Above Top Secret, Part I

Mega Genius® Intelligence Briefing [21]:


Imagine that you have just discovered a folder stamped “U.S. Federal Government” and “Top Secret,” lying along a sidewalk. Are you curious about its contents?

If you do not really want to know ….  Warning! Stop now!

On the other hand, if you are the kind of person who is curious, and if you are certain that you can handle it, then ensure that you are sitting down, and take a deep breath. We are going to peek into that folder right now, inspect a few pages, and examine some dark secrets … or what are certainly supposed to be.

The Mega Genius® Lectures, consisting of “The Genius Formula Series,” “The Uncommon Sense Series,” and “The Whole Truth Series,” were recorded from 15 to 22 November 2000.  ["The Lost Wisdom Series" was recorded several years later.]  Of all the people worldwide who have been fortunate enough to have heard all 44 of The Mega Genius® Lectures — or any portion of them, for that matter — not a single person has questioned that they reflect the highest caliber of truth. And they do.

For various reasons, much of that truth you were never supposed to know.

Now, from a different angle, I’m going to briefly address just one of the thousands of facets of truth that those lectures reflect. What I’m about to tell you, I’ve considered revealing for some time, because it’s something you urgently need to know. The time, however, was never right. It is now.

Much information within the United States Federal Government is classified, from “CONFIDENTIAL” (keep it strictly to yourself) all the way up to documents stamped both “TOP SECRET” and “EYES ONLY.” Those who are under consideration to be granted access to the higher classifications are thoroughly investigated by various means, by diverse alphabet agencies (CIA, FBI, DOD, NSA, DIA, et cetera), as you may know.

Because I have undergone many security checks, or “sec checks,” as they are known, I know a lot about the matter. Sec Checks even include such unreliable data as that obtained through interviews with the subjects’ neighbors, in case they might turn up some indication of erratic behavior or some propensity that could disqualify the individuals. Government reports from such interviews are then submitted to Federal psychiatrists, who analyze even such insignificant allegations as “bites his fingernails” and even “was breast fed.”

Some sec checking is far more extensive and invasive than that.

Classified information within the U.S. Federal Government is strictly compartmentalized. It is available only on a “need to know” basis. Therefore, those with high security clearances in the Pentagon, for example, often have no idea what the person in the next office is doing.  Sometimes they are even working on the same major project at the same time, without knowing it. That’s the Government’s way of doing things.

Unknown to the public, the U.S. Federal Government has a number of ultra-high security classifications above even “Top Secret.” Each of those security classifications is known as “Top Secret / (Plug-in Word),” such as “Top Secret / Ultra,” “Top Secret / Umbra, and “Top Secret / Majic,” for example. (The words umbra and majic are abbreviated forms of the words umbrella and majestic.)

These ultra-high-level security classifications are all relatively closely related and pertain to various aspects of the same basic issues. Information about the many projects and activities within those ultra-high-level security classifications is supremely restricted. Even the names of most of those ultra-high-level security classifications are not even known by individuals just one classification lower, within the highly secure “Top Secret” circles.

I have already publicly stated that we have “space neighbors,” first, when I discussed some aspects of the matter in The Mega Genius® Lectures and, again, in a public interview on 22 June 2001 (see “Interview” on the MegaGenius.com website).

Since the mid-1940′s, in particular, mankind has extensively debated whether “flying saucers” are real. To many, it seems ridiculous, even impossible.

Yet many members of law enforcement and Congress, and commercial pilots, multiple astronauts, and even former President Jimmy Carter, among many other highly respected individuals, have reported personal and detailed encounters with them.

It is a matter of public record that, in mid-July of 1952, what the military called “shining discs” appeared and departed, at incalculable speeds, above Washington, D.C. There they hovered over the Capitol, the Pentagon, and even directly above the White House, in considerable numbers, night after night.  Simultaneous tracking by radar from three separate locations confirmed that the shining discs were solid objects.

Unknown to the public, however, such discs subsequently hovered over nuclear launch facilities in both the Northwestern U.S. and the Soviet Union, where they utterly disabled the critical electronics of both those facilities for an appreciable time.

It is common knowledge that the U.S. Air Force’s public position is that there is absolutely nothing to the thousands of reports of flying saucers’ existence. Yet military and commercial pilots, and other civilian personnel, have continually reported them.

