“The Million Dollar Miracle”

Mega Genius®, the professional magician, in the departure committee’s official photograph (left) taken at the Los Angeles County Art Museum, near Beverly Hills, California, on 23 October 1976, and, seconds later, in the welcoming committee’s official photograph (right) taken 2631 miles, or 4234 kilometers, across the North American continent, near the White House, in Washington, D.C. The world’s greatest illusion?

Mega Genius®, “The Man with the perfect IQ™, interviewed by Mark Ford, on June 22, 2001; excerpts are reprinted with permission of The Mark Ford Agency.


Part I of III


INTERVIEWER: You have agreed to give me 15 minutes, which I appreciate. I know you have rarely granted interviews since your various television appearances many years ago.

I want to explore what it’s like to have stellar intelligence and find out just how your mind works, but first I’ve been hearing a great deal of talk about your discovery called “The Genius Formula™.” Please tell us about it.

MEGA GENIUS®: More than 99 percent of people use the identical formula to make important decisions. That formula is dead wrong!

In The Mega Genius® Lectures, available as [downloadable MP3 files] at, I explain that faulty decision-making process and then offer a priceless solution. In my thorough research of the subject of intelligence, I’ve isolated an extremely simple 3-step process called “The Genius Formula ™.” It can easily be used by any person of at least average mentality to literally skyrocket his level of intelligence. He or she can use it to actually think exactly like a genius, to achieve genius IQ … and far beyond.

INTERVIEWER: That’s an astounding assertion! Many people must find that difficult to believe.

MEGA GENIUS®: I assure you, it is true. And it’s self-evident. As soon as one knows what “The Genius Formula™” is, and understands its simplicity, its workability is undeniable.

For example, I discussed my discovery with literary magnate Joni Evans, Senior Vice President of the prestigious William Morris Agency and, previously, Executive Vice President of Random House and President and Publisher of Simon & Schuster. Joni’s a legend in the literary field and a charming woman, but she told me straight out she didn’t believe it was possible for a simple formula to exist that the average person could use to think exactly like a genius. To her considerable credit, however, she was willing to listen.

Then, less than 30 seconds after I began explaining to her precisely how “The Genius Formula ™” works, her eyes widened and she began pounding her desk in front of me and shouting, “Fantastic! That’s fantastic!”

“The Genius Formula™” is truly “lightning in a bottle.” It has the potential to literally thrust modern man, in just the 21st century, straight into the 30th century and well beyond. It works like a Saturn rocket engine — “pedal to the metal” and the genius IQ is not the limit.

I'm looking you straight in the eyes and telling you that “The Genius Formula™” can reveal the actual truth about anything!

Intelligence is easily teachable, if taught intelligently. “The Genius Formula™” is concise, and immediately understandable to anyone of average intelligence. One can begin using it right away, and then practice perfecting its application. It’s really that easy!

Learning it however, requires that one have a basic understanding of what intelligence actually is, and how and why “The Genius Formula™” works. Therefore I’ve explained all that in 6 ground-breaking lectures [downloadable as MP3 files], called Level I: “The Genius Formula Series™.”

INTERVIEWER: Can you give us a hint how “The Genius Formula™” works?

MEGA GENIUS®: The fundamental secret to thinking like a genius is in not thinking like a fool, which is the essential difference between having a moronic IQ, of 60, and a genius IQ, of 140.

INTERVIEWER: How would you describe “The Genius Formula™ Series” of lectures in five words or less?

MEGA GENIUS®: Steroids for your mind.

INTERVIEWER: [Laughing] Now you also offer another series of recorded lectures, on a multitude of other subjects, that you call “The Uncommon Sense Series.” Why should a visitor to the website consider them necessary and valuable?

MEGA GENIUS®: People say, “What you don’t know can’t hurt you.” That’s utterly false. Actually the only thing that can hurt anyone is what he or she still doesn’t know.

Mankind is awash in a storm surge of information, much of which is false and, therefore, damaging to know. Most of the rest is of minimal value.

Mankind is convinced that knowledge is power. Mankind is wrong! Most of the information it’s possible for you to know is not worth knowing. The relatively small amount of information that is truly worth knowing is wisdom, and only in wisdom resides true power.

Unfortunately Man is extremely inept at isolating and identifying wisdom. Worse than that, he falsely believes he’s wise, which is comparable to one having a brain riddled with holes — the human equivalent of mad-cow disease — and mistakenly believing he’s going to ace his Scholastic Assessment Test [SAT] or his IQ test scores. At least man senses something is terribly wrong with society; he just can’t figure out what it is. Actually it’s an absence of wisdom … and how to obtain it.

The secret to isolating and identifying wisdom is that it requires the intelligence to completely understand all forms of falseness, such as trickery, misunderstanding and other false perception. For only by being able to isolate and identify all the pertinent data that are wrong — meaning important information that is false or unworkable — can one then isolate and identify all the data that are right.

