The Catholic Church’s Gravest Secret

Mega Genius® Intelligence Briefing [10]:


Throughout the last eight years, hundreds of parishioners around the world have alleged that priests of the Holy Roman Catholic Church sexually molested them as children, often repeatedly.

As any religion is a proposed way to attain wisdom, and as The Mega Genius® Lectures are a true source of great wisdom, I recognize a duty to address in some depth, respectfully but forthrightly, the unfortunate issue that the Catholic Church faces at this time.  Although I have no interest whatsoever in criticizing the Church, one only achieves understanding through accurate perception. We should always have the courage to look, and to face what we find.

Pope John Paul II has referred to the priests’ crimes as a “grave scandal.” Regrettably, it is much more than that, a fact revealed only by peering deeply within the disgrace … as one might peel an onion.

The outermost layer is a horrendous sight. More than 100 priests in Ireland, France, Australia, Canada, and England have been convicted and imprisoned for pedophilia, and dozens more have been forced to resign. Related allegations and charges are also pending against many bishops and cardinals, some of whom have already resigned, confessed, or been convicted.

The Catholic Church now faces staggering losses in restitution to numerous plaintiffs. Settlements in Ireland alone, where the atrocities first surfaced in 1994, are projected to total nearly one-half billion dollars.

Now that the scandal has also erupted in the United States, its citizens have finally begun to learn what much of the rest of the world has already known. Dozens more priests in the United States have recently been suspended or forced to resign. More revelations about the extent of priests’ criminal activities in the United States make headlines every day.

Digging in to protect its own interests, the Catholic Church has not been cooperative.  A federal lawsuit has even been filed against the Church citing the Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act (RICO), which was written to combat organized crime.

Cardinal Bernard Law, of the Boston diocese, should kneel and give thanks for his atrocious memory, which has thus far enabled him to avoid all possible charges of perjury.  When forced to give a deposition, on his first day of testimony he was “unable to recall” the answers to key questions at least 43 times.

It appears that the Church still has much to hide.

The appalling scandal will continue to unfold. Eventually it will be substantially resolved by the courts. Although Pope John Paul II has scarcely spoken about the matter publicly, cardinals will soon revise their procedures to more effectively address future molestations … at least to the extent of the public’s apparent satisfaction.

Nevertheless, the public will not soon forget.

Peeling more layers from the onion, tragically we discover much more extensive criminal activity behind the Catholic Church’s sacrosanct doors. The molestation been flourishing — as was known and concealed by Church leaders — for a long time.  In fact, the Church has been obstructing justice for decades by continually hiding the crimes of its priests, bishops and cardinals; secretly paying more than one billion dollars in “hush money” to keep the young victims and their families silent; and quickly and systematically transferring the menacing priests to other states where they could — and usually did — freely continue to prey upon other young parishioners.

Keep in mind that the worldwide problem of Catholic priests molesting children within their parishes is not being addressed now by the Church because it has been occurring.  Previously there has been no confession and initiative by the Church leadership to do what was right.  Rather, corrective action is only being taken now because finally the public also knows.

The Church’s cover-up is a far more important and fundamental problem residing beneath the outer layers of the onion, because if it were not for the Church’s long-term covert complicity, the matter of the priests’ molestation of children never could have continued.  By formulating a policy of continually hiding the truth from the public, the Church literally created and nurtured its own scandal.

You will find, however, that only minimal action will ever be taken to address the major issue of the Church’s cover-up. Instead, through the Church’s manipulation of the news media, the public’s attention will soon be directed away from these unethical acts of bishops and cardinals and onto the fact that procedures will have been reorganized by the cardinals to oust deviant priests in the future. This avoidance and misdirection will be merely a continuation of the Church’s inability to confront evil.

Something else quite intriguing will also occur.  No attention will be directed toward rehabilitating the pedophiliac priests. If the truth be known, psychiatry does not have even the technology to cure a simple case of depression.  At best, it can only temporarily cover up the symptoms with heavy drugs, or fry portions of the patient’s brain with electro-convulsive shock “therapy.”

Psychiatry doesn’t even have an accurate definition for the human mind.

Any attempt to rehabilitate pedophiliac priests would only focus the public’s attention on the unworkability of psychiatry, which has a collective cure rate for all mental disorders that is less than that achieved by administering placebos (sugar pills), according to the National Association of Psychiatry’s own statistics.  Therefore, your attention will only be directed toward the Church’s revised procedures to expel pedophiliac priests when they are discovered.  Your attention will be directed away from any attempt to rehabilitate them, and away from the fact that the Catholic Church knowingly allowed such detestable crimes to flourish in secret for decades.

The public will soon forget.

Peeling still more deeply within the onion, we discover a truly astounding predicament:  The Holy Roman Catholic Church doesn’t know what the word “ethics” means.

Ethics is the application of the solution that results in the greatest degree of survivalness and, therefore, happiness.  This is in contrast to whether or not one should be completely submerged during a baptism, or should pray in public, or should eat fish on Fridays.  Those are matters of morals, which are merely considerations of what is right and wrong, and in truth have no basis other than as considerations.

As the song says, “In olden times a glimpse of stocking was looked on as something shocking….”  Now it’s considered morally all right.

Whether or not one considers that it is morally right to avoid eating meat other than fish on Fridays really doesn’t matter.  The unethical act of stealing another person’s fish, however, does.

Now we are face to face with the actual bugaboo lurking within the center of the onion, which the Holy Roman Catholic Church is quite unable to face.  For the last two millennia, the Church has assumed the position of “ethics authority” over its members and has extensively decreed in detail how Christians should conduct themselves daily.  Yet it has carefully guarded the fact that it has operated unethically for decades, in secret.  In the process it has ruined the lives of innumerable children, treasonously betrayed the trust of one billion Roman Catholic parishioners, and shamed itself on the world stage — all because it doesn’t understand the subject on which it has continuously claimed to be the infallible authority.

For decades, from within its inner sanctum, the Catholic Church has refused to practice what it preached.  A courageous person might even ask, “What did the Vatican know and when did it know it?”

This prolonged modus operandi of the Church’s leadership, dictating the intricacies of ethics to the masses while continually and covertly acting in a most unethical manner itself, is a matter of supreme religious importance, which I guarantee the Church’s leaders will avoid addressing at all cost.

Yet, the public will never notice.

Ethically, His Holiness Pope John Paul II owes humanity an explanation.

You will never receive it.


Mega Genius®

13 May 2002


[On 27 February 2004, the news media reported that the Catholic Church had allowed more than 4,400 priests to molest more than 10,000 children.]

[On 2 April 2005, His Holiness Pope John Paul II passed away, without having offered any explanation for the Church's sexual abuse scandal, in accordance with Mega Genius'® prediction.]

[In 2007, the Los Angeles Archdiocese alone reached a $660-million settlement with more than 500 victims.]

[On 15 April 2008, His Holiness Pope Benedict XVI flew from Rome to Washington, D.C.  At that time, the Church had paid out more than $2,000,000,000 in abuse costs in the United States alone, in the scandal that has involved an estimated 5,000 priests nationwide.  Six U.S. dioceses had recently declared bankruptcy.  Pope Benedict XVI said he was "deeply ashamed" of the priests' actions, but offered no explanation for the decades-long cover-up by the Roman Catholic Church's most senior Church leaders.]

[The subject of ethics is explained fully in the lecture Better than Being Right, the third Mega Genius® lecture of "The Uncommon Sense Series."]


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