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Since 2001, Mega Genius® has recorded dozens of profoundly enlightening intelligence briefings about newsworthy events and related matters that he believes are worthy of your attention. Things look so different, not only far above genius IQ, but from beyond the top of the IQ scale.

Transcripts of 33 of the Mega Genius® Intelligence Briefings are available below — absolutely for free — for your reading pleasure. And as an insightful gift, we have even included the solution to the conundrum that has confounded Scotland Yard for more than 120 years.  From above the highest IQ that is measurable, Mega Genius® has now attacked the world's most infamous murder mystery and broken the case wide open, with all seven insightful Intelligence Briefings about it in seven chapters of The Great Mystery of Jack the Ripper.  They are all here!

So, get yourself a cup of hot cocoa, and then settle back for a superior reading experience. The man to the left, in the shadows, just whispered,

“These documents are for you.”


No. 04 Making the Universe Work for You
(A hidden law of this universe)
05 Dec. 2001
No. 12 The 20 Rules for Success in Your Job
(What your employer should have told you, but didn’t)
08 Jun. 2002
No. 24 Time-traveling Intelligently
(Mega Genius® predicts Earth’s future)
18 Oct 2003
No. 34 How to Breathe Life into Your Dream
(Minding your ducks)
01 May 2006
No. 40 Cast Your Net Widely
(One of life’s deepest secrets)

01 Dec 2008

No. 30

The Great Mystery of Jack the Ripper
(Introduction, Parts I, II,III,IV,V,VI,VII, & Epilogue)

24 May 2022



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Mega Genius® Intelligence Briefings: World Affairs


01 A War Not Yet Declared, but Already Lost – 11 Sep 2001

(The coming war on terrorism)


02 What the Terrorists Actually Want – 11 Oct 2001

(Osama bin Laden’s actual goal)


05 A Lesson in Prediction – 05 Jan 2002

(What you haven’t heard about Saddam Hussein)


09 The Most Intelligent Solution to the Middle East Crisis – 08 Apr 2002

(A resolution above the highest IQ)


15 A Time for Reflection and Prediction – 04 Oct 2002

(Mega Genius’® predictions were 100% accurate)


19 Five Myths About the War with Iraq – 10 Mar 2003

(Precisely when the war will begin)



Mega Genius® Intelligence Briefings: The Big Picture


03 Have You Heard the News? – 01 Nov 2001

(An analysis of the news media)


07 God and the Universe – 01 Mar 2002

(Perplexing questions: Answers from above the highest IQ)


17 The Magic of Television – 17 Jan. 2003

(The truth about a world-famous psychic)


20 Inside the Mind of Einstein – 28 Apr 2003

(The Einstein the public never knew)


21 Above Top Secret, Part I – 07 Jun 2003

(Do extraterrestrials exist?)


21 Above Top Secret, Part II – 07 Jun 2003

(What is really going on?)


23 In Their Own Revealing Words, Part I – 25 Aug 2003

(Revelations by scientists and government officials)


23 In Their Own Revealing Words, Part II – 25 Aug 2003

(Revelations by U.S. Presidents and astronauts)


28 Humanity’s Search for Answers – 28 Feb 2005

(One of mankind’s fundamental mistakes)


35 Behind the Big Smoke Screen – 08 Jul 2006

(Recognizing an expert)


41 Characteristics of Intelligence – 19 Apr 2009

(Who’s trying to pull the wool over your eyes)



Mega Genius® Intelligence Briefings: Character


08 How Gullible are You? – 01 Apr 2002

(All about hypocrisy)


10 The Catholic Church’s Gravest Secret – 13 May 2002

(Predicting the Church’s actions)


11 Your Government’s Hidden Surcharge – 22 May 2002

(Laws, and why man acts unethically)


13 America’s Secret Agenda – 28 Jul 2002

(The separation of church and state, part I)


14 While Truth is Putting on Her Boots – 01 Sep 2002

(The separation of church and state, part II)


22 Where is the Justice? – 24 Jun 2003

(Mega Genius’® only address to his critics)




26 The Impact of 10 Bricks Landing (Modified) – 19 Jan 2004

(“The Stupidest Statements Awards” of 2003)


 The Latest


45 Who Do You Trust? - 09 November 2016

(President-elect Donald J. Trump)


46 Politics: From Prejudice to Patriotism - 04 July 2017

(The Fundamentals of Politics)


47 The Old Magician's Secret - 25 May 2020

(A Sentence Worth Knowing)


48 Knowing is Half the Solution - 17 September 2020

(A Secret to Saving Your Life)


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