A Lesson in Prediction

Mega Genius® Intelligence Briefing [5]



At the White House, on 4 October 1961, President John F. Kennedy introduced me to “President Abboud of Sudan.”  I have never commented on that faux pas until now, but, although Ibrahim Abboud was the head of state and ruling dictator of that Country, he was a General.  At that time there was no President of Sudan.

Unknown to President Kennedy at that exact moment, a Secret Service agent was scrambling above our heads, across the roof of the President’s private quarters, to covertly correct another diplomatic error of magnitude.  On top of the White House, beside our American flag, our Government was inadvertently flying the Sudanese flag upside down.

A couple of days later, President Kennedy and the First Lady bid a warm adieu to the ruler of Sudan at Andrews Air Force Base.  While waiting at the White House for JFK and Jackie to return, I discussed with others our Government’s lack of understanding of Sudan.  Then, as I watched our President’s Marine One helicopter swoop down for a landing on the White House South Lawn, I made a prediction, which was based merely upon the information that I have already given you: In our lifetimes, Sudan would become a significant source of trouble for the United States.

In accordance with my prediction, our Country’s relationship with Sudan deteriorated significantly through the years following that White House meeting.  By 1998 President William Jefferson Clinton had ordered military strikes against terrorist related facilities in Sudan.  Nowadays, Sudan has an official President, who is Umar Ahmad al-Bashir.  The President of Sudan today, however, is no longer on the White House guest list, and Sudan is particularly high on our list of countries sponsoring terrorism.

How did I foresee that aspect of our future?

Thus far, I have recorded 34 Mega Genius® Lectures for you, which reflect considerable wisdom.  Much of it has never before been available on this planet.  In those lectures I included and explained 100 “Mega-Truths,” which actually are laws of the universe.  My 1961 prediction about Sudan was based upon just one Mega-Truth, which is: One’s ability to control anything is directly proportional to one’s understanding of that thing.

In 1961 our Government’s understanding of Sudan was woefully inadequate. Now, four decades later, it still is.  Few Americans even know that its capital is Khartoum, and fewer still could write even a brief and accurate essay about the Country of Sudan.

Given that in 1961 the United States had no appreciable understanding of Sudan, we could not — and still cannot — control it.  You may have noticed that the countries that have been sponsoring terrorism are countries with which we have had minimal familiarity.  And, therefore, minimal understanding and, consequently, minimal control.

Let’s look more closely at a recent event.  Some 3,000 human beings died in the 11 September 2001 attack on The World Trade Center’s Twin Towers, which were once the tallest buildings in the world.  After the attack, the fires burned for 100 days.

Regardless of what the news media have reported to you, in the weeks just prior to the attack our Central Intelligence Agency knew that a major assault against America had been carefully planned and was about to be executed.  Unfortunately, however, the CIA was neither certain of the source of the imminent attack nor the target.

On 11 September, our national intelligence agencies were 90 percent sure they knew who the perpetrators were.  Anyone using “The Genius Formula,” which I revealed in The Mega Genius® Lectures, however, could have immediately narrowed the source to less than a dozen countries, and then easily to Afghanistan, Al-Qaeda, the Taliban, and even to Osama bin Laden, and his Chief Aide and psychiatrist Ayman al-Zawahiri.

Look back at my intelligence briefing of 11 September 2001.  On the very morning of the attack on The Twin Towers, I told you that terrorism was being supported by a number of governments, including those of Afghanistan, Iraq, Iran, Syria and Libya.  In retrospect, Afghanistan was the culprit.

I told you that the President of the United States would declare war on terrorism and quickly form an extensive coalition to ensure success.  That he did.

I told you that the President would take whatever political, economic, and military actions that he deemed necessary.  He is doing so.

I told you that the might of the United States’ military would come to bear, and that, in less than a month, America would be launching missiles, and that some terrorists would soon thereafter be eliminated. In fact, our military first struck Al-Qaeda terrorist training camps and the Taliban on 7 October 2001, which was less than a month later, just as I had predicted.

