How To Improve Intelligence -- FAQ


1. Where is your business located?
2. Are your products guaranteed?
3. How soon will I receive the link(s) to download my lectures?
4. After I hear “The Genius Formula” Series, how long will it take for my intelligence to rise dramatically?
5. I live outside the U.S.A. What should I type in the “State” field on the Order Form?
6. Have you received any complaints about the workability of the lectures?
7. Is it safe to order online?
8. How can I learn additional personal information about Mega Genius ®?
9. What forms of payment do you accept over the internet?
10. When ordering, why do I receive a red “Payment Processing Error” message, erroneously indicating that there is an error in my zip code, credit card number, or credit card expiration date?





1. At Mega Genius, Inc., we have been distributing The Mega Genius® Lectures worldwide since 2000, and are licensed at our corporate business address of record: Mega Genius, Inc., 1553 Nassau Circle, Tavares, FL 32778, USA. We can be reached easily at our Customer Service Department address at, conveniently accessible from the top of our home page.



REFUND POLICY AND GUARANTEES: Anyone who obtains "The Genius Formula™ Series" (grouped as six MP3 lectures), which constitute Level I of The Mega Genius Lectures, as a singular purchase from Mega Genius, Inc., and is subsequently dissatisfied with that specific product, is entitled to a return of the full purchase price paid for that lecture series, provided that (1) the purchaser's request for that refund is made within 15 days of Mega Genius, Inc. having provided the purchaser with access to the product, and, (2) the purchaser attests that they will neither order nor receive any products or services from Mega Genius, Inc. again.

All Mega Genius® products are guaranteed to be free from defects in materials and workmanship, or they will be replaced free of charge, or your money back.

The "Ask Mega Genius®" option, which is the request of a personal reply from the mind of Mega Genius®, is non-refundable, and so advertised, due to the entirely subjective nature of the reply. Accordingly, although we cannot guarantee that everyone will be 100 percent satisfied with every reply from Mega Genius®, we do offer you a money back guarantee that it will be a personal and sincere reply to you from Mega Genius®, known worldwide as "The Man with the Perfect IQ."



3. You should have access to your Mega Genius® Lectures, as MP3 files, within just a few moments of placing your order, anywhere in the world. We will supply you with links and instructions for downloading your lectures to your computer. You will need broadband access. Later, you may choose to transfer your lectures to your mp3 player.


4. The rise will begin as soon as you start applying the simple 3-step Genius Formula™ and  it will be directly proportional to the extent to which you apply it.


5. The “State” field is not a required field; so, if you live in a country without states, just leave it blank.


6. Since we began doing business, in 2000, we have received only one complaint from a customer about the workability of the lectures; although, he subsequently ordered more products from us. He wrote that originally his mind had been too filled with misunderstanding to recognize the value of The Mega Genius® Lectures, but that he had subsequently discovered the truth within them and could honestly say that he is now happy with them. Accordingly, as of 2015, after our first 15 years of worldwide sales, we continually receive testimonials of appreciation and understand our customers’ satisfaction rate to be 100 percent.



SAFETY POLICY: We use means as secure as possible to protect your data, which are stored in an external server protected behind a firewall. For sensitive information such as credit card numbers, we use SSL encryption (Secure Socket Technology Layer) and do not maintain our own records of such numbers. SSL ensures that it is even safer to order online with us than when you normally use a credit card in person. This advanced technology encodes everything that you send over the internet between your computer and our Company. We even have our own SSL Certificate.  Ordering is safe, secure and confidential. (Alternatively, you may choose to purchase our products using PayPal through our order Page.)

PRIVACY POLICY:  Our privacy policy is simple.

Our steadfast objective is to function as an ethical corporation, while protecting your privacy to the utmost extent permitted by law, and, therefore, to never give out or sell any of your information, including your name or email address, to anyone, at any time, without your express written permission.

In order to be and remain a viable corporation, however, we are required to make negligible exceptions to our objective.  For example, occasionally a programmer will have to access the code to update the system, perform routine maintenance, and address other possible technical glitches.  Nevertheless, we intend to keep any and all information that we have about you 100 percent confidential, although you should understand that no transmission on the internet or electronic storage is ever 100 percent secure.  We will, however, always remain true to our objective as stated above.

Of course, it is possible that we will be required by a subpoena or other legal action to grant access to an individual in the process of an investigation by law enforcement.  It is our intention to abide by the laws of the land at all times.

Lastly, we will never send you an email unless we believe that you would consider it to be a relevant communique.

We treat your privacy the way that we would like our own to be treated.



8. There is a substantial biography on this website and in The Mega Genius® Lectures. Because Mega Genius® has received death threats from people who do not want the lectures to be available to the public — which have been addressed by law enforcement and the judicial system — Mega Genius® has used various means to control and limit the publication of personal information about him in the news media and on the internet, including disinformation about his current residences, merely to ensure his safety. Almost all personal information about him that anonymous sources have posted on the internet is based upon that disinformation and is false. Accurate personal information is made available only on a need-to-know basis.


9. We accept Visa, MasterCard®, Discover® Card, and PayPal. 



You will need to abbreviate your address. You have two fields in which to enter most of your address: the “address 1″ field and the “address 2″ field. Each field can accept 30 characters maximum. If you try to enter more than 30 characters in either field, you will receive a red “Payment Processing Error” message, indicating that there is an error in your “zip code,” credit card number, or credit card expiration date. However, that message is most likely false. You merely need to shorten your address or, if necessary, use both fields in a manner that does not exceed 30 characters in either field. The false message about your “zip code” and credit card that you receive if you exceed 30 characters in either address field is an error in the software of the credit card processing company that we use, which is the world’s largest payment solutions company, used by more than 541,000 other merchants. We hope that the company corrects this flaw soon.


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