From there it’s an easy step to determine which data are particularly important and workable and, therefore, comprise wisdom — the information that is truly worth knowing. I’ve done all that for you in Level II of The Mega Genius® Lectures — “The Uncommon Sense Series” of audio recordings.

Philosophy is the search for wisdom. The more intelligent one is, the more easily and thoroughly he can identify wisdom.

Because of my great fortune in having a certified immeasurably-high level of intelligence, I thoroughly understand all the specific laws of falseness. Therefore, it’s easy for me to ferret out wisdom whenever and wherever it’s obscured. And, because I therefore know the secret laws of truth — believe me, I can recognize wisdom when I see it.

Level II of The Mega Genius® Lectures, “The Uncommon Sense Series,” consists of 20 lectures. In them I have addressed a variety of subjects, including how you trap yourself by your own thoughts; all about brainwashing; the secret of the human body; its relationship to drugs and radiation; how to raise a child properly; how to get along with parents; the seven steps to happiness; wisely evaluating any friendship; a workable solution to crime; a no-nonsense approach to effective education; and, what’s really wrong with politics.

I also address such matters as resolving the enigma of death; how to create your own luck; the hidden truth about the Kennedy assassinations; what the wisest people do with their money; why prejudice really exists; understanding the paranormal; the importance of ethics; the truth about religion; and many more.

I even disclose the greatest mistake in the history of this universe. And it’s a mistake that’s continuing to this very moment.

The value of all The Mega Genius® Lectures that I’ve recorded, which is comprised of Level I: “The Genius Formula™ Series,” Level II: “The Uncommon Sense Series,” and Level III: “The Whole Truth Series,” is in my ability to communicate wisdom to others in an easily understandable manner. That enables them to resolve easily all manner of difficulties, thoroughly understand the material and spiritual aspects of their lives, and achieve the success and happiness they desire.

INTERVIEWER: How would you describe “The Uncommon Sense Series” of lectures in five words or less?

MEGA GENIUS®: Oh…well, let’s just think of it as an enema for your mind.

INTERVIEWER: [Laughing] Okay, now tell us about “The Whole Truth Series” of lectures?

MEGA GENIUS®: All that mankind has ever wanted to know was the truth. But every great philosopher searched for truth down the wrong road, due to a fatally-flawed definition of the word.

Level III of “The Mega Genius® Lectures” — “The Whole Truth Series” — consists of 8 more lectures, in which I reveal what truth actually is, the mystery of life, and even ultimate truth, including your own basic and true purpose and objective. Obviously, it’s an advanced Series.

INTERVIEWER: How would you describe “The Whole Truth Series” in 5 words or less?

MEGA GENIUS®: I’d call it a total makeover for your mind.

“The Genius Formula Series ™,” “The Uncommon Sense Series,” and “The Truth Series” total 34 lectures, each averaging more than 30 minutes. Collectively, they comprise The Mega Genius® Lectures of wisdom, in its entirety at this time. [In 2010, Mega Genius® also recorded and released Level IV of The Mega Genius® Lectures: "The Lost Wisdom Series."  Level V is soon to be announced.]

INTERVIEWER: Are they guaranteed?

MEGA GENIUS®: Absolutely! If anyone is dissatisfied, for any reason, after listening to The Mega Genius® Lectures, he can have his prior lower level of intelligence back.

INTERVIEWER: [Laughing] That sounds fair.

MEGA GENIUS®: Actually, I care deeply about customer satisfaction and practically wrote the book on it. In fact, I did write a booklet once called “The 20 Golden Rules of Customer Satisfaction.”  My policy for "The Genius Formula™ Series" is "satisfaction guaranteed or your money back," provided that a request is made within 15 days, and the buyer agrees in writing to never purchase anymore Mega Genius® products or services.

INTERVIEWER: Now I understand you also offer the public the opportunity to email you for your personal advice.

MEGA GENIUS®: Yes, I do. That’s a matter that’s separate from The Mega Genius® Lectures. It’s a unique service. It’s confidential and gives each person the chance to submit any questions, beliefs, or problems to a perspective above the highest IQ that is measurable, beyond the top of the IQ scale, and obtain an individualized and personal response.

Anyone may reach me easily and personally through the “Ask Mega Geniussm” option on the website.

INTERVIEWER: How do you put a price on wisdom?

MEGA GENIUS®: The Mega Genius® Lecture Series, consisting of Level I: “The Genius Formula™ Series,” Level II: “The Uncommon Sense Series,” and Level III: “The Whole Truth Series,” is marketed at a price worth the time and energy required to produce it; yet, it is easily affordable — at least as one series at a time — by anyone. The value of the lectures is incalculable.

True wisdom is never expensive; it is a bargain at any price.

INTERVIEWER: I thought someone else had the world’s highest intelligence.

MEGA GENIUS®: Well, if so, I wish he would run for political office.