In that same intelligence briefing, just a few hours after the attack, I called your attention specifically to Osama bin Laden by name and his previously stated intention to “work with all-out power” to effect more violence against America.  I also told you of his Chief Aide, spokesman and psychiatrist (and covert instigator), Ayman al-Zawahiri’s declaration that enough words had been spoken and that the time had come for action.

I also gave you a warning with another specific time frame on the morning of 11 September when I told you, “…the risk of bio-terrorism surfacing in the United States within the next month is extremely high.”

Prophetically, an anthrax attack promptly occurred in our Country, resulting in the death of the first of five Americans twenty-four days later, the dissemination within the month of anthrax to the offices of news media executives and, subsequently, to the offices of some of our Government’s leaders.

If you read my first intelligence briefing, in just a few moments you had substantial and accurate insight into the precise identity of the actual perpetrator of the Twin Towers attack, and also into the events that would become the most newsworthy throughout the remainder of the year 2001.

My predictions were more reliable, accurate, and specific than those of any of our intelligence agencies.  And they were far more sound and precise than those of any psychic of the day.

“The Genius Formula™” works!

Americans are now becoming a bit more familiar with the subject of terrorism and its sources.  That will increase understanding and, therefore, ability to control.  Incidentally, something else that will coincidentally and proportionately increase, whether America foresees it or not, is our Country’s responsibility to take effective actions to ensure the survival of itself and our planet.

I want to expand now on something else I told you on 11 September, which was that the source of all the terrorism that exists on this planet today consists of less than a dozen “primary terrorists.”  I said that when one of these psychotics decides that he is mighty, and has cast his web broadly, he will suddenly spring from the shadows into the sunlight and feast openly upon the blood of his neighbors. Then the world abruptly recognizes an Adolph Hitler, Joseph Stalin, or Saddam Hussein in its midst, who will wantonly murder you or anyone who stands in his path.

Neither Hitler nor Stalin is a problem to our planet today. Iraq’s Saddam Hussein, who literally idolizes Stalin, certainly is.

Were there signs that Hussein would become a major source of trouble? Well, let’s see….

Here is a self-imposed barbarian, never elected by the Iraqi people, who, within minutes of assuming the Presidency of Iraq, in 1979, wantonly had hundreds of its citizens executed.

Here is a brutal dictator who turned the riches of Iraq into ruins, but lived with his family in the most glorious Presidential Palaces, who demanded worship from his subjects, who suffocated them with continuous fear, and who annihilated anyone within his sphere of power who stood in his way.

Here is an outlaw who militarily invaded and overthrew the Country of Kuwait, merely because he wanted to steal that Country’s oil fields.

Here is a demon that attacked and savagely slaughtered both citizens of neighboring Iran and even his own people with sadistic chemical warfare.

Here is a criminal whose modus operandi was to execute anyone in Iraq whose loyalty he questioned and then, to ensure compliance, execute all their family members, and all their friends.

Here is a terrorist who murdered more than one million of his own countrymen.

Those are bad signs.  Trust me!  Saddam Hussein is called “the butcher of Baghdad” for a reason.   He is not someone you would want to meet in a dark alley.  He is a classic psychotic, which is a person with a specific and technical mental disorder that is identifiable by dozens of precise characteristics.  In layman’s terms, a psychotic is one who has literally lost all contact with reality.  Remember Anthony Perkins’ character, Norman Bates, in director Alfred Hitchcock’s 1960 motion picture “Psycho”?

Anyone who thoroughly understands the condition of psychosis can easily predict the actions of any psychotic.

Now let’s briefly review the Persian Gulf War, and I’ll share a few secrets about that dramatic event in our history.

In the summer of 1990, Saddam Hussein began amassing his forces along his border with Kuwait.  Hussein’s formidable standing army was the fourth largest on this planet, considerably larger than that of the United States, and was well equipped with Soviet armament.

Hussein had promised Egypt’s President Mubarak, and others, that he would not attack Kuwait.  On 1 August 1990 even the Russian KGB was certain that Hussein would keep his word, but the KGB had failed to appreciate Hussein’s treachery.

