

Just contract with Mega Genius, Inc. during the next few days, agreeing to meet with Mega Genius® anywhere in the world for a 3-hour personal consultation during the spring of 2019, and you will lock in this huge discount today.  Then remit the $2,000.00 (USD) at least 60 days prior to your meeting, and you will have guaranteed your personal consultation with Mega Genius® for only $2,000.00 (USD).  There are no other fees.

Mega Genius® has traveled well over 100,000 miles (160,934 km) this year, and is already planning to encircle the world again in just a few months.  He would like to meet with you.  Prices for his personal consultations, however, will increase 50 percent at midnight on 31 December 2018.

In brief, for example, if you contract now for your personal consultation that will occur in about 4 months, in the spring of 2019.  Your payment is not due until February of 2019.

Never again will you see personal consultations with Mega Genius® offered at such a discounted rate.  Just email me now at the address in the upper-right corner of this page, and I will be happy to work with you.

(When opportunity knocks, open the door!)

Posted by Maria Davidson, Personal Assistant to Mega Genius®

25 October 2018:  Was Mega Genius® on Judge Judy?

I am asked continually if it is true that Mega Genius® recently appeared on The Honorable Judith Sheindlin's television show Judge Judy, which is seen worldwide from Amsterdam to Sydney, and is the highest-rated program in daytime, as well as syndicated, television.  As President and CEO of CBS, Leslie Moonves stated, "Over the last few decades, there have been very few shows that have achieved the remarkable success that she has."  Incidentally, Judge Judith Sheindlin is the highest-paid TV star, earning $47 million per year for performing as Judge Judy, which translates into just over $900,000 (U.S. dollars) per workday, as she only works 52 days per year.  (Where can I get a job like that?)

So, was Mega Genius® on Judge Judy?  Well, if you think that you saw him there, you probably did.  Because the episode was one of the best, it has been rerun many times.  It seems that Mega Genius® sued a fellow who attempted to physically assault him.  Immediately thereafter, the perpetrator counter-sued Mega Genius®, for which there was no basis.

Mega Genius® (who has connections) then asked CBS to have the litigation legally settled before millions of people, by "Judge Judy" herself.  So the matter was transferred to Hollywood, where Mega Genius®, as the plaintiff, won his case (along with a nice monetary settlement), and the Judge caught the defendant in what she called "a really big lie," read him "the riot act," and threw out his counter suit.

Who would have expected less from Mega Genius®?

By the way, that was when Mega Genius® hired Marvin Camel, WBC and IBF Boxing Champion of the World, as his personal bodyguard.

So nowadays Mega Genius® tells me that as he travels to some of the most remote areas of Earth, clients continually tell him, "I saw you on Judge Judy!"

Then, if Mega Genius® asks, "Do you get Judge Judy here?

They always reply, "Oh, everybody here knows who Judge Judy is."

I think that comes with Judith Sheinlin making more than $900,000 (U.S. dollars) per workday just from her television program.

(I'm thinking of asking for a raise.)


Posted by Maria Davidson, Personal Assistant to Mega Genius®



3 September 2018: Project Mega Reach Provisional Offer

Our corporate offer enabling you to meet personally with Mega Genius®, “The Man with the Perfect IQ,” at a 33% to 60% discount, has been a remarkable success.  I haven’t even had time to tally all the miles, kilometers, cities, or countries that he has visited just this year, with many more scheduled throughout the next four months.  But dozens of you have already asked me about the price and particulars of obtaining consultations in 2019, so I’ll address that now: 


Project Mega Reach is your chance to obtain a 3-hour face-to-face consultation with Mega Genius®, anywhere in the world, for a flat fee of just $2,000.00 (U.S. Dollars). Period.  (Extra hours are available at only $250.00 each.)

If you contract with Mega Genius, Inc. during 2018 to meet with Mega Genius® anywhere in the world for such a consultation sometime during 2019, you will lock in the major discount today.  Specifically, if you execute a contract later in 2018 to meet with Mega Genius® at either some determined or as yet undetermined time during 2019, and remit the $2,000.00 (USD) at least 60 days prior to your meeting, you will have guaranteed your personal consultation with Mega Genius® for only $2,000.00 (USD).

Act now; the price has never been lower and never will be!


Contact me at “E-mail Us Here” in the upper right-hand corner of this page.  Send me your legal name, current physical address, and tell me approximately when you might like to consult with Mega Genius®.  Please let me know if you have any questions.  I will be happy to work with you. 

This could be Mega Genius® with you:

Posted by Maria Davidson, Personal Assuistant to Mega Genius®

24 August 2018: A testimonial from a client in Canada

Since the beginning of the 21st century, I have collected hundreds of testimonials worldwide from clients who have bought The Mega Genius® Lectures and subsequently obtained one or more personal, one-on-one, consultations with Mega Genius®.  Although I probably should have published all those acknowledgments, so everyone could see how heartwarming they are, through all those years I have only posted a few.  Also, I should have made certain that photos were taken of each client with Mega Genius®, for publication.  But many such candid photos did not turn out well due to irregular background lighting in hotel lobbies, or were never taken at all.

I intend to do better.  Here, for example, is an excerpt from an email that Mega Genius® received just last week.  In less than 100 words, the writer communicates a great deal:

Dear Jim,

It was an absolute pleasure to meet you and I can write that meeting you is certainly one of the highlights of my life. I had dreamed for nearly  10 years to meet the man I consider my hero and wish I had done so sooner. Thank you for being courteous in allowing my questions even though I exceeded the allotted 3 hour time limit and for generously offering lunch.

I will make it my highest priority to  pursue the things we discussed and to do my part in making sure the Mega Genius lectures are widely known.