One’s IQ has to be measurable to go in the record books; however, if one’s IQ is measurable, it really isn’t particularly high.

Like many other aspects of life, IQ testing has evolved and become much more refined. For example, the Stanford-Binet was long considered the most accurate IQ test for children. Yet grade school students who scored quite highly on that test were often discovered later to have average IQ’s as adults. Obviously, something was wrong with the test.

Later examination showed that particular test to be so flawed that they stopped giving it to children many years ago. Yet, there are adults today who are so enamored with the inaccurate scores they received on the Binet as 10-year-olds that they still falsely think they are geniuses, whereas they really are no more intelligent than their neighbors.

That’s one of the reasons so-called “geniuses” sometimes act as dumb as a brick. They think they are geniuses, but they most certainly are not.

Another reason is that there is a notable difference between having a genius in a particular area and being one. A rocket scientist, for example, may have an extraordinary ability to understand the intricacies of an inter-planetary rocket launch. Yet, he may not have the intelligence to find food.

The IQ test that is recognized throughout the world as the most valid and accurate today is the Wechsler Adult Intelligence Scale. It’s administered one-on-one by a psychometrist using a stopwatch. The Wechsler test measures the person’s intelligence in each of a variety of categories. One must score exceptionally high in all the categories to receive a genius IQ, or otherwise extremely high, final, IQ test scores.

As one might expect, most adults who appeared to be geniuses when given the Binet test as 10 year-olds avoid the Wechsler test today, as they would avoid anthrax.

My own score on the Wechsler is perfect. In other words, because that assessment of my IQ hits the top of the scale, my intelligence isn’t accurately measurable by our most modern and advanced method of determining intelligence. They have determined my intelligence to be off the top of the scale — it’s somewhere beyond.

I try to keep that in mind whenever I’m walking down stairs and think there’s an extra step at the bottom.

If anyone else had the mental abilities to isolate the scope of pure wisdom reflected by The Mega Genius® Lectures, he or she would have done so and offered it to the public, because it’s the ethical thing to do. No one else could do it, so I accepted it as my responsibility and duty.

INTERVIEWER: When you were growing up, did people think you were an unusual child?

MEGA GENIUS®: I think I was “normally challenged.”

Let’s see. When I was five, I picked up the telephone and summoned the local law enforcement authorities to our home to handle an emergency. What I didn’t take the time to explain was that I wanted them to discipline my 10-year-old brother, Don, who was teasing me. The police descended, as if a riot was in progress, and my father talked fast. Everybody in the county read about it the next day in the newspaper.

Incidentally, it worked! My brother never teased me after that.

Once, I began a task of raising larvae of the Samia cynthia moth, from China. Then I arranged an appointment with my congressman to discuss the economic feasibility of enormously expanding the production of the cocoons to create a profitable silk manufacturing industry in the United States.

I presented my business plan, in detail, and my congressman thought it seemed workable.

He was probably in his sixties, and I was only six years old at the time. Later, he sent me a huge technical book on insect diseases, which I memorized.

As a teenager, I competed against many older physics students at our high school science fair and won first place in the physics division, with a rating of “superior.” That was despite the fact that I had never even opened a basic text book on physics, much less taken a class.

Did people think I was an unusual child? They may have pitied my parents.

INTERVIEWER: I think they watched you a lot.

I’m sure you see many things differently than the rest of us. Just how does your mind work?

MEGA GENIUS®: Just fine, thank you.

INTERVIEWER: [Laughing] Obviously it does.

Let me put it this way, your IQ approximates 200, at least. In fact, your actual level of intelligence is probably much higher than that. To place that in perspective, if 100 points were somehow knocked off your IQ, you would still be a genius.

How does the world look to a mega genius?

MEGA GENIUS®: It looks astoundingly different; I assure you.

Many young children do not understand how the Internet, or DNA, or the theory of relativity really works. In fact, neither do most adults. Yet they work just fine. And any adult of average intelligence can learn to understand those subjects, without even having to leave his or her home, merely by studying them intelligently.

By extremely intelligently studying other subjects, such as philosophy, physics, astronomy and the human mind, the average person can actually understand the true answers to such questions as, “Is there a God?” “How was this universe created?” What are the mechanics of time?” “What life exists on other planets?” “What happens after death?” And, “What is the purpose of life?”

To most people it may seem as impossible to fully know those answers as it seems impossible to the child to understand the theory of relativity. Yet all are quite understandable matters when approached with an intellectual viewpoint above the highest IQ. Man has the potential to understand absolutely anything.

Mystery and complexity exist only in the absence of understanding.

Any matters that appear complex, such as those that relate to the 6 questions I just posed, are simply not well understood.

Anything completely understood is simple.

puzzle_2.gifEverything in this universe makes perfect sense, when you fit all the pieces together properly.