The next day Hussein’s forces stormed Kuwait.  So much for the ability of the KGB to identify and predict the actions of a psychotic.  Then Hussein’s troops executed more than 1,000 Kuwaiti citizens, looted that Country, raped its women, murdered premature babies by ripping them from hospital incubators, drove more than 300,000 people into exile, and seized Kuwait’s oil fields.

Saddam Hussein immediately declared Kuwait to be “The Nineteenth Province of Iraq” and himself ruler of all the Arab nations.  Then he centered his cross hairs on his next intended victim: Saudi Arabia.

Republican President George Herbert Walker Bush decided Hussein’s aggression “will not stand,” and summoned General H. Norman Schwarzkopf to the White House to brief the President.  The General told the President that 200,000 troops would be needed to defend Saudi Arabia and a total of 400,000 troops to drive Hussein’s forces from Kuwait.  President Bush immediately approved the deployment.

On 6 August, General Schwarzkopf, who was Commander-in-Chief of Allied Forces, and Secretary of Defense Richard Cheney flew to Saudi Arabia to request permission from King Fahd to deploy United States troops in his Country.  After only a few minutes of consideration, the King gave his approval.  When asked if he needed more time to contemplate the matter, King Fahd replied that Kuwait had not acted quickly enough to defend itself and that most of its citizens were now staying in his hotels.

By the end of 1990, 500,000 United States troops had taken their positions, along with 250,000 British, French, Italian and Arab allies, and the United Nations had issued an ultimatum for Saddam Hussein to withdraw from Kuwait by 15 January 1991 … or else.

Some 40 countries supported the effort to remove Hussein’s forces from Kuwait.  But Chairman of the Palestinian Authority Yassar Arafat supported Saddam Hussein.

Then the trio of President Bush, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Colin Powell and General Schwarzkopf decided to bluff Saddam Hussein. Accordingly, on 9 January 1991, in Geneva, Secretary of State James Baker laid a worrisome issue on the line, in words that were vaguely disguised, but which conveyed the message clearly.  Baker told Iraqi Foreign Minister Tareq Aziz that if Hussein used chemical or biological weapons on American troops, the United States might retaliate with tactical nuclear weapons.

Saddam Hussein warned that if we tried to liberate Kuwait, it would be “the mother of all battles” and that many Americans would be inflamed in “trenches of fire.”

Suckling on the drama of death and destruction, the news media repeatedly speculated that thousands of Americans would be brought home in body bags.  Former Secretary of Defense Robert McNamara estimated we would suffer a minimum of 6,000 casualties.  Many senators and congressmen saw another Viet Nam War on our doorstep.  Only 25 percent of Americans supported the action against Hussein.  President Bush’s popularity rating was at an all time low.  Hawaii’s Democratic Senator Daniel K. Inouye even warned the President of impeachment.

President Bush decided to do what he believed was right.

On 17 January 1991, at 2:30 AM Iraqi time, eight Apache attack helicopters closed in at 30 miles per hour, just 30 feet above the ground, on two vital targets in southern Iraq.  Four and a half minutes after “Desert Storm” began, 40 Hellfire missiles had incinerated the two Iraqi radar stations, and all of their quarters and inhabitants, into a hell on earth.

Communication lines to Iraqi troops were quickly severed with stealth technology, laser guided bombs and conventional bombardment from B-52s. Hussein’s nuclear, chemical and biological facilities were neutralized.  Meanwhile his forces in Kuwait were pounded relentlessly with Tomahawk cruise missiles and other armament from some 150 Navy ships.

Almost overnight, General Schwarzkopf’s Allied air power reigned supreme and unrestricted over Iraq.  Of their first 4,000 sorties, only 10 planes were lost.  Over the following six weeks, 88,000 tons of allied bombs prepared the battlefield below for the ground invasion.

Hussein responded by terrorizing Tel Aviv and Saudi cities with continual Scud missile attacks.  Israel scrambled to defend itself.  Israel, however, needed the secret aircraft codes that would have identified its jets as friendly aircraft and prevented them from being accidentally “killed” by allied forces.  To keep Israel from entering the War, the United States refused to share with Israel those secret codes.