 M.D., Toronto, Canada


 Posted by Maria Davidson, Personal Assistant to Mega Genius®

1 June 2018: A peek into the future.

Last year I posted the following three paragraphs here on the Mega Genius® Bulletin Board:


“Although years ago I was a member of the board of directors and an officer of two United States Internal Revenue Service 501 (c) (3) charitable and educational foundations, I have never had the intention of soliciting donations for Mega Genius, Inc. and have never asked for any. I have funded everything entirely myself. However, since more of you have been asking for an avenue through which you can donate whenever, and in whatever amount, you choose, for the purpose of significantly improving the intelligence of our planet, I realize that I should have already made such a pathway available — an “Avenue to the Stars” — not to just a few, but to all of you who are able and willing to help. And I sincerely appreciate your help for such a worthwhile cause.

“Accordingly, if you care to contribute any amount, at any time, I promise that my corporation will keep a running total of your contributions (separate from those of others) and will notify you later at your email address of record when, and specifically for what purpose, your contributions were spent. You will learn the effect that your donation(s) caused.

“To make such a contribution through PayPal at any time, just enter this exact link, or copy and paste it in your browser: . Then follow the simple instructions that follow to donate your amount in United States dollars (USD). This link makes the procedure extremely easy and your donation is free to you, as we will pay the transfer fee at our end.”



Now, seven months later, I’ve decided that the most ethical use that I can make of your donations thus far is to use them to help produce The Mega Genius® Lectures: "Level VI" (and maybe even "Level VII").

Most things are easier said than done, and so it is with each lecture series.  Almost everything of significance that one does on Earth requires a greater amount of attention, time, planning, work and determination than one would expect, as do my lectures.  And, in the end, each lecture series invariably requires more funds to produce than you might expect, too. 

To push this next series through, I will gratefully use the funds that you have donated, and any additional funds that you may contribute, for that specific purpose.

Although I haven’t decided on a title yet for this future series, I know what I need to communicate, and guarantee that you will find Level VI particularly exciting and enjoyable due the sweeping nature of its revelations.

To each of you who has already contributed to this project, I sincerely thank you. Your assistance in raising the intelligence of humanity means that you are progressing along the most ethical road on this planet.

And to everyone who is anxious to know when the new lecture series, "Level VI," will be available, the answer is … not soon enough.


 Posted by Mega Genius®

12 May 2018: "What happens during a personal consultation with Mega Genius®?"

That is what someone asked me earlier this week.

I am not privy to Mega Genius'® worldwide conferences with his clients, as they are always confidential on a one-on-one basis, unless business associates or family members choose to confer with him simultaneously. He tells me, however, that every client is different and so, too, are most of the subjects discussed.

Nevertheless, I did access a photo that I understand was taken two months ago by a hotel staff-member from "room service," whom Mega Genius'® had asked to momentarily perform some task in his suite, where he was conducting a personal consultation with a distinguished client in the Middle East. So, this one-of-a-kind photo provides at least some insight as to what a personal consultation with Mega Genius® looks like. (From their smiles, it appears to be going well.)

Mega Genius® & Omar Abdul Aziz Eshaq Al Alshaikh during personal consultation in the Middle East, at

5-star class Le Royal Club, at Méridien Dubai Hotel & Conference Centre, Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

                                    Copyright 2018, Mega Genius, Inc. All rights reserved.

Posted by Maria Davidson, Personal Assistant to Mega Genius®

06 May 2018: Are These Photos From Another planet?


These are two images of Charles "Ches" McCartney, the famous and unforgettable "Goat Man," who wandered for decades during the twentieth century with an iron-wheeled wagon piled high with everything that "the cat dragged in" (or might have, if it could have), pulled by a team of goats, along America's back roads for more than 100,000 miles (160934 km) throughout the entire contiguous United States. Here was a character who truly marched to his own drummer.

Mega Genius® told you all about the Goat Man, for an excellent reason, in The Mega Genius® Lectures, Level IV: "The Lost Wisdom Series." (You really should hear the lecture again.)

I publicly apologize for sitting on these. I've intended to post them ever since Mega Genius® received them several years ago from a longtime friend of his, Mr. Kevin Healey. These Polaroid photos, which date back through Mr. Healey's ancestors, are photographic jewels.

Thank you, Mr. Healey, for allowing Mega Genius, Inc. to publish them for the benefit of all our clients. They are an important contribution.


                                                         "Here he comes" and "There he goes."

The Goat Man, © Kevin Healey, circa 1952, All rights reserved

  The Goat Man, © Kevin Healey, circa 1952, All rights reserved

Posted by Maria Davidson, Personal Assistant to Mega Genius®

21 March 2018: An Update on Project Mega Reach: A Spectacular Success!

From New York City to Honolulu — the long way around the planet — Mega Genius® has now completed the first part of Project Mega Reach, having just conducted personal consultations throughout these 30 countries, all in just 18 days: U.S.A.; Canada; Norway; Denmark; Sweden; Poland; Ukraine; Belarus; Russia; Azerbaijan; Iran; United Arab Emirates; Oman; Seychelles; Mozambique; South Africa; Zimbabwe; Malawi; Tanzania; Kenya; Somalia; India; Myanmar; Thailand; Laos; Vietnam; Hong Kong; China; Korea; and Japan.

His distance traveled throughout those 18 days was 32,368 miles (52,091 km), averaging 2,159 miles daily (2,894 km). No moss grows on his shoes.

Accordingly, he has asked me to post this:


"The around-the-world portion of Project Mega Reach has gone off without a hitch. From a windy New York City bracing for a nor'easter, to a 10° Fahrenheit/-12° Celsius temperature in snowy Moscow, to the desert heat of Dubai and the Serengeti plains near Nairobi, to icicles in Beijing, and then an 88° Fahrenheit/31° Celsius temperature in Honolulu, the tour was a roller-coaster ride all the way, weather-wise that is. Yet thanks to Maria's meticulous planning, all the travel plans and personal consultations clicked like the works of a master clockmaker. And all my clients are among the nicest and most intelligence-oriented individuals and corporations on Earth. I already miss all of them. Maria will be posting a few travel photos soon."

