The Most Intelligent Solution to the Middle East Crisis

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By definition, any religion is a suggested way to attain wisdom.

The Middle East is said to have originated many prophets and wise men. It is the birth place of three of the world’s major religions: Christianity, Judaism and Islam — to which some 53 percent of the people of this planet subscribe. Therefore, those  inhabiting the Middle East today should be wise, indeed.

Instead, we have seen 2,000 years of mistrust, conflict, violence and bloodshed. For the better part of a century, we have seen “the golden rule” ridiculed by hatred, war, and revenge. Today we see the inhumanity of daily Palestinian suicide bombings, Israeli tanks rolling through Bethlehem, the Church of the Nativity under siege, and staccato bursts of gunfire from Islamic mosques.

Believe as you choose, but the soul of religion is a stranger in the Middle East. In the holy land today, we do not see the results of wisdom … but of vast ignorance.

For decades, dozens of presidents, prime ministers and foreign ministers have paced at night, wrung their hands, and tried to force aged pieces of the Israeli-Palestinian puzzle into place. In the White House Situation Room, secretaries of state and defense and national security advisors have forged profound plans to resolve the continuous conflict.

Jewels of genius have been discovered, cut, polished, scrupulously mounted into place and even prayed over. And then the flaws within each have caused it to abruptly fracture into dust, swept again by desert winds into another Middle Eastern sunset.

Without exception, every idea has failed.

The entire world is baffled; no one knows what to do about it.

Although President George W. Bush is eager for a solution, the news media allege that he seems indecisive on this particular matter. Yet they are cautious in their criticism, for they have no solution themselves.

For example, as CBS News Anchorperson Dan Rather said, on CNN’s Larry King Live, on 3 April 2002,  “I have no idea what the United States would propose that would be effective.”

Even the opinionated News Analyst Bill O’Reilly, of Fox News’ O’Reilly (Factor), told students and faculty at Harvard (his alma mater) on 1 April 2002: “That situation is so out of control, even I can’t solve it. I don’t know what to do.”

Well, from beyond the top of the IQ scale, there are two fundamental solutions to the Middle East crisis.

First, let’s address the most intelligent one. I will tell you what must be done and why, and the order in which it is imperative that it be implemented. The principal players inherit the responsibility to work out the details.

Truth resides in simplicity; it is never found in complexity. Unfortunately, man has not yet realized that simple truth. Accordingly, his inability to resolve the Middle East crisis results from his inability to reduce a particularly complex situation to basics.

Imagine that two boys are engaging in blows in a school yard. If you separate them sufficiently, eliminate the interference of other children, allow the combatants to cool off, and persuade them to begin tossing a baseball back and forth in a civil manner … a wondrous result will occur. Before you know it, the two children will not only begin laughing, but they will become friends.

I’ll explain the magic of it in a moment. For proof, just try it sometime. If it appears not to work, then you didn’t do exactly as I said.

To resolve the Middle East crisis, the following steps, in this order, are necessary.


Step One: The Israelis and the Palestinians must first be temporarily and sufficiently separated by a nonpartisan barrier.

Notice the word “first.” It is imperative that this step precede all others.

Notice the word “be.” As they themselves are unable to disengage to the extent that they are no longer injuring each other, someone external to the situation must referee.

Notice the word “sufficiently.” In the case of the school children, sufficient space between the boys will end the physical violence. A war of words may continue, but that will conclude quickly if you adequately increase the space separating them or if you redirect their attention from one another.

In the matter of the Israeli and Palestinian conflict, any effective barrier must be established between the two sides in order to end the physical abuse. Theoretically, it could be sufficient space, or some type of physical barricade, or neutral military forces, but it must be nonpartisan and adequate to be impenetrable.

Israel’s losses total more than eight times those of the 2001 World Trade Center tragedy. Palestinians have also suffered terribly at the hands of Israeli retaliation.

Yasser Arafat is Chairman of the Executive Committee of the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO) and President of the Palestinian National Authority. In 1994, Arafat received the Nobel Peace Prize, along with Israeli Foreign Minister Shimon Peres and Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin, for their efforts to create peace in the Middle East.