General Schwarzkopf knew what needed to be done and how to do it.  He had even personally redesigned the infantry’s boots for the desert.  He knew that the most effective military tactic to begin the ground war would be to somehow secretly move 300,000 infantry and 60,000 vehicles, and all their fuel, food, and other supplies, in a left hook, through the Saudi Arabian desert, to attack Hussein’s forces from the rear.

The Saudi’s, who knew that their 130 degree Fahrenheit desert in that region of their Country was impenetrable, told the General his plan was impossible. The CIA then analyzed the terrain and also told the General his plan was impossible.

General H. “Stormin’ Norman” Schwarzkopf, who had his own schedule, decided to do it anyhow.

So called experts and the news media predicted Allied casualties in the ground war would number in the tens of thousands.

On 24 February the ground war began.  Our Marines stormed Kuwait from the South, losing only five men.  After witnessing what they called our “rain of steel,” Iraqi soldiers surrendered by the thousands.

General Schwarzkopf, who had succeeded in doing what both the Saudi Government and the CIA had insisted was impossible, then split off the VII Corps, consisting of 146,000 troops, 1,500 tanks and 200 helicopters and sent this main strike force racing toward the rear flank of Hussein’s elite Republican Guards.

Meanwhile, in accordance with Saddam Hussein’s orders, his Republican Guards set 1,000 Kuwaiti oil fields ablaze, obliterating the sun and blackening the entire sky.  Then the Republican Guards looted and withdrew from Kuwait and fled toward Baghdad.

On the third day of the ground war, the VII Corps overwhelmed the first two divisions of the Republican Guards, chased the third division and, with the help of the 24th Infantry division, surrounded Hussein’s remaining Republican Guards.

Then President Bush declared a cease-fire at 100 hours after the ground war had begun and ordered General Schwarzkopf to allow the enemy to escape.

Two days after the cease-fire, some of the freed Republican Guards attacked our 24th Infantry Division, but were quickly annihilated.

As American troops entered Kuwait City, Kuwaiti’s rejoiced, shouted, “We love you” to the American soldiers and waved American flags.

Despite all the dire predictions of tens of thousands of allied casualties, it did not happen.  Allied casualties totaled 240 dead and some 500 wounded.  Another 41 had been taken prisoners of war.

On the Iraqi side, two-thirds of Hussein’s massive Army had been incapacitated and two-thirds of his tanks and artillery destroyed.  Tens of thousands of his soldiers had been killed and 80,000 Iraqi soldiers had been captured as prisoners of war.

Saddam Hussein’s generals agreed to the cease-fire, but Hussein himself signed nothing and never even admitted defeat.  Accordingly, he promptly declared himself a hero and began attacking his own citizens again.  American troops watched helplessly as the Republican Guards that they had been forced to allow to escape butchered more Iraqi citizens.

The United Nations Security Council passed a resolution ordering Hussein to scrap all weapons of mass destruction and long-range missiles and to allow UN verification inspections.  After a lengthy game of “which shell is hiding the pea,” Hussein defiantly banished all UN inspectors from Iraq.

Kuwait was the source of 10 percent of the world’s oil, but that was not why we fought Desert Storm.  We fought because if Hussein had been allowed to seize Saudi Arabia, as he intended, a madman would have controlled 50 percent of the world’s oil.

During Desert Storm our forces did not specifically target Saddam Hussein … or so you were told.  But you were not told the truth.  Let’s not play a game of semantics.  We targeted Saddam Hussein continuously throughout the War, as he slept at a different location each night and scurried from shelter to shelter throughout each day.

We had our chance … once. There was only one occasion when we knew exactly where Saddam Hussein was at a precise moment.

As reported to me by my friend General Schwarzkopf, who reported directly to President George H. W. Bush during the War, the General immediately asked for permission to take out the ruthless dictator.  President Bush authorized the action, but, by the time the General’s red telephone rang in his command bunker with the President’s endorsement, Saddam Hussein had already left the building to take refuge in some unknown location.

President George H. W. Bush’s decision to allow Hussein’s elite Republican Guards to escape was a mistake.  His reason for that decision has been that Hussein’s Army would have been so weakened that Iraq would have been susceptible to attack by Iran, which Hussein had invaded in 1980 (to seize its oil fields) and with which he had just fought an eight year war.