Having previously completed personal consultations in Australia and, late last year, an extensive series of them in Europe and East Asia, his next tour in about 3 months will be throughout the North American continent. If you are one of the many corporations or individuals who have already expressed their intentions to meet with him later this year, I will be contacting you again, to coordinate all the arrangements, soon.

If, however, you would like to consult personally with "The Man with the Perfect IQ" anywhere in the United States or Canada later this year, and have not yet contacted me about it, please do so as soon as possible by emailing me at the address in the upper right-hand corner of our home page. The procedure is easy; I'll walk you through it.

Again, when opportunity knocks — and it is knocking for you now — the intelligent action is to open the door.


Posted by Maria Davidson, Personal Assistant to Mega Genius®


8 February 2018: The Truth About Customer Service

Some years ago, the customer service division of one of the world's largest multimedia corporations was in a mess, and an executive vice-president, whose wife had heard about me, was confident that I could straighten out the matter. So he offered, and I accepted, the position of Director of Corporate Communications and Public Affairs. So, since I know whereof I speak, I'll share something about customer service that is worth knowing.

Maria, my personal assistant, has finalized my itinerary for my next around-the-world tour, which will be in March, but there is a devil in the details. Although she was smiling like a trooper the other day, I noticed nerves standing out on her face, so I stated to her the following truth:

Aside from someone's death, nothing upsets a person more than having received false information.

After I waited a few seconds for that thought to sink in, Maria started laughing loudly, because she realized that my statement was both true and the reason for her frustration. It seems that (1) a county health department official had promised her that yellow fever vaccine that I needed (required for anyone entering India from Kenya) was available from our local government, when in fact it was not. And (2), a new smartphone for me that a telephone representative had promised Maria would be shipped in "a day or 2" had still not been shipped a week later, and no one had any idea when it would be. And (3), a travel visa to enter India, which she had been told was "in the mail," still had not been mailed to us 5 days later; and, when she had finally been assured that it truthfully had been mailed … well, that turned out later to be a false allegation too.

Many things that appear to be true are not. And Maria's whirlwind of frustration was the direct result of people in positions of authority having given her false information. But here is a secret: Customers do not get upset if a representative says, "I don't know the answer to that, but I'll find out and tell you no later than (such and such a time)." That does not upset them. They appreciate that the customer-service representative cares enough to verify the answer.

What upsets a customer is if the representative does not get back to him when the representative promised that he would. Then sparks fly. But if the representative gets back to the customer on time with, "I'm sorry, but I am still working on getting the answer and will get back to you again by (such and such a time)," then sparks will not fly. The customer still appreciates that someone is verifying the answer.

So what does frustrate a customer more than anything? It is a representative giving out false information. When someone does that, he has just pulled the pin on the customer-service grenade. He may as well cover his ears and brace for the detonation.

So, Maria, who had been sitting in the middle of a mound of false data, made sure that everything worked out right in the end (that's her job), but no thanks to the poorly trained health, telephone, and visa-entry representatives.

Let's look deeper. It seems that everyone is disappointed with customer service in general. So they waste their time and spin their wheels complaining about company representatives who don't have answers, or are chatty, or don't care enough, or have difficult accents. They may be right, but they won't accomplish anything worthwhile by groaning about those issues, because they are not going basic enough.

Instead — and this is the key — do this: Always find out the representative's name; and, if you discover later that you have been given false information, contact a supervisor, or manager, or a vice-president, or even the company's president or owner, and courteously confront them with the fact that their representative gave you false information.

Zero in on that singular fact — false information — and hit it home.

Somewhere up the line somebody will care. Connect with that person and you will have identified for that company a flaw for which it has no excuse, except that those in charge need to train their customer-support employees more effectively.

Finally, let's look even deeper. The more that you complain about customer service, the more responsibility you have for helping to improve it. You have identified it. Now do something about it. And now you know a truly effective way to do that.

Please work together with me on this. I am accepting some responsibility for inadequate customer service on this planet, which is the intelligent action to take. I am helping to do something effective about it.

How about you?


Posted by Mega Genius®


23 December 2017: Year-end Update

Mega Genius® has just completed a whirlwind tour of personal consultations and a couple of diplomatic meetings from Nome, Alaska (above the Arctic Circle), where he survived the cold, to Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky, Siberia, where he says that he cannot be certain that he survived until he thaws out more, through Tokyo, Seoul, and other East Asian and Southeast Asian countries.

His next world tour is coming soon, so now is the time to let me know if you too would like to meet with Mega Genius face-to-face. Through “Project Mega Reach,” during 2018 only, you can consult personally with “The Man with the Perfect IQ™”, for 3 hours, at a 33% to 60% discount. Just $2,000.00 (USD) covers his personal consultation fee; then he personally covers everything else. (Extra hours are available at only $250.00 each.)

To take advantage of this never-before-offered and intellectually rewarding deal, just contact me at, the sooner the better. And, incidentally, checkout this otherworldly photo below.




Peter Lau, Mega Genius'® private driver, and Mega Genius®, in a Malacca jungle in the southern region of the Malay Peninsula, next to the Strait of Malacca, on December 10, 2017. Mega Genius® holds a live green 21 inch or 53 cm (with legs extended) "Malaysian Stick Insect," which he decided to name "Elwood." (You will have to ask him.) Copyright © 2017 by Mega Genius®. All rights reserved.