How does the world look to a mega genius? It looks beautiful and just, and completely understandable. Surely the average person would expect it to look considerably different if his IQ test scores soared, if his IQ jumped at least 100 points, signifying that his intelligence had just doubled.

More than anything, the world looks splendidly simple.

INTERVIEWER: What you are describing sounds more like a paradise than the world in which the rest of us live.

MEGA GENIUS®: It’s all in how you look at it. Look at it this way [Mega Genius tilts his head to the side, smiling].

Unfortunately, the limit of most people’s intelligence results in a solidification of their perceptions, considerations and beliefs, thereby preventing them from easily changing the ways they look at the various aspects of life, and this universe, and seeing them as they actually are. That severely inhibits their understanding.

“The Genius Formula™” targets that fatal inability to understand, like a precision laser, counteracting it with utmost effectiveness and boosting one toward the highest IQ possible.


Part II of III


INTERVIEWER: Someone once said we each use only 10 percent of our brain. How much of yours do you use?

MEGA GENIUS®: Frankly, whoever said that was depriving a village somewhere of an idiot. I use all of my brain to relay electronic signals to my body, but I think only with my mind, which is something entirely different.

To answer your question, however, I use about 80 percent of my mind most of the time. The average person probably uses less than two percent. And my congressman uses less than that.

INTERVIEWER: [Laughing] You seem much easier to talk with and understand than I expected.

MEGA GENIUS®: If you prefer, we can continue in Latin.

INTERVIEWER: Let’s stay with English.

Your documented intellectual abilities and your intensity are intimidating, but I sense great compassion and understanding. I guess I expected someone who used extraordinarily big words and knew off the top of his head what pi is to the one-hundredth digit after the decimal point.

MEGA GENIUS®: Well, not to disappoint you, it has been rumored that I once solved a “Rubik’s cube” by merely scaring it into position.

Some people of average intelligence — often people who have developed a knack for scoring well in our formal educational system — intentionally use words that are longer than necessary to impress others with their imagined intellectual prowess. They usually choose bigger words such as utilize and psychological and phrases such as “consensus of opinion” when they actually merely mean use, mental, and consensus.

Why use a word like hippopotomonstrosesquippedaliophobia, which has 15 syllables, when its meaning, “fear of long words,” has only four syllables?

A person who opts for longer words, when shorter ones will do as well, actually has an impaired ability to communicate. If his IQ test scores were some 30 points higher, approaching genius IQ, he would begin to realize what anyone on the road to attaining the highest IQ possible understands sooner or later: Words have nothing to do with trying to dazzle others with one's imagined brilliance, and everything to do with being understood.

In the absence of understanding, true communication is not occurring.

Most of the highly educated of this planet think they have drunk heavily from the fountain of wisdom, but, in truth, they have only gargled.

Incidentally, the one-hundredth digit of pi after the decimal point is 9.

INTERVIEWER: Seriously? Are you serious? [Mega Genius® nods.] I’ll take your word for that. Do you know everything?

MEGA GENIUS®: No, not at all; there are innumerable things I don’t know and things you do far better than I. But I thoroughly understand all the factors that are most important, such as the basic laws of this universe; how and when it was created; the precise composition and capabilities of life; the exact anatomy of death; the identification of wisdom; the fundamentals and importance of communication; the relationship of Earth to the rest of the universe; the purpose of life; and the identification of truth.

I don’t pretend to know everything; that would be dishonest, and dishonesty is not an intellectual trait. I make minor mistakes on a daily basis. That’s not important. It’s only important to continuously see the big picture and never make a mistake about the issues that matter the most.

It's easy for me to teach others how to surpass genius IQ, and approach the highest IQ possible, and thereby achieve the wisdom they need to solve their day-to-day problems at a glance, so they can easily achieve success and substantially increase their happiness. But it’s also necessary for me to teach them to apply that wisdom.  That is an additional step. For only when wisdom is actually used is it if incalculable value.

INTERVIEWER: You mentioned the relationship of Earth to the rest of the universe. I suspect you were not referring to this planet’s physical interaction with the rest of our solar system and this Galaxy. I think you were referring to the relationship of Mankind to other intelligent life out there somewhere.

Would I be correct in inferring we are not alone?

MEGA GENIUS®: We have “space neighbors.”

INTERVIEWER: That’s a bold statement. Do you have any concern about being ridiculed by astronomers, rocket scientists, and the like for expressing that opinion?

MEGA GENIUS®: Well, first, astronomers and rocket scientists have lower, measurable, IQ test scores.

Second, my statement was not an opinion; it was a statement of certainty from beyond the top of the IQ scale.  And it is also truth.

Third, the most renowned astronomer of our times, Dr. Carl Sagan, Pulitzer Prize-winning author and professor of astronomy at Cornell University, estimated that more than one million advanced alien civilizations may exist on planets in our Galaxy alone.  Dr. Sagan even speculated that our Moon, and Mars, may have been used as bases by extra-terrestrials.