Actually, by the end of Desert Storm, Hussein’s Army was already too weakened to effectively defend itself from Iran if that Country had intended to invade Iraq in 1991, which it did not.

Furthermore, Saddam Hussein should have been removed from power.  President Bush’s reason for not doing so has been that it was not his objective.  It damn well should have been!

Releasing the Republican Guards and allowing Hussein to lick his wounds and regroup violated one of the most basic laws of military strategy.

The truth of what actually happened is that virtually every military and political analyst, and all the leaders of the Arabian countries, privately concluded that Hussein could not retain the reins of power.  They all told President Bush that Saddam Hussein was a “dead man walking.”  The President assumed that all the analysts were right, but every one of them was dead wrong.

I am reminded of Democratic President Harry S Truman, who learned in late 1948, just before that Presidential election, that the unanimous prediction of the top fifty political analysts in the United States was that he could not be reelected.  President Truman retorted, “I know every one of these political analysts personally and there isn’t a single one of them with enough sense to pound sand in a rat hole.”

The subsequent election proved that President Truman was right and that every one of the top 50 political analysts was dead wrong.

Once the encircled Republican Guards had been allowed to flee, at least all their vehicles and armament should have been destroyed.  Saddam Hussein, the butcher of Baghdad, should then have been required to attend the cease-fire in person and admit defeat in writing.  Then he should have been held to the UN Security Council resolution, which would have ensured that he was no longer manufacturing weapons of mass destruction and long-range missiles.

Today Saddam Hussein continues his reign of power.  Technically the War continues; there was only a cease-fire.

With the inadvertent help of Democratic President Clinton, who did not want to risk upsetting a booming economy, Hussein was allowed throughout the subsequent years to thwart all meaningful investigation of his factories of terrorism.  For three years now, in direct violation of the terms of the cease-fire, Hussein has brazenly denied all United Nations Inspectors entrance into Iraq.

I’ll tell you another secret.  On March 13, 1968, in Skull Valley, Utah, thousands of sheep began to shudder and convulse.  Within only a few days, some 6,400 sheep died.

The U.S. Army at nearby Dugway Proving Grounds, some 30 miles away, was blamed by many, but there was no proof.  To this day the Army denies all responsibility for the tragedy.

I have never been a member of the Army, but I was there when it happened at Dugway.  What actually occurred was that the Army was performing an exercise at the Proving Grounds for a group of visiting VIPs.  An F-4H Phantom (a jet on which I had received classified training) closed in on its target and expelled a nerve gas known as VX.  Due to a malfunction, the Phantom sprayed more than was intended, which drifted downwind into what became known as the “death zone.”

As a witness, I saw that the effects of such weapons of mass destruction can be sickening.  Fortunately the victims that time were not human beings.  Unfortunately, however, such weapons are easy to obtain.

Although I would not do so, if I so chose I could transfer some funds, hand you an airline ticket, give you less than one hour of instruction, and you could obtain sarin or tabun nerve toxin (both developed by Nazi Germany and deadly in minute quantities), ricin (another deadly toxin), botulism, tularemia, ebola, mustard gas, anthrax, smallpox, or bubonic plague, or any combination of those weapons.  And you could complete the purchase and delivery within 24 hours.

It’s not important that I know where to go and how to do it. What’s important is that Saddam Hussein knows, too.

We have now begun the year 2002, and 11 years have passed since Desert Storm ended.  President George W. Bush, Secretary of Defense Donald H. Rumsfeld, and our intelligence agencies allege that Saddam Hussein has accumulated an extensive stockpile of anthrax, nerve gas, and a variety of other biochemical weapons of mass destruction that would appall the American public, if it only knew. Supposedly, however, Saddam Hussein does not have the ability to effectively deliver those payloads any appreciable distance.

I’ll tell you another secret.  Although Hussein’s Scud missiles terrorized Israel during the earlier part of Desert Storm, Americans rejoiced when refinements to our Patriot missiles finally enabled our forces to effectively disable all the Scuds fired by Hussein’s forces during the latter days.  Or so you were told.  But, again, you were not told the truth.