Posted by Maria Davidson, Personal Assistant to Mega Genius®

12 November 2017: Breaking News: “Project Mega Reach”


To celebrate our success in 2017, with Mega Genius® meeting clients in Istanbul; Sofia; Warsaw; Amsterdam; London; Belfast; New York; Montreal; Los Angeles; Seattle; Anchorage; Tokyo; Seoul; Manila; Kuala Lumpur; and dozens of other cities across the globe, I proudly introduce “Project Mega Reach.”

So that everyone can easily consult personally with Mega Genius® — the only person in the world who resigned from every major high-IQ society because none could hold his interest intellectually — today I am offering you this super-discounted invitation:


During 2018 only, you can enjoy a 3-hour face-to-face consultation with Mega Genius®, anywhere in the world, for a flat fee of just $2,000.00 (USD). Period.


If you reach to Mega Genius®, he will reach to you: He will personally pay all other expenses that he incurs, such as airfare, hotel accommodations, rental car cost, automotive fuel, air fuel surcharges, turnpike tolls, first class airline seating fees, airport parking, rail fees, airport/hotel limousine transfers, meals, currency conversion fees, government taxes and fees, et cetera.

Usually such a meeting runs $3,000.00 to $5,000.00 (USD). But now, through “Project Mega Reach,” during 2018 only, you can consult personally with “The Man with the Perfect IQ™”, for 3 hours, at a 33% to 60% discount. Just $2,000.00 (USD) covers his personal consultation fee; then he personally covers everything else. (Extra hours are available at only $250.00 each.)

There are two stipulations:


1. Limited dates may be available for your consultation.

2. A written contract will confirm the parties’ agreement.


Those consultations throughout the United States will be conducted near, or within, the town or city of your choice. All consultations outside the U.S. will occur at hotels near airports.

“Project Mega Reach” may require two consecutive world tours, one in each of the Northern and Southern Hemispheres, but I will work out the specifics and complete the worldwide itinerary next year. I will also handle all travel arrangements.

No commitment is required now. You can sign a contract later and pay the $2,000.00 (USD) consultation fee after that. But to move on this invitation, contact me now at Send me your legal name, current physical address, and tell me approximately when you might like to consult with Mega Genius® (2or 3 choices would be helpful), and I will add you to my list of interested parties.

Opportunity is knocking; you should open the door. So, please let me hear from you now.

(Incidentally, “Project Mega Reach” has started already, with our first client on my list: Mr. K. J., from Johannesburg, South Africa.)


Posted by Maria Davidson, Personal Assistant to Mega Genius®

5 November 2017: A Message From Mega Genius®

An Avenue to the Stars


For the last half century I have devoted myself to changing humanity, not through revolution, but through evolution, by improving the intelligence of the human race. You have seen some of my work reflected throughout the last couple of decades in my discovery of “The Genius Formula™” and my introduction of it to society worldwide through The Mega Genius® Lectures. It has been applied and acclaimed by many thousands of individuals who have listened to my audio recordings.

Mankind is improving intellectually, although you would never learn that from reading about, listening to, or watching the news. That is because the news media’s ethics do not include improving humanity. Nor do they include valuing facts over their opinions. Nor do they include reporting positive and uplifting news. Instead, for the most part, they spew a daily stream of violence and conflict, and gossip about alleged sexual transgressions. Yes, some humans are thinking more intelligently, but you will not have realized that if you are hypnotized by the majority of today's news media.

An adage almost as ancient as time itself translates: “If you look where he wants you to look, you will see what he wants you to see.”

That has been a fundamental law used by ethical magicians, unethical flimflam artists, and everyone else through the eons who has tried to steer you from the truth. Nowadays the news media use it to control what you perceive, so that they can control how you think. Instead, all people need to think more intelligently, which they can do by understanding and applying The Genius Formula™.

On that formula rests our hope for an upwardly evolved civilization tomorrow. And actually, that benign objective does not require that billions of people use the formula immediately. We only need to educate a small number of the world’s leaders to begin using it now to cause a swift and magnanimous effect worldwide.

Five years ago, a client from Brazil began sending several hundred United States dollars to Mega Genius, Inc. each year as gratuitous donations, for which we were very thankful. Since then clients from other countries have been following his lead. For example, yesterday a client in Sofia, Bulgaria, whom I visited a few months ago, wrote to my personal assistant, “I was thinking how I can help my friend Jim and I thought that one thing I can do is to make monthly donations of 60 USD…. Do you think this will be helpful?”

The act of contributing to the purpose of significantly increasing the intelligence of people throughout our world is meaningful indeed. In fact it is, in itself, a highly intelligent act.

Although years ago I was a member of the board of directors and an officer of two United States Internal Revenue Service 501 (c) (3) charitable and educational foundations, I have never had the intention of soliciting donations for Mega Genius, Inc. and have never asked for any. I have funded everything entirely myself. However, since more of you have been asking for an avenue through which you can donate whenever, and in whatever amount, you choose, for the purpose of significantly improving the intelligence of our planet, I realize that I should have already made such a pathway available — an “Avenue to the Stars” — not to just a few, but to all of you who are able and willing to help. And I sincerely appreciate your help for such a worthwhile cause.

Accordingly, if you care to contribute any amount, at any time, I promise that my corporation will keep a running total of your contributions (separate from those of others) and will notify you later at your email address of record when, and specifically for what purpose, your contributions were spent. You will learn the effect that your donation(s) caused.

To make such a contribution through PayPal at any time, just enter this exact link, or copy and paste it in your browser: . Then follow the simple instructions that follow to donate your amount in United States dollars (USD). This link makes the procedure extremely easy and your donation is free to you, as we will pay the transfer fee at our end.

If you have any questions, please email us through the upper right-hand corner of our home page at .

Together with me, you can be part of a momentous movement throughout and beyond this planet … officially supporting an extremely ethical purpose that is succeeding.

I welcome your help.


Posted by Mega Genius®, President and CEO of Mega Genius, Inc.