Fourth, the most distinguished rocket scientist of modern times, and the foremost figure in America’s space program, Dr. Wernher Von Braun, once authoritatively stated that we didn’t develop all our modern technology ourselves — that we had help from beings of the highest IQ possible, out there.

And fifth, a number of our astronauts have originated similarly verifying statements. For example, Gordon Cooper has said that the United States Government has made contact with extra-terrestrials.

Astronaut Story Musgrave, who has been in space more times than any other astronaut, has specifically said that small, thin, gray-skinned extra-terrestrials, with large almond-shaped eyes, are actually out there.

The truth is that irrefutable evidence of the existence of extraterrestrials and their voyages exists on the Moon, Mars, and other planetary bodies within our own solar system, and even on Earth.

For instance, one only needs to look deeply enough beneath the area of the Sphinx, in Egypt. Although some of this evidence has not yet come to light, almost all of what has been discovered is currently being withheld from the public for fear of upsetting the religious, political, and civil status quo. It will all begin to surface, however, in the near future.

I know the truth about these matters in exhaustive detail, and I intend to record some lectures soon that will relate to that matter.

INTERVIEWER: That’s fascinating. I’m really looking forward to hearing those lectures. Just what do these extra-terrestrials look like?

MEGA GENIUS®: Well, not nearly as scary as some of the humans I see on our streets these days.

Generally speaking, the forms they take tend to correspond harmonically with their planets’ distances from their suns.

There are dozens of species, and variations in skin color, height, and some internal and external features, but they are not really all that different from you or me. They are all subject to the same laws of this universe. We are all in this game together.

INTERVIEWER: Why haven’t they made themselves known to everyone?

MEGA GENIUS®: They consider mankind to be a dangerous and antisocial species. Humanity often foolishly assails what he does not understand.  We even attack ourselves violently in dozens of wars on this planet, continuously.

Without first understanding himself, mankind will never understand his “upstairs neighbors.”

This segregated planet has a reputation of aggressive and irrational behavior. Not long ago, for example, the United States Government even considered a plan to demonstrate its offensive capabilities to the world by nuking the Moon. I could almost hear our upstairs neighbors whispering, "Just stay way over there, where we can see you."

If Earth were an airport, I’d land someplace else. Wouldn’t you?

INTERVIEWER: Certainly! I don’t remember buying a ticket here in the first place.

What would you say about a person who contends, either for religious or scientific reasons, that it is impossible that intelligent life exists anywhere else in this universe, or that the distance is too great for those life forms to have traveled here?

MEGA GENIUS®: A closed mind is the hallmark of ignorance; an open mind is the seed of understanding.

Essentially, half the populace of this world has below average intelligence. The other half thinks it’s getting somewhere, but is actually meandering in a dark, pervasive confusion, all due to a lack of wisdom.

In truth, man misunderstands where he came from, has no idea where he is in relation to this universe and his stellar neighbors, and, with an aviator’s scarf knotted too tightly about his neck, is cutting off his oxygen while cutting in his afterburner in the wrong direction.

With all due respect, anyone who’s convinced that it’s impossible that intelligent life exists anywhere else in this universe has an extremely limited knowledge of the true and extensive history of this planet. He may or may not have been formally educated, but he has yet to form even a casual acquaintance with wisdom.

Anyone, however, has the right to believe as he or she chooses. And, subsequently, to suffer the consequences when he is dead wrong.

Regarding the distance being too great for them to have traveled here, all unidentified flying objects are not luna moths or errant weather balloons.

Perhaps the author MacKinlay Kantor, of Pulitzer-Prize fame for his bestselling nonfiction book Andersonville, said it best. He summoned many of his neighbors one night to witness an orange, glowing, inter-planetary space craft, with clearly discernible porthole windows, hovering near his home for about 30 minutes, before it abruptly departed at what was estimated at about 18,000 miles per hour.

Did he notify the authorities later? MacKinlay told me, “Hell, no! We didn’t want the Air Force coming around here trying to tell us we had seen the planet Venus, when we knew damn well we hadn’t.”

Incidentally, what the public refers to as UFOs are known to those in the space surveillance business as “UCT’s,” meaning “uncorrelated targets,” as the objects do not match anything that should be appearing on their computer screens.

INTERVIEWER: Why is this world such a crazy place?

MEGA GENIUS®: Because it is this Galaxy’s largest open-air asylum.

INTERVIEWER: Are you speaking figuratively or literally?

MEGA GENIUS®: Literally.

INTERVIEWER: Who holds the key?

MEGA GENIUS®: No one owns it. It’s yours for the asking. Its name is wisdom.

INTERVIEWER: How tall are you?

MEGA GENIUS®: My body is 6 feet and 5 inches.

INTERVIEWER: I know you performed for many years as a professional magician, on stage and television. I presume the most impressive magical effect you ever presented was the teleportation I’ve heard so much about. What, exactly, did you do?