In 1998, at a special United Nations Session, in Geneva, Switzerland, Arafat declared that the PLO renounced terrorism and supported “the right of all parties concerned in the Middle East conflict to live in peace and security, including the state of Palestine, Israel and other neighbors.”

Yet, in contradiction to his word, Arafat continues to urge Palestinians to “sacrifice themselves as martyrs in jihad (holy war) for Palestine,” as he did in a televised address as recently as 9 March 2002, just as Palestinian suicide terrorists struck Israel again in Netanya and Jerusalem.

In accordance with international law, sovereignty is the ability of a country to maintain and defend its borders. Continual suicide bombings in Israel prove that neither it, nor Palestine, is a sovereign nation, yet.

As long as there is no effective barrier between the Israelis and the Palestinians, the violence will continue and peace on Earth in the Middle East will remain an elusive dream.


Step Two: The interference of all nations that desire the conflict to continue must be eliminated.

You will not be able to resolve the conflict between the school boys if other children are continually instigating the violence.

Nations often incite friction between other countries covertly. For instance, according to classified information, China covertly interfered in the 1991 Persian Gulf War between the United States and Iraq’s dictator Saddam Hussein by providing Hussein with anti-aircraft gunnery during the war.

Similarly, many other countries are currently instigating conflict between the Israelis and Palestinians, both overtly and covertly, including Syria, Iraq, Iran, Libya, Qatar, Saudi Arabia and numerous terrorist organizations.

The various parties involved have created a crisis that is not two-sided, but multi-sided.

The conflict can not be effectively resolved as long as outside instigators are continually infecting the inhabitants of the region with false information about their neighbors and supplying materials and funds to keep the antagonism alive.


Step Three: Israeli and Palestinian emotions must be given adequate time to dissipate.

The bleeding must be allowed to stop.

Just as the school boys must be given time to cool off, “open wounds” and inflamed passions among the Israelis and Palestinians must be given time to subside. Extreme degrees of hatred and revenge exist in the Middle East, largely due to the interference of other nations and terrorist organizations they support.

Although time does not completely heal all wounds, it helps.

It is foolish to attempt to deal with such an extreme degree of irrational emotions when it will abate noticeably if the region is provided with the stabilizing influence of both a cessation of violence and outside interference and is thereby given some time to begin to function in a rational and non-threatened manner.


Step Four: Israeli and Palestinian leaders must then negotiate a workable resolution.

Any and all attempts by the parties to work out an agreeable solution prior to fully completing Steps One, Two, and Three, in order, have been premature.

Step One (sufficiently separating the two primary sides) has never been implemented effectively.

Step Two (eliminating the inflammatory interference of all other nations and organizations) has never been attempted.

Step Three (allowing Israeli and Palestinian emotions adequate time to dissipate) has, therefore, never been possible.

That is why every attempt to resolve the Middle East conflict has failed.

One may as well try to cook boeuf bourguignonne with only a cut of beef and without a pot, water, and vegetables. The recipe is doomed to failure.

The negotiations should occur at some location external to the Middle East. It is not necessary for the negotiators to arrive at a perfect resolution, only one that is workable because it is acceptable to both the Israelis and the Palestinians.

The school boys tossing the ball in a civil manner works like magic because it is an entrance point to basic communication. Because the action does not involve words, it minimizes misunderstanding between the sides while establishing fundamental communication.

Water is the essential medium through which the ingredients in a pot of boeuf bourguignonne are able to interfuse into a delectable and classic dish. Similarly, effective communication is the medium through which all men and women are able to meld into agreement and friendship.

Effective communication at the negotiating table after completing Steps One, Two and Three, in order, would result in agreement, sociality, and even mutual celebration.

The resolution of the Middle East Crisis is not at all difficult. It is as easy as all parties concerned realize that this is the fundamental and workable solution. If it is implemented, it will work, because it is basic.

Apart from these four steps to end the continual crisis in the alleged birthplace of great wisdom, there is a second solution