4 November 2017: More customers than ever are booking personal consultations with Mega Genius® nowadays.

Thankfully I have others who help with the extensive travel arrangements for him, and an advance man, who travels ahead to ensure that everything is in place, along with security.

At this time, Mega Genius® is preparing to leave for personal consultations (and several diplomatic meetings) beginning in Anchorage, Alaska (USA); Tokyo, Japan; Seoul, Republic of Korea; Manila, the Republic of the Philippines; and Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, to name just a few.

Ninety-two percent of his personal consultations are with repeat customers, with whom he has become friends.

How is your life going these days? Could you use an IQ boost? Wherever you live in the world, if you would like to meet face-to-face in 2018 with "The Man with the Perfect IQ™, it's really very easy. I can tell you in one sentence: Just email me at and I'll walk you through the simple procedure.

"Life goes as smoothly as one thinks intelligently." - Mega Genius®


Posted by Maria Davidson, Personal Assistant to Mega Genius®

18 September 2017:

A Category 5 hurricane (the highest category) means winds at or greater than 155 mph will cause catastrophic damage to property, humans, and animals, with complete or almost-complete destruction of mobile homes, frame homes, apartments, and shopping centers. Nearly all trees will be snapped or uprooted, and there will be power outages for weeks and possibly months, and long-term water shortages. Most of the area will be uninhabitable for weeks or months.

Category 5 hurricane Irma was the biggest hurricane ever recorded in the Atlantic Ocean, even larger than the state of Texas, or the country of France, or the UK and Ireland. It devastated islands throughout the Caribbean a week ago with sustained winds of 185 miles per hour for 37 hours, thereby also breaking the record for a tropical cyclone maintaining winds of such strength anywhere in the world, according to Colorado State University.

Then, after wrecking 90 percent of the homes in the Florida Keys, it continued roaring directly toward our East Coast office, in Central Florida. Millions of people fled in all directions under a mandatory evacuation order.

An undaunted Mega Genius®, however, stayed.

Then something unfathomable happened. Just minutes before the center of the hurricane was to pass over our offices where he was, with just 35 miles between him and the record-breaking monster, the eye of the hurricane “inexplicably exploded,” to use the terminology of the National Weather Service, from a tightly wound 30-mile-diameter circle to a humongous horizontal line 830 miles across, immediately weakening the beast’s winds to about 100 miles per hour.

Meteorologists reported that according to their records, such a phenomenon had never happened before. They had no explanation for it.

Still, the devastation throughout Central Florida was extensive, with major structural damages all around us, trees felled everywhere, widespread flooding, and millions of residents in Florida, Georgia, and other states still without power today, a week later.

Many of you have asked about what has happened to us. Unaccountably, in the midst of mountainous debris, rests our Mega Genius, Inc. East Coast office — entirely untouched. Everyone here is perfectly fine. And what about Mega Genius’® prized dwarf lemon tree? (Several of us suspect that he even has a name for it.) Out of 200 or more lemons hanging on it, not even a single lemon dropped off.

Our staff customarily watches Mega Genius® closely, but some of us are blatantly staring at him now.


Posted by Maria Davidson, Personal Assistant to Mega Genius®

20 August 2017: Since I have at my fingertips a recent photo of Mega Genius®, taken just last week, I'm posting it. Taken at the conclusion of a personal consultation at a Hilton Hotel, our client affirmed a few hours later:


"Today was a very special day for me and a turning point in my life. Thank you for all your efforts and services in helping people like me and countless others play a better game. For the first time I feel like I'm heading down the right path. I hope to see you again."

Mega Genius®, The Man with the Perfect IQ, and Eric Nget, ending a personal consultation on Aug. 13, 2017.

Copyright © 2017 by Eric Nget. All rights reserved.


Posted by Maria Davidson, Personal Assistant to Mega Genius®



8 August 2017: Mega Genius® has asked me to post a couple of photos that pertain to Level IV of The Mega Genius® Lectures, "The Lost Wisdom Series." And as soon as I have time to locate those pictures, you will see them here.

In the meantime, as I practice my image-uploading skills, I thought that you might enjoy a photo of Mega Genius® taken late last year. Between his continual international flights punctuated by brief meetings in hotels rooms, it's probably easier for someone to catch a picture of a leprechaun. So I hope that you enjoy this one.

Three Modern Musketeers: "The brawn, the 'bobby,' and the brain." (Left to right) Marvin Camel, WBC and IBF Boxing Champion of the World and personal bodyguard for Mega Genius®; Sheriff Gary S. Borders, Lake County, Florida; and Mega Genius®, “The Man with the Perfect IQ.” Copyright 2016 - 2017 by Norma Camel. All rights reserved.

Posted by Maria Davidson, Personal Assistant to Mega Genius®

11 July 2017: I have just transcribed "Mega Genius® Intelligence Briefing, No. 46," which was dictated last week. It is titled "Politics: From Prejudice to Patriotism," and addresses fundamentals of politics.

Personally, it had me laughing, then sitting on the edge of my chair, and then laughing again. Now I'm beginning to see leadership, power, and ethics in a new light.

(In case the link above doesn't work, just go to the bottom of the "Free Briefings" page, and select the link there.)

Posted by Maria Davidson, Personal Assistant to Mega Genius®

22 June 2017: As the author of The Mega Genius® Lectures, I am invariably appreciative of testimonials about them, which are almost always outstanding. Unsolicited testimonials are great acknowledgements of my work. Here is one that Mega Genius, Inc. received recently that stood out for its conciseness and clarity of expression.


The Mega Genius® lectures are phenomenal and have forever changed my mentality. Listening to them is easily one of my best experiences in this lifetime. Although I cannot find words that adequately express my gratitude, thank you. B. W., Cordova, Tennessee, USA.


