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All that the average person knows about the subject of intelligence would rattle in a thimble.  That is not because the subject is difficult to fathom.  It is easy to understand.  Yet, most people misunderstand the basics.

The fly in the ointment is deceitful people who pretend to be highly intelligent.  They have introduced so much false information and misplaced importance into various aspects of human intelligence that the subject has become a bugaboo for the public to sort through and figure out.

Meanwhile, the average person assumes that what he reads and hears from poorly accredited or anonymous sources is factual.  Therefore, he mistakenly thinks that he understands the fundamentals of intelligence and IQ testing.  So he greatly misunderstands the subject.  The result is that he customarily concludes that this politician or that pundit is particularly intelligent, when actually he is not.

In “The Genius Formula™” series of The Mega Genius® Lectures, I started off on the right foot by accurately defining the word intelligence.  Then I explained the facts about the subject, in depth.  If you are familiar with those lectures, then you have some proficiency about the subject, which puts you head and shoulders above the public.

Writers, and radio and television producers, continually seek my participation in developing content for mass media about me and extremely-high human intelligence.  Although I respectfully decline their invitations, I provide them with some enlightenment.  What follows is an actual in-depth reply to one of many such requests.  Reading it may help you to keep a few of the basic characteristics of human intelligence in perspective, which would be an intelligent thing for you to do:


Dear [name deleted]:

Thank you for your interest in profiling me in the book and television content that you are developing about individuals with extremely high IQs or other demonstrated manifestations of very rare intelligence.

As a professional expert consultant on human intelligence, I can offer criteria that you can use to isolate those of the highest intelligence from the pool of many so-called geniuses.

Most people who claim to be geniuses are not, and most people whom others think are geniuses also are not.  A vast, and seldom recognized, difference exists between merely having a genius in some facet of life and actually being one.  A person with a genius for some activity may be considered extremely intelligent.  And he is, on that specific subject; but, rarely does he have an overall extremely high intelligence with which he could qualify as a genius on a valid, supervised intelligence test. The public seldom differentiates to that degree, but if it acted intelligently enough, it would.

The bottom line is that an individual who claims to have an extremely high overall level of intelligence is usually mistaken about it or is being deceptive.  Sometimes the high level of intelligence that he alleges is based upon the results of an IQ test such as the Stanford-Binet, which was designed to measure the intelligence of children, but was determined later to be troublingly inaccurate, and reputedly is even less accurate for adults.

More often, the person’s misconception about his intelligence is based upon some unsupervised examination and a faulty assessment, unaccredited by any professional psychometrist.  Such tests are rampant in magazines, books and on the internet, and would never be accepted for admission to Mensa, the largest, oldest, and most well known high-IQ society in the world, much less more restrictive intellectual organizations.

Moreover, and unfortunately, it is common these days for a claim of particularly high intelligence to be based upon a test devised by a layman, with mathematical aptitude, who subsequently exchanges his inadequately formulated test for a similar one devised by another layman.  Both laymen’s tests are based upon the premise that a pronounced aptitude for the solitary subject of mathematics equates to an overall extremely high level of intelligence.  Of course, that premise is utterly false, and the belief that it is true denotes an intellectual deficiency.

Since both laymen have pronounced aptitudes in mathematics, each is able to score extraordinarily high on the other layman’s test and, consequently, then claim that the other person’s level of intelligence is extremely high.  They “authenticate” each other.  Such conspirators rely on the fact that the alleged validity of their bogus tests is never questioned by the uninformed public.

I am sorry to say that I have continually observed this sort of deception for decades.  It is widespread among some particularly exclusive high-IQ societies with extremely small constituencies, some members of whom can solve problems of differential equations and vector analysis without paper and pencil, but can hardly find food.

Conversely, as you know, I have the highest documented overall level of intelligence ever calculated using the Wechsler, considered by psychometrists to be the most accurate intelligence test for adults.  My certified level of intelligence “collides” with the ceiling of the IQ scale and continues to “some unknown and immeasurable point.”  I am also the only person who resigned from every major high-IQ society in the world because none provided me with sufficient intellectual stimulation.

Incidentally, when you sort out the red herrings, if one’s intelligence is measurable, it isn’t all that high.

Individuals of accurately measured, extremely superior intelligence have common characteristics, which I strongly recommend that you use as criteria, when possible.  For instance, they cannot be hypnotized, including by self-hypnosis.  Also, examinations reveal them to have no psychoses or neuroses of any kind.  In addition, they are consistently kind and courteous.  The word civil is derived from the Latin word civilis, meaning “kind or courteous.”  Anytime someone treats another human being in a manner that cannot accurately be described as kind or courteous, he cannot at that time truthfully count himself among the civilized, much less the extremely intelligent.

Although they have special talents, those of extremely superior intelligence relate happily with people of all socioeconomic backgrounds and never consider themselves to be better overall individuals than others.  There is no place in their mentality for prejudice.

Another common characteristic of those of the highest caliber of genius is their propensity to use common, easily understandable words and to avoid using unnecessarily big words, uncommon foreign phrases, needlessly technical terms, and the like, to attempt to impress others with their imagined mental prowess.  The purpose of communicating is to be understood by the recipient.  Anytime the recipient does not understand, communication has failed.  Any attempt to communicate that is followed by an absence of understanding denotes a lack of intelligence by the originator of the communication.

They invariably have a pronounced propensity to laugh.  That is not to say that a person who laughs continually is extremely intelligent.  He might be gleefully insane.  And, it is not to say that an extremely intelligent person will laugh all the time.  He will not.  However, he is continuously able to do so.  The more intelligent a person, the more humor he finds in everything.