MEGA GENIUS®: Oh…that was “The Million Dollar Miracle.” To commemorate the 50th anniversary of Houdini’s passing, I decided to escape from the laws of this universe.

I arranged through the offices of the owner of The Washington Star newspaper for a 12-member committee to meet me on the steps of the Los Angeles County Art Museum, on 23 October 1976. They photographed and fingerprinted me and certified that documentation. Then, at exactly 11:00 AM, Pacific Daylight Time, before hundreds of spectators and surrounded only by concrete and space, I suddenly vanished in full view.

At that exact instant, 2:00 PM Eastern Daylight Time [11:00 AM, Pacific Daylight Time], I reappeared before hundreds of other spectators and another 12-member committee near the White House grounds, some 2631 miles away. That committee, too, photographed and fingerprinted me and certified that documentation.

I offered $5,000 to anyone who could prove that either set of fingerprints, or either of the official photographs, were in the slightest way fraudulent.

It was either the largest and most incredible illusion in the annals of modern magic, to this day, or it was the first and only reliably witnessed and fully documented transcontinental teleportation.

I’ll let you decide.

INTERVIEWER: That was certainly an astounding feat! Why did you call it “The Million Dollar Miracle”?

MEGA GENIUS®: Because I offered to repeat it anytime, anywhere, during the following 12 months — but only in public — for $1,000,000 cash.

INTERVIEWER: So, how did you do it?

MEGA GENIUS®: I did it the same way anyone else would have done it [laughing].


INTERVIEWER: Given your dramatic physical appearance, your intensity, and that transcontinental teleportation, one could suspect that you just might be from another planet.

MEGA GENIUS®: I feel like it, particularly when I peruse the world news.

INTERVIEWER: I sense that your life has not at all been cloistered.

MEGA GENIUS®: As a minor, I was actually quite sheltered by caring and dutiful parents, which was fine with me. I spent much of that time alone, researching a multitude of subjects in the reference sections of libraries. But life is to be experienced. As a grown-up, I’ve associated with people of every kind.

INTERVIEWER: Tell us about it. We’d like to know more about the lifestyle of “The Man with the Perfect IQ™.”

MEGA GENIUS®: Well, as a law abiding adult, I’ve stumbled across dying bodies along the darkest streets of some of the world’s largest cities, and rubbed shoulders with drug dealers, thieves, and murderers, who could never be trusted in the light of day, much less in the dead of night.

I know what it’s like to have my life threatened, to be chased at midnight by four angry armed muggers who vowed to kill me as soon as they caught me. And I know what it’s like to be cornered by those would-be killers in a pitch-black dead-end alley, in the bowels of Los Angeles, with no avenue of escape except my wits.

Of course, thanks to wisdom, I eluded them all without a scratch.

I’ve narrowly escaped a major train wreck and survived unscathed a high-speed car accident, the capsizing of a catamaran with my brother in the Sea of Cortez, and a plane crash in Louisiana. I could go on and on.

INTERVIEWER: Please do. Tell us more.

MEGA GENIUS®: Well, I’ve experienced life from the top, too. I know what it’s like to participate in board meetings of multi-billion dollar corporations, dine with the rich and famous in the commissaries of major motion picture studios, lounge about closed movie sets, and have my image televised live to some 50 million people.

I consider myself extremely fortunate to count among my friends many of the world’s most famous actors, singers, comedians, sports figures, publishing magnates, religious leaders, military dignitaries and world politicians.


pianist3.gifMEGA GENIUS®: Well, I’ve evaluated political tactics with 5-term Los Angeles Mayor Tom Bradley; discussed musical composition with Lee Liberace; dissected comedy with Jonathan Winters; studied television directing and producing with Mike Landon; examined the intricacies of acting with Academy Award winner Walter Matthau; and analyzed boxing techniques with 3-time world heavyweight champion Muhammad Ali.


INTERVIEWER: This is an interesting facet. I’d like to understand you better, and they say one is known by the friends he keeps. I see numerous photographs of you with other celebrities on the wall behind you and I’ve heard people refer to you as “The Guru to the Stars.” Tell us more.

MEGA GENIUS®: I’ve analyzed corporate policies with Chief Executive Officer of NBC Robert Wright; evaluated organizational structure with Alexander Butterfield, Deputy Assistant to the President, Secretary to the Cabinet, and head of the Federal Aviation Administration, whose explosive Senate testimony at the Watergate Hearings resulted in the resignation of President Nixon; and, delved into physical fitness with Cuba’s 3-time Olympic heavyweight boxing gold medalist Teófilo Stevenson. And I’ve reviewed various space surveillance matters with General Thomas S. Moorman, Jr., Commander of the U.S. Air Force Space Command, and explored military strategies with Commander-in-Chief of Central Command, 4-star General H. “Stormin’ Norman” Schwarzkopf.

I’m just scratching the surface, but probably already sound like some kind of Hollywood gadfly…which I certainly am not.