Although I have never searched the internet for reviews of The Mega Genius® Lectures, I enjoyed a few such testimonials that I happened to run onto just the other day. I think that you will like them, too. It's interesting to understand other people's viewpoints about the lectures.

The link is: Aside from publishing the link here today, I have no connection at all with that site.


Posted by Mega Genius®



16 April 2017: Based upon my last email, you can probably guess what all these locations have in common: England; Republic of Ireland; Northern Ireland; Netherlands; Poland; Bulgaria; Turkey; Romania; Bosnia & Herzegovina; Serbia; Hungary; Austria; Czech Republic; and Croatia.

They are just some of the places throughout which Mega Genius® is conducting personal consultations this month, all in just 10 days. There is no moss growing on his shoes!

If you would like to book a face-to-face consultation with "The Man with the Perfect IQ™" yourself, just email me at the address in the upper-right corner of any of our web pages for full details.

You should be part of this adventure. As a client wrote to Mega Genius® earlier this month: "The consultation was extremely pleasurable and I now have my nozzles pointed in the right direction." (A.C., Yakima, Washington, USA.)

Aligning your own nozzles in 2017 could be the best decision of your life.


Posted by Maria Davidson, Personal Assistant to Mega Genius®

16 February 2017: Mega Genius® is adhering to his New Year's resolution to make himself as available as possible to all those who seek more truth from beyond the top of the IQ scale. Beginning with the USA, I have been lining up many personal consultations for him with our clients from border to border (Montreal, Canada, to Long Beach, California) and from ocean to ocean (Fort Lauderdale, Florida to Yakima, Washington).

Later this year, I again expect to be coordinating personal consultations for him to meet with both new and longtime clients worldwide. If you would like to change your life for the better by meeting face to face with "The Man with the Perfect IQ™," your opportunity is knocking at your door today.

To quote Mega Genius®:


"An investment in wisdom is the most intelligent investment that you will ever make."


Just email me at the link in the upper-right corner of this page. It's easy; and I'll do all that I can to help make it happen for you.


Posted by Maria Davidson, Personal Assistant to Mega Genius®

01 January 2017: Several thousand years ago, New Year's Day was celebrated in March, when the sun appeared to cross the celestial equator and bring the end of winter and the beginning of spring, and the opportunity to grow new crops, in the Northern Hemisphere. Then January and February were added to the calendar by the second king of Rome, and in 153 BC New Year's Day was moved from March to January 1, because some Roman politicians began their one-year tenure then.

That didn't seem like a good reason to much of the rest of the world, and today the New Year is celebrated in September in Ethiopia, usually in February in Vietnam, April in Cambodia, March in Iran, and various times in many other places. (If it seems ridiculous that humanity cannot even agree as to when a new year begins, then I've made my point.)

Nowadays, in the Northern Hemisphere, this time of the year marks the beginning of winter, not spring, And Australians would shoot off fireworks just as enthusiastically in July. (Trust me!) And neither hemisphere cares today when politicians' tenure started in Rome 2,000 years ago. So why and what is much of the world celebrating today?

Well, a new year has to start sometime. And here is the real reason to celebrate:


Those who are disappointed in the year that just ended may now celebrate the opportunity to do better. And all the fanfare each New year's Eve proves that it takes a lot to bury last-year's disillusionment.


The New Year has already come to Australia and is dawning at this moment in Vladivostok, Russian Siberia, as it encircles our globe. Resolving to listen again to The Mega Genius® Lectures would be a sound foundation for 2017, including the newly released Level V: " The Advanced Abilities Series."

My personal consultations are stupendously successful worldwide. They afford me the opportunity to personally address whatever issues my clients want to resolve, in depth, without interruption. Accordingly, I am now making myself even more available for face-to-face personal consultations. I've asked Maria Davidson, my personal assistant, to offer to quote exact prices in full, so that clients who prefer to make my flight and hotel arrangements themselves can continue to do so, however, any client who prefers not to do so can merely ask Maria to quote them an exact price that covers absolutely everything. Consequently, the client can select the date, location, and length of the consultation, sign a contract (which I will then countersign), pay the quoted amount, and Maria will handle everything else

As the years pass, I have other plans and objectives. I will not always be here. In the meantime, I have a duty to make myself as available as possible to all those who seek more truth from beyond the top of the IQ scale. Doing that is my New Year's resolution for 2017.

I've often said that my life is a bowl full of cherries. If your bowl happens to be a few cherries short, perhaps you should contact Maria. She knows what to do, and is great at what she does. She is waiting for you now, at, to discuss scheduling a personal consultation with me.

Then maybe I can give you something to really celebrate this year.

Posted by Mega Genius®


13 November 2016: As Mega Genius, Inc. has grown, we have gradually automated our systems. Among the advantages, when you order our mp3 lecture files, you receive the links immediately. The downside is that we are no longer set up to provide workable links if you lose your lectures later.

In accordance with the trademark and service mark registrations, and copyright warnings, at the beginning of each lecture, the recordings may be copied only for immediate family members. It is imperative, however, that you do copy them as a backup for yourself, such as on a flash drive.

If you have the lectures on only one desktop or laptop, and lose them, as of this date we are no longer in a position to provide you with new, workable, links, unless you purchase the lectures again and thereby automatically receive new links. So please remember, it is your responsibility to backup your lectures (just as I, myself, have done).

On another matter, whoop-de-do! Mega Genius® dictated a new Mega Genius® Intelligence Briefing on November 9, but his personal assistant has not had time to transcribe it yet. I only know that it is titled "Who Do You Trust?" As soon as she can address it, in a day or two, it will be available through a link at the bottom of the "Free Briefings" page.


Posted by Darla Sands, Manager of Customer Service



25 September 2016: Computer keyboards are smoking at Mega Genius, Inc. Orders for the new lectures, Level V: "The Advanced Abilities Series," are arriving almost faster than our staff can process the data. And emails of appreciation for the recordings are almost as plentiful. As a customer from Sofia, Bulgaria, emailed Mega Genius® today, "Thank you for your new lectures; they are perfect." It does not get better than that.