Stepping back earlier, on 22 January 1948 a special project to investigate all such reports from military and civilian sources was begun by the military at Wright-Field (now Wright-Patterson Air Force Base), near Dayton, Ohio. The public knew of it as “Project Saucer,” although it was actually named “Project Sign.” Ten months later, in December 1948, the public was told that Project Sign had concluded, but the investigation actually continued secretly under what was called “Project Grudge.”

In early 1950, the Department of Defense announced that the Air Force had again discontinued its investigation and had concluded that all such reports were attributable to misinterpretations of various conventional objects, or a mild form of mass hysteria, or hoaxes.

In fact, the Department of Defense lied to the public again and actually still continued the investigation secretly, which later, in 1952, was re-named “Project Blue Book,” which continued until 17 December 1969.

Of course, why was there any reason for the Air Force to repeatedly discontinue, and then secretly continue, its investigation of flying saucers — for 21 more years, until 1969 — if it had truthfully determined back in 1948 that there was nothing worth investigating?

All Blue Book files were then transported from Wright-Patterson to the Air Force Archives at Maxwell AFB, Alabama, and then sent to the National Archives, in Washington, D.C. There, all the names of the witnesses were deleted.

Now you probably will not be surprised to know that although Project Blue Book had officially ended in 1969, the U.S. Air Force secretly continued collecting reports of UFOs (in which it publicly claimed to have no interest), in accordance with “U.S. Air Force manual 55-11.”

The true purpose of the investigations was to collect and analyze information about what was being reported, which was of extreme interest to the Government, while placating concerned citizens by convincing them that there was nothing to the matter at all, and that it in no way deserved their attention.  It was very similar to a magician’s attempt to misdirect where one looks, a subject with which I am very familiar, as a retired professional magician.

This was re-emphasized in 1965 — when the public had begun to question the Air Force’s motives — through a Government contract awarded to the University of Colorado to study the Air Force’s Project Blue Book investigation. It was sponsored by the Government, remember.

In 1968, its Condon Committee re-affirmed to the public that there was absolutely nothing to the matter worth investigating.

Interestingly, although the Condon Committee’s conclusion that absolutely nothing was worth investigating was endorsed by the National Academy of Sciences, that conclusion was ridiculed throughout the aerospace industry by the prestigious American Institute of Aeronautics and astronautics, which concluded that just the opposite conclusion could have been drawn from the evidence analyzed by Project Blue Book:  That it was very much worth investigating.

The actual truth, and the answer that the public has vigorously sought, exists extensively throughout the materials within the U.S. Federal Government’s absolute highest level of security classification, which has been awarded to extremely few people.  Documents of that classification are stamped both “TOP SECRET / COSMIC” and “EYES ONLY.” (Cosmic: of, or pertaining to, the extraterrestrial vastness, or the universe in contrast to the Earth alone.)

Think about it. If there wasn’t something that the Government felt it needed to withhold from almost everyone, it would never have created a supremely secure wall of camouflage in the form of an ultra-high-level security classification called Top Secret / Cosmic. The classification exists to effectively restrict certain super-sensitive information at all cost.

To discover the truth, we must go back to the summer of 1947, when hundreds of reports of the sightings of flying discs particularly concerned the Department of Defense. Military aircraft had scrambled and pursued some of the discs, which were then cross-verified by radar. But just about the time the pilots had made visual contact with the objects, the “bogeys” had instantly accelerated to unearthly speeds and vanished from all radar screens, and the pilots were left virtually standing still, alone in the sky.

Everything was about to change.

You may have heard speculation about what is called “the Roswell incident.” Much of it has been faulty and many of the allegations false. You need to know what really happened, verifiable by still classified Top Secret / Cosmic documentation.

On the night of Wednesday, 2 July 1947, a flying disc that was malfunctioning landed in New Mexico, then took off again, and then exploded in flight, in a desolate region, and crashed on Foster Ranch, near the small town of Corona, not Roswell.

The next morning William (Mac) Brazel, foreman of the ranch, who had heard the sound of the crash during the night, and Dee Proctor, a seven-year-old neighbor boy, discovered extremely unusual crash debris, with startling properties, on the ranch. It was strewn all over an area three quarters of a mile long by several hundred feet wide.

Brazel showed pieces of the debris to a number of his friends, none of whom could fathom what the items were, all of whom marveled at the way metal as thin as aluminum foil could be crumpled, but not creased, or torn. Then, when released from one’s grasp, the metal quickly returned to its perfectly smooth uncrumpled position. None of them had ever seen anything like it.