INTERVIEWER: I remember that at one time you lived in the Hollywood area.

MEGA GENIUS®: In Beverly Hills, and then in the Hollywood Hills — in the previous estate of Fifi D’Orsay ["Going Hollywood"] and, later, Fay Wray ["King Kong"] — and after that, in Malibu for some years.

INTERVIEWER: In that social circle, you must have enjoyed the company of many particularly glamorous females, too.

MEGA GENIUS®: Oh, yes, legendary singer Connie Francis; Academy Award winners Patricia Neal and Jane Fonda…you know, I must tell you that one of my most enjoyable social engagements was the opportunity to spend an entire afternoon playing privately with Lassie. Actually, “she” is really a “he,” but quite a classy acting dog.

Nevertheless, when opportunity knocks, I open the door, and I’m delighted to say that the perks to my work in the entertainment field have included holding many premier female stars of motion pictures and television in my arms.


MEGA GENIUS®: I’m wondering how far we’re going to carry this.


Oh, to name a few, Miss America’s Lee Meriwether; and one of the world’s greatest dancers and one-time Elvis girlfriend and, later, Sinatra fiancée, Juliet Prowse, whom Elvis once said was the kind of girl who would cause a bishop to stomp through a stained-glass window. And the silver screen’s legendary Doris Day; Golden Girl’s Rue McClanahan; M*A*S*H’s Margaret “Hot Lips” Houlihan, Loretta Swit; and many others.

Your questions are making me sound like a Hollywood jet-setter, but it’s just that I thoroughly enjoy the company of people from every walk of life. I’ve seen it from the unqualified bottom and from the absolute top. No one, however, is more interesting to me than the person I’m with at the moment.

Although a fine friend humorously refers to me as “Mr. Aloof,” due to what he perceives as my reclusive nature, it is actually only my need to manage time effectively.

Fortunately, for the most part, my life has been anything but cloistered…and I’ve learned a lot because of it.

Accordingly, it would be nice if our IQ test scores skyrocketed and we became absolutely brilliant merely be living and aging. But that doesn't happen naturally. People need help to surpass genius IQ and approach the highest IQ possible.  That’s because, although experience can be a great teacher, it is most certainly no substitute for wisdom.

It is much easier to become older than wiser.


Part III of III


INTERVIEWER: How do wisdom and experience differ?

MEGA GENIUS®: Experience is the mysterious casserole on a picnic table at a potluck. It looks interesting, but may, or may not, sit well. Wisdom is a 5-star restaurant’s finest dessert. With the availability now of The Mega Genius® Lectures, life’s menu is in your hands. Which will you be having this evening, sir? The baloney surprise or the “strawberries Romanoff” [laughing]?

INTERVIEWER: I’ll have a double serving of the strawberries Romanoff, please [laughing]. You seem to be a particularly happy person.

MEGA GENIUS®: Unhappiness is not an intelligent state of existence.

INTERVIEWER: I’ve heard that as “The Guru to the Stars” you give particularly intelligent advice to many of your celebrated friends.

MEGA GENIUS®: Oh yes, to many of them, in the utmost confidence, and most have wisely taken it. The few who did not would be far better off today if they had.

INTERVIEWER: I have many other questions, but realize my allotted time is nearing its end. Would you share one axiom of wisdom that we could all use to improve our lives?

MEGA GENIU®S: Certainly.

Death is one of the most misunderstood of all subjects. Its only resolution is a complete understanding of the phenomenon, which is obtainable only through wisdom. I’ve explained it all in the lecture The Truth about Death, in “The Uncommon Sense Series.” Then, when seen and understood in its entirety, death becomes a simple and even minor event, indeed. Only two kinds of people will laugh at the thought of his, or her, own death: the idiot and the mega genius. The first, because he has no understanding of it. The second, because he understands it completely.

Regardless, when a loved one passes away, those left behind wish they could communicate with the departed. My research has shown that most of all they would like to tell the person that they truly love him or her.

Miscellaneous personal possessions, items of luxury and money, are all inanimate. They all get used up, worn out and devalued through time. All are merely objects.

The reason Monopoly® has been such a successful board game is that it mirrors life and, like life, players can get quite emotional about it. But one should always remember that the cards, deeds, houses, hotels and pieces are never remotely as important as the players at the table. Inert material things are interesting, but the players of life are what are truly important.

The events of Monopoly® turn suddenly on the roll of the dice, mimicking the apparent unpredictability of life. Similarly, a loved one who is here today can easily be gone tomorrow. If you sincerely appreciate the existence of another human being and would miss them deeply if they passed away — if you love them — devote a few seconds of your life to this simple axiom of wisdom: make certain they know it, beyond question.

Tell them straight out that you love them. Do it today! Too often, tomorrow is too late.

INTERVIEWER: Besides understanding death so well that you can laugh at it, how else are you different from most people?