To all of you who are thanking Mega Genius® for the lectures and telling us about your successes in applying the material, he wants you to know in return how appreciative he is for your help in raising the intelligence of humanity. To quote him this morning:


"We are all in this together, on a small planet, in turmoil, armed with a multitude of nuclear weapons. The horrendous forces that our species discovered yesteryear still exceed humanity's intelligence today. Accordingly, I am thrilled that so many of you have discovered 'The Genius Formula™' and, through Level V: 'The Advanced Abilities Series,' are continuing to increase your understanding of, and responsibility for, yourselves and your neighbors. By conscientiously studying The Mega Genius® Lectures, you are making a major contribution to society. For doing your part, each of you has my heartfelt thanks, too." Mega Genius®


Posted by Maria Davidson, Personal Assistant to Mega Genius®


22 September 2016: They are available now!

You can order all the new lectures now: “The Advanced Abilities Series,” 10 lectures / plus 3 free lectures.

Just make sure that you select Level V: "The Advanced Abilities Series." Thousands of you, worldwide, have been anticipating these lectures, and here they are today.

Posted by Darla Sands, Manager of Customer Service



8 September 2016: “The Advanced Abilities Series,” 10 lectures / plus 3 free lectures, have all been recorded by Mega Genius® and are scheduled for release this month. I only know that the first lecture is titled "The Devil is in the Discord" and the second is titled "Master Keys to Abilities." Although he references some earlier writings, all these new lectures were recorded on 31 August, and 1 and 2 September 2016, and cover material not addressed in any previous series.

In "The Advanced Abilities Series," Mega Genius® scrutinizes various abilities that are essential to your success and happiness. One by one he addresses why each ability is particularly important to your life and reveals the simple keys that you can use to increase those abilities at will.

The Mega Genius® Lectures, Level V, which is the 10 lectures of "The Advanced Abilities Series," along with 3 additional free lectures added to the end of the series, constitute the second largest group of Mega Genius® Lectures ever released. The price of all 13 will be $249.95 (USD).

As soon as this new series is available — hopefully within the next week or two — you will read it here first.

Posted by Maria Davidson, Personal Assistant to Mega Genius®

17 August 2016: ……… BREAKING NEWS ……… Mega Genius® intends to record and release The Mega Genius® Lectures, Level V: "The Advanced Abilities Series," sometime within the next 6 weeks. The date will depend upon his international travel schedule during the next 40 days, but we expect to make this exciting new series available to you sometime in September.

Level V of The Mega Genius® Lectures is scheduled to address various abilities that are fundamental to success, happiness, and your ability to apply "The Genius Formula™" most effectively, and is expected to consist of 10 lectures.

That is all the information that I have at this time. As soon as I know more, I will release it right here, on our Bulletin Board, first.


Posted by Maria Davidson, Personal Assistant to Mega Genius®

9 July 2016: Due to the intensity of Mega Genius'® international travel schedule during the next several months or more, it is at this time necessary for us to temporarily suspend the "Ask Mega Genius™" question/reply option, just as we have occasionally done before. (This time we had a 17 month run.)

This temporary suspension is effective immediately. We intend to reinstate it as soon as possible.

On another matter, almost every day we receive emails similar to this one, which arrived two days ago from a gentleman in Long Beach, California, who expressed his enthusiasm so concisely:


"Everyday I wake up and throughout the day I refresh the bulletin page to see any updates on the release of The Mega Genius® lectures, Level V.

"I could not wait anymore; I am just too excited and want to know if you can give me any updates …."


As soon as I have any news about The Mega Genius® lectures, Level V, or about when the "Ask Mega Genius™" option will be available again, it will be posted here immediately.

Until then, the best information that I have is still Mega Genius'® statement that he intends to decide on the subject matter and record the Level V lecture series sometime later this year. Again, you will learn what the series is about and when it will be released right here, on our Bulletin Board, first.


Posted by Maria Davidson, Personal Assistant to Mega Genius®

3 June 2016: Muhammad Ali, one of my best friends, passed away today.

There was more to him than just intention, dedication, talent, success and showmanship. Those are the factors that everyone else will continue to talk, write, and read about. But would you please do a personal favor for me and remember him as I do — for the secret quality that made him truly great? I would appreciate it.

Here is the link:

Posted by Mega Genius®

24 May 2016: “What is Mega Genius® up to nowadays?” is a question I’m often asked.

I'll let you in on something that Darla didn't mention in her post last month. I found out that on April 7, 2016, in the heart of New Orleans, Louisiana, just behind the lead steam-puffing, horse-drawn calliope and in front of a conglomeration of marching tubas, French horns, bass drums, trombones, trumpets, saxophones and, oh yes, 4 miniature horses, a 3-month-old donkey, and a llama named Lorenzo, Mega Genius® was featured in the 33rd annual “French Quarter Festival Parade,” waving, laughing, and tossing handfuls of beaded necklaces to packed shoulder-to-shoulder crowds along both sides of world famous Bourbon Street.

(And I thought that he was there working.)

Trust me on this. If I kept you apprised of what Mega Genius® is actually up to, you would be surprised. I often am!


Posted by Maria Davidson, Personal Assistant to Mega Genius®

19 April 2016: Mega Genius® has been conducting personal consultations in the East South Central and West South Central United States, having just finished the New Orleans, Louisiana area. Within the next couple of weeks he will be meeting with more clients in East Coast States, including Orlando, Florida; New York City, New York; Washington, D.C.; Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania; and Newark, New Jersey; and then on to Cleveland, Ohio and other Midwestern States.