Furthermore, they were mystified at how other pieces of debris — that seemed similar to super-light-weight plastic, marked with lavender-colored figures that were similar to, but different from, ancient Egyptian hieroglyphics — could not even be scratched. And there were other strange pieces, too.

Finally, on 6 July, four days after the night of the crash, a still mystified Brazel finally took some of the debris to Chaves County Sheriff George Wilcox.

The sheriff had never seen anything like it, either. So, he quickly called Major Jesse Marcel, the Air Field intelligence officer at the very secret Roswell Army Air Field, 75 miles southwest of the crash site. Major Marcel quickly drove to the sheriff’s office and examined the unearthly appearing debris. He couldn’t fathom what the pieces were, either, and alerted his commanding officer, Colonel William Blanchard.

After examining many of the relatively small pieces of debris, military intelligence couldn’t figure out what had crashed. Something extremely unusual had happened.

Then, on 7 July, a secret aerial reconnaissance operation discovered the actual disc a few miles away, and then four deceased small human-like beings were found two miles east of the wreckage site. Each was about three-and-one-half feet tall, thin, with a larger than human head, very large dark eyes, small indentations for nostrils and ears, and a small slit for a mouth.

They were humanoid, but obviously not from this planet.

All but one of the bodies was very badly mangled. The other was in reasonably good condition, except for some decomposition by the elements.

Now a barrage of officers from military bases throughout the U.S. invaded the small town of Corona, set up roadblocks all around the ranch, descended on the area of the wreckage, and secured the “debris field” like a tomb. With all the military brass running around, it now looked like the event of the century.

Glenn Dennis, a mortician at Ballard Funeral Home, in Roswell, was called by the Roswell Army Air Force's (AAF) mortuary officer to supply the smallest hermetically sealed caskets available.

Johnny McBoyle was the Mutual broadcasting and ABC radio station manager, in Roswell. On the afternoon of 7 July, he happened to see the military hauling away the disc.

He immediately called Lydia Sleppy, the teletype operator at his station, and told her that he had something hot to go on the teletype for all the affiliate stations. Then, in the midst of his excited dictation, Lydia was interrupted by the ringing of the teletype bell. Across the teletype came the words: “This is the FBI. Do not complete this transmission.”

The next day, 8 July, First Lieutenant Walter Haut, Roswell AAF public information officer, issued a press release, on the orders of Colonel William Blanchard, commanding officer of the 509th Bomb Group at Roswell AAF. According to the U.S. Army’s official announcement, it had actually recovered the crashed remains of a “genuine flying disc.”

A “full bird colonel,” promotable to a brigadier general, publicly admitted it!

The truth about an event of that magnitude, however, would never do. So, faster than one could say, “What the …,” General Clemence McMullen, in Washington, D.C., ordered Colonel Thomas J. Dubose, Chief of Staff of the 8th Air Force, to immediately hush up any reports about a crashed disc, by inventing a cover story.

Then, just three hours after the press release, Brigadier General Roger Ramey, head of the Eighth Air Force, to whom Colonel Dubose reported, called a press conference. General Ramey announced that the admission had been just a ridiculous error, and that there had never been anything out on the ranch except a few remnants of a weather balloon, which were available for the press to photograph.

No reason was ever given for the unexplainable misidentification of a weather balloon by the sheriff, Major Jesse Marcell (the Air Field intelligence officer), and many others involved in the discovery, all of whom were quite familiar with weather balloons. Or, how a simple balloon could have been scattered over an entire square mile of land. Or, why the ranch was swarming with military officers prior to the admission. Or, why the ranch was still off limits to everyone except the military.

The public information officer’s official revelation that a genuine flying disc had crashed was quickly carried by several evening papers, on 8 July: the Los Angeles Herald Examiner, the Chicago Daily News, and the San Francisco Examiner. The nation’s major newspapers the next morning, however, carried only the cover story, which effectively locked down all information about the entire matter for decades.

The public wasn’t interested in a torn weather balloon, so it never demanded the rest of the story.

Mac Brazel had occasionally recovered weather balloons on his ranch, and was quite aware of the difference. Now he was talking too much about what he had actually seen and examined, and how extremely mistaken the military was. So, the military took him into custody. When they finally released him, a week later, he had changed his story.