During the entire War, no more than two Scud missiles were “intercepted” by Patriots and, in the best scenario, only the booster-stage sections of the missiles were hit, after they had already separated from their war heads.

Don’t always believe what the U.S. military claims or what the news media report.

Saddam Hussein’s nuclear physicists know precisely how to construct an atomic bomb, including a “dirty” one that will ensure that the targeted area will become uninhabitable by subjecting it to deadly radiation for centuries.  Instructions for doing that have been available in public libraries around the world for half a century.

For many years prior to Dessert Storm, Hussein continuously sought to obtain the radioactive material necessary to transform himself into a nuclear threat.  The CIA currently expects that if Saddam Hussein does not already have nuclear capability, he certainly will by 2005.

Imagine Adolph Hitler with hidden biochemical weapons of mass destruction, a continually increasing ability to deliver those payloads, and a nuclear arsenal and you have the picture that humanity must avoid.   Today his name is not Hitler, but Saddam Hussein.

It is not my intention to instigate hate, revenge and punishment against the person of Saddam Hussein, far from it. I take exception only with his actions.  He is merely a foreign leader with the funds to act unethically and unrestrainedly throughout his sphere of power and with the most dangerous of all mental conditions.

America did not create this madman.  Hussein is responsible for his own mental condition.  But, like the rest of the world, America also has responsibility for his madness.  The United States has allowed him to seize power, wreck Iraq, murder more than one million of his own countrymen, terrorize his neighboring countries, covertly sponsor terrorism in the U.S., and continually expand and refine his destructive abilities.

Regardless of what you may have heard, the consensus of the heads of state throughout the Arab world, when speaking privately, has consistently been that Saddam Hussein should be removed from power.

In 1991, during Desert Storm, a moment of opportunity existed when the United States could have removed this “bottom feeder” of human carcasses from power and freed the Middle East from his long-term terrorism.  But because our Government did not understand the condition of psychosis well enough, it could not control him.  Experts were wrong, and the United States did not have the good sense and courage to do what was ethical for our planet, for fear of what the news media and some others might say.

Instead, our Government “solved” the problem by declaring a cease-fire and assuming that this ruthless dictator — who had just stabbed his Arab brothers in Kuwait in the back — could be trusted to keep his word to America and somehow just skip away, bake cookies and sip warm milk.

Saddam Hussein is not an errant juvenile delinquent.  He is a deadly psychotic!  Imagine Norman Bates, Alfred Hitchcock’s deranged character from his motion picture Psycho, trading his bloody butcher knife for a nuclear bomb.  Allowing this malignancy to remain out of control is a madness of its own.

The various mental conditions to which man is subject have remained constant far longer than psychologists, sociologists and anthropologists realize.  Now “The Genius Formula™ Series” of lectures enables listeners to literally sky-rocket their intelligence, as many of you throughout the world have recently learned.

Soon man’s mental health will also improve drastically.   Those of you who have heard The Mega Genius® Lectures have some insight as to how that will occur, but that will happen tomorrow and we live in today.

What has not remained constant, but has already changed dramatically, are man’s other technologies, including opportunities for psychotics to wreak mass devastation upon their neighbors.  The tragedy of 11 September 2001 proved that.  Major changes on this planet that man has only imagined — and many that he still has not — have begun.

Again, the ability to control anything is directly proportional to one’s understanding of that thing.  As long as the psychotic Saddam Hussein remains underestimated and in power in the Middle East, yesterday’s tragic solution will loom as tomorrow’s problem of escalating magnitude.

Remember what I have told you today.


Mega Genius®

5 January 2002



Mega Genius’® Intelligence Briefing of 5 January 2002 reflected accurate insight into the President’s subsequent 29 January 2002 State of the Union address.  President Bush’s focus on Saddam Hussein’s covert intentions and actions, his reference to the Iraqi regime as part of “an axis of evil,” and his warning to that dictator, “America will do what is necessary to ensure our nation’s security,” was reported worldwide as the most newsworthy facet of the President’s address.  Incidentally, it was all a last-minute change to his speech.


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