If you would like to book a face-to-face consultation with "The Man with the Perfect IQ" yourself, and personally tap into his unparalleled level of intelligence and advice for your own benefit, just touch base with Maria Davidson, his Personal Assistant at Mega Genius, Inc., at the email address in the upper-right corner of any of our web pages for full details.

It is such a great opportunity, if a personal consultation with Mega Genius® isn’t the next goal on your “bucket list” of things to do before you die, it should be!

Incidentally, to all of you who are “champing at the bit” (no, that’s not a typo) to hear The Mega Genius® Lectures, Level V: (title to be announced soon), Mega Genius® still intends to record and release that series of lectures sometime later in 2016. His personal assistant will post all information about the series here first.


Posted by Darla Sands, Manager of Customer Service

20 January 2016: I have just added an amusing addendum to Mega Genius® Intelligence Briefing No. 21: "Above Top Secret, Part I," originally published 7 June 2003. It is incidental commentary that was made to me today by Mega Genius®, and that I enjoyed. I'm posting it because I hope that you will, too.

Here is the link. And, after selecting it, just scroll to the capitalized word ADDENDUM, at the bottom of that page:


Posted by Marie Davidson, Personal Assistant to Mega Genius®


7 November 2015: This year we have focused on three issues.

First, we have been increasing our website's security, as some people do not want The Mega Genius® Lectures to be available to you and to others. The best way to discourage such naysayers is to maintain an internet presence, in spite of ….

Second, we have been updating and streamlining our corporate operations, which has involved changing our content management system for publishing content on our website, changing our server, and streamlining our ordering system so that all our lectures are available to our customers easily and download faster.

Third, Mega Genius, Inc. has been promoting, on our website's front page, our ironclad money-back guarantee, along with our A+ rating, the highest possible, from the Better Business Bureau, a distinguished nonprofit organization focused on advancing marketplace trust in the U.S. and Canada, since 1912.

Lastly, many of you have arranged face-to-face personal consultations with Mega Genius®, often repeatedly, and know the value of engaging in such an enlightening experience with "The Man with the Perfect IQ." He can change your life! This is your notice that he will be available again for these personal consultations, worldwide, beginning 1 December 2015. If you are interested, please contact Ms. Maria Davidson, his Personal Assistant, at the email address in the upper-right corner of any of our web pages, for full details.

He has not been available recently. When opportunity knocks, open the door!


Posted by Darla Sands, Manager of Customer Service

14 October 2015: We recently changed our web hosting company and are also using a different server to accommodate the growth of Mega Genius, Inc., which resulted in some very involved technical glitches with our email and website during the transfer. We are sorry for any inconvenience that you may have experienced during the last few weeks with our emails and website; however, almost all the issues have been resolved and we are now entering an era of being able to provide even better customer service to you.

Because Mega Genius® had to address many of those intricate and time-consuming technical glitches himself, while working around the contractual obligations of his personal consultations, the release of The Mega Genius® Lectures, Level V, is now scheduled for sometime in 2016. When he decides on a more specific date, I promise that you will read it here first.


Posted by Darla Sands, Manager of Customer Service


26 June 2015: Many of you prefer to order 2, or 3, or 5, or more of our product called "Ask Mega Genius®," without having to order each one individually. In other words, perhaps you have 10 questions and would like to buy 10 of the "Ask Mega Genius®" products in a single order, and then submit your 10 questions either all at once, right after you order, or else submit your questions individually, whenever you choose.

For some months, however, you have not had the option of ordering more than one of that particular product at a time. I'm pleased to tell you that now you do (again). As of today, our "Order Page" will permit you to order multiples of the "Ask Mega Genius" option.


Posted by Darla Sands, Manager of Customer Service

14 June 2015: Mega Genius® is traveling extensively (Bejing, China, is next), while managing to keep up with continual orders for one of our most popular products: the “Ask Mega Genius™” option. Although the window for receiving replies from Mega Genius® to the questions that you submit through that option is 10 business days (or 14 calendar days), the usual turnaround time is about half that.

According to Mega Genius’® personal assistant, he still expects to release “Level V” of The Mega Genius® Lectures later this year, although none of our staff have any information about the title of the series, as Mega Genius® has not yet decided on the subject matter. I promise to post the title of the new series here, as soon as I know.


Posted by Darla Sands, Manager of Customer Service

29 January 2015:  Before ordering The "Ask Mega Genius®" option, please be sure to review the full, newly revised, instructions on the two "Ask Mega Genius®" pages, which will ensure that all of your orders will be processed properly and without delay. After ordering, you will receive a receipt by email almost immediately, with an order number that you should use to submit your question of no more than 300 words (close to one page).

Congratulations! The day that seemed for two years as if it would never arrive is at hand.


Posted by Maria Davidson, Personal Assistant to Mega Genius®


13 December 2014: After having been in business for 14 years, we recently modernized our web hosting plan; streamlined our e-commerce software to permit the high-speed downloading of our lectures as zip files; updated to a private SSL (secure sockets layering) certificate; fortified the security of our website; and subtlety redesigned it in meaningful ways, such as with the addition of this “Bulletin Board” forum.

Here are the latest updates:


Mega Genius® — Besides continually traveling internationally, he has been featured more than 400 times total on 212 television stations in just the last few months. There is no moss growing on his Beretta Kalahari safari jacket, which seems to have become his trademark apparel in warm weather.

The Ask Mega Genius Option — This is scheduled to become available again, no later than 1 February 2015.

The Mega Genius® Lectures — Regarding new lectures, Mega Genius® has told me that he intends to release some information about Level V of The Mega Genius® Lectures on this “Bulletin Board,” soon. He will post it here when he is ready.


Posted by Maria Davidson, Personal Assistant to Mega Genius®

Copyright (c) 2014 to 2016 by Mega Genius, Inc. All rights reserved.