Many other residents who had seen too much were threatened. Some of those who had actually seen the disc or extraterrestrial bodies, and didn’t convince as easily as the ranch foreman, were told that they and their families could easily disappear forever in the rugged desert. They got the message.

Some debris was flown by special military aircraft to Fort Worth AAF, in Texas, and then on to Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, in Ohio; the disc was taken directly to Wright-Patterson; and, the bodies were flown to Fort Riley, Kansas, and then on to Wright-Patterson for extensive analysis.

Acting on the direct orders of President Harry S Truman, General Nathan F. Twining, Commander of USAAF Air Materiel Command at Wright-Patt (as it is colloquially known), began the analysis of the disc. Dr. Detlev Bronk, Chairman of the National Research Council, began a similar analysis of the bodies.

There was absolutely no question about it: neither the bodies, nor the spacecraft, had originated from any place on Earth. Dr. Bronk suggested on 30 November 1947 that the creatures be referred to as “Extra-terrestrial Biological Entities,” or “EBEs.”

Soviet Premier Joseph Stalin received a report about the crash, and quickly initiated his own investigation of the matter. He was told that the disc and the alien bodies were definitely extraterrestrial.

Analyses of the disc that crashed at Corona were unproductive. The alien technology was so advanced that, even after extensive analysis, engineers were utterly stumped by the workings of both the power supply and the method of propulsion.

In fact, almost everything about the disc was an enigma. It was as if some prehistoric humanoids were trying to figure out how a twenty-first century cell phone operates. They hadn’t a clue.

The aliens’ technology was incomprehensibly advanced and their motives and intentions unknown.  Consequently, the incident was of the utmost concern. President Truman decided to maintain the strictest security precautions, for the time being.

Accordingly, he issued a special, Top Secret, executive order, on 24 September 1947, to Secretary of Defense James V. Forrestal, authorizing him to establish “Operation Majestic Twelve.” It was a super-secret committee of 12 eminently qualified, top ranking scientists and Government personnel, who would study the matter, control the operations of the group, and to whom all collected information about the aliens would be absolutely restricted.

As the 12 were responsible directly, and only, to the President of the United States, only they and the President would know the whole truth, until the matter was better understood.

The members of what was called the Majestic-12 (or MJ-12) Group were as follows:


James V. Forrestal, Secretary of Defense

Rear Admiral Roscoe H. Hillenkoetter, first Director of the CIA

Gen. Hoyt Vandenberg, Chief of the Air Staff

Donald Menzel, Chairman, Department of Astronomy, Harvard University

Gen. Nathan F. Twining, Cmdr. USAAF Air Materiel Command-Wright Field

Sidney Sours, Executive Secretary of the National Security Council

Dr. Detlev Bronk, Chairman of the National Research Council

Dr. Vannevar Bush, Chairman of the Joint Research and Development Board

Lloyd V. Berkner, Exec. Secretary of the Research and Development Board

Dr. Jerome Hunsaker, Chairman of NACA

Maj. Gen. Robert M. Montague, CO of White Sands Proving Ground

Gordon Gray, Assistant Secretary of the Army


President-elect Dwight D. Eisenhower was subsequently briefed on the matter in a Top Secret / Majic document prepared for “his eyes only” by Rear Admiral Hillenkoetter, CIA Director and Majestic-12 member, on 18 November 1952.

Although there have been numerous other contacts between aliens and our Government since that time (about which I could give you weeks of exhausting and even far more startling details), this briefing reflects a few of the basic facts that the U.S. Government is still withholding to this day.


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Mega Genius®

7 June 2003



On 19 January 2016, NBC News reported that Intelligence Community Inspector General I. Charles McCullough III had, in a letter to the chairmen of the Senate intelligence and foreign affairs committees, confirmed the intelligence classification of “Top Secret / SAP (the name of the Special Access Program is inserted here),” a secrecy designation for the most sensitive and closely held United States intelligence matters.

When asked on that same date to comment on the disclosure, Mega Genius® replied:


"Well, I made that classification known 13 years ago, in Mega Genius® Intelligence Briefing No. 21: 'Above Top Secret, Part I.'

"The 'elephant sitting in the Living room' is that the combined words top and secret mean that something is secret at the top; and, top means 'the highest level or degree conceivable.'  So, the term 'Top Secret' works, but only until you are forced to create a classification such as 'Top Secret / (Plug in Word)' for information that is higher than anything that you had ever conceived was possible, such as when you confront proof that you are being visited by extraterrestrials over which you have no control."


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