MEGA GENIUS®: Consider this. If you had an “intelligence meter” built into your forehead and a knob that you could slowly turn, causing your IQ test scores to improve, and your intelligence to rise up through genius IQ and approach the highest IQ possible, until your intellect finally pegged the needle, and then became too high to be measurable, how would you change?

Well, all aspects of life and the physical universe would suddenly become astoundingly simple. Furthermore, it would all immediately become hilarious, and you would begin to laugh at almost everything.

You would realize that there are only a few key rules, and that as long as you abide by them, everything will fall continually into place, in the whole scheme of things. You would know that your only real mistake in all the years past was in not having had the wisdom to identify and understand those few basic rules.

The Mega Genius® Lectures, which are available on the website, are designed to lead people who have the intelligence to realize the value of the lectures — and who have the intelligence to decide to listen to them — toward a clear understanding of those basic rules of wisdom.

In addition, you would fully realize such things as the importance of life over inanimate objects; that you create the kind of life and any diseases that you experience; that science is in its infancy; and, that most of what everyone believes to be true is, in the big picture, false.

You would know that the key to understanding the entire physical universe begins not with a vast exploration to other planets, but with a thorough understanding of your own mind. And you would know that what we recognize as science has not yet written the first sentence of the most basic text book of “The Human Mind 101.” That, incidentally, is why the day-to-day lives of the inhabitants of this planet are continually infected with so many difficulties and problems.

You would naturally be honest, ethical and well intentioned, not because there is a law of retribution or karma — which there is — but because you would fully understand the foolishness of deceit and criminality.

You would realize and understand the basic goodness of humanity and feel strong compassion and love for all human beings, regardless of their circumstances and actions.

You would be aware of your responsibility for humanity, and for all other life forms, and for the environmental conditions on this planet that we all share.

You would never be seized by depression, anger, fear, or grief, or experience nightmares. Nor would you have psychoses or neuroses of any kind, whatsoever. You could be tested for them, and they would be found to be entirely non-existent.

Incidentally, you could not be hypnotized.

Of course, to the degree that you turned down the imaginary knob on your forehead, in the other direction, the opposite of all those realizations, intentions, understandings, emotions, susceptibility to brainwashing and medical issues, et cetera, would occur.

Life is similar to Monopoly®, if you understand the game well enough, you can win any facet of it any time you chose.

By the way, one of the factors that are crucial to success is the ability to act quickly; consequently, the first rule of winning Monopoly is to buy as many properties as fast as you can.

INTERVIEWER: Do you have enemies?

MEGA GENIUS®: No one can do anything meaningful for the benefit of humanity without being the target of attacks by the weak and fearful who have vested interests in controlling the masses. They are smiling merchants of pain and ignorance, who know the least of wisdom themselves. They invariably gossip about, and even seek to crucify, assassinate, or otherwise invalidate and destroy, anyone who produces significantly beneficial effects.

Because I am doing something effective about Man’s predicament, undoubtedly I have enemies, but I am a friend to everyone.

INTERVIEWER: What are your faults?

MEGA GENIUS®: Well, we are going to need much more time for that.

Sometimes I’m too direct. Often I’m so intense about what I’m doing that I neglect eating. I don’t care for broccoli, which would be good for my body. I continually forget the age of my body and have to recalculate it. I don’t make the time to see any of my friends as often as I would like. How much time is left?

INTERVIEWER: I think I’m out of time.

MEGA GENIUS®: Thank you for asking that question last.

INTERVIEWER: Just one more thing, and then I promise I’ll conclude. Is there any parting thought you would like to leave with us?

MEGA GENIUS®: All right, here is a pearl of wisdom.

Each person on this remote planet, near the edge of this Galaxy, needs wisdom, just as a rose needs water. The Mega Genius® Lectures [as downloadable MP3 files], reflect a highly intelligent distillation of true wisdom.

Each person who hears this interview later will actually be holding the key to great understanding in his or her hand, that very day — at that precise moment. Unfortunately, many people will create excuses not to reach for The Mega Genius® Lectures, through an unconscious desire to fail. And, with the passage of time, they will succeed — at failure.

Those who choose not to place the value of wisdom in its proper perspective today will, as the years pass, curse the vagaries of life and suffer the drought to which they have condemned themselves through their own ignorance.

From the perspective of immeasurably high intelligence, however, I tell you that those with the courage to reach for the lectures today will be fortunate people, indeed. Those who reach for wisdom today, on the website, have opened the door to discovering undreamed of vitality, happiness and abilities.

Anyone who hears this interview needs that wisdom. It is the water that can be used to rise through genius IQ to the highest IQ possible, that is measurable, and beyond.


Wisdom, alone, is the key to understanding. And through understanding, all things imagined are possible.

INTERVIEWER: Thank you for your time and most remarkable insight. It has been both a pleasure and an inspiration.

MEGA GENIUS®: You are more than welcome, my friend.


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