Still another common characteristic is outstandingly sound physical and mental health.  For instance, individuals of accurately measured, extremely superior intelligence are never subject to depression, even momentarily, under any circumstances.  This is because one cannot think intelligently about something and simultaneously be unhappy about it.  Unhappiness is never an intelligent state of existence.

Eight years ago, in November of 2000, as a contribution to humanity’s evolution into the 21st century, I announced my discovery of “The Genius Formula™,” a revolutionary technique that enables others, of at least average intelligence, to skyrocket their intelligence.  At that time, I recorded The Mega Genius® Lectures, consisting of “The Genius Formula™ Series,” “The Uncommon Sense Series,” and “The Whole Truth Series.”  In those 34 famous lectures, of some 24 hours duration, I also explained every major aspect of humanity’s existence, from beyond the top of the IQ scale.  In the history of the world, no one had ever attempted such an endeavor.

Those lectures have been acclaimed on ABC, CBS, NBC and CNN television, MSNBC, Talk Radio Network, ClearChannel, SIRIUS Satellite radio, Reuters News Service, EIN News (in more than 300 countries and regions), and many other radio stations, magazines and newspapers around the globe.  They are recognized on six continents as the most advanced technique of the 21st century for increasing human intelligence.  To the best of my knowledge, they have been applauded by every person who has ever heard them. I continually receive worldwide appreciation from people who have heard my lectures and want me to know how differently they now view the world, how much their understanding of life has increased, and how significantly their lives have changed for the better.  I sincerely appreciate those compliments.

Nevertheless, not everyone wants humanity to evolve.   Uncivil individuals and groups stand in the way.  The less intelligent that people are, the more barbarically they act.

At that end of the IQ scale are many who have never heard The Mega Genius® Lectures, a few of whom believe that because the recordings enable people to increase their understanding of themselves and life, they should not be available to the public.  Those people want to hold the world down to the pitiable level from which they function.  Some have made death threats against me, including the suggestion that I should be shot.  I laughed at that, too, and replied that since their aim is probably as defective as their logic, here I am.

Beyond enabling me to survive well, the only value of my acclaimed intelligence is in my ability and willingness to significantly help others.  Anyone who claims to have an extremely high level of intelligence, but is unable to notably contribute to the advancement of his own species, is not an expert on intelligence, as the sole quality that defines an expert in any field is his ability to produce needed results.  If an alleged mega genius is unwilling to significantly help humanity, which needs all the enlightenment that it can get, he is a fool, showering his head with stardust, lost in the darkness.

Therefore, I recorded The Mega Genius® Lectures, because any true mega genius will significantly help the human race to survive and evolve.  I did not do it for money, or other personal gain, or just because I strongly believed that someone should.  It was my duty.  If anyone else had possessed sufficient intelligence and ability to explain every major aspect of humanity’s existence, in less than 24 hours, from beyond the top of the IQ scale, he would have, because he would have known that it was his duty, too.

I appreciate your considerable expertise as a professional writer and know of your proficiency as a business consultant; however, based upon the information at hand, I must respectfully decline your offer to interview me, for three reasons.

First, the quality of my intellectual reasoning and the extent of my philosophic conclusions that are understandable by those of least average intelligence are clearly and fully reflected by The Mega Genius® Lectures and, to a lesser extent, by Mega Genius® Intelligence Briefings, which are dozens of supplemental, ongoing essays, consisting of some 80,000 words that are freely available at  For me to participate in an interview about any of those published materials, and to discuss them further, would be redundant.

Second, the intellectual reasoning of which I am capable that is not understandable by the public is also not suitable for the content that you are developing, as it, and my resultant conclusions, are incommunicable to the intended recipients – the public, your audience.

Third, personal data about me, beyond brief biographical information that has already been published, is unimportant.  If it is insignificant to me, it should be of no value to others.  I have no ego to feed.

Incidentally, I can think of still another reason for maintaining my privacy, which I can illustrate best by telling you a secret about the late Emmy Award-nominated American actress Nancy Kulp, who appeared in such motion pictures as Shane, A Star is Born, and The Three faces of Eve, and regularly in television programs, such as The Bob Cummings Show and, as “Miss Jane Hathaway,” on the popular series The Beverly Hillbillies.  Nancy and I were friends, and I am sure that she would not mind if I share this intimate story that she confessed to me.

While grocery shopping at “The Brentwood Market,” in an affluent district in western Los Angeles, she heard two elderly women whispering behind her, in the aisle.

“Oh, look!” one murmured.  “There’s that actress … what’s her name, that banker’s secretary on The Beverly Hillbillies?

Nancy nonchalantly straightened, slowly turning her best side toward the ladies.  “Oh, yes!” the other one exclaimed, under her breath.  “That’s her, all right.  She plays Miss Hathaway.  That’s Nancy Kulp.”

Then Nancy overheard the first woman whisper, “Isn’t it such a disappointment when you see them in person?”

I am sorry that you and I cannot meet in New York City later this month, but if we did, you might feel the same about me.

Regardless, thank you for your interest in me; I am honored.

I wish you the best in your current literary and television broadcasting endeavor.  Please let me know when your book is published.  I promise to buy it.

I hope that you will benefit from the criteria that I have offered. I wish that I could be more helpful; however, you are welcome to publish this letter of 12 November 2008, as you choose.



Mega Genius®




Mega Genius®

10 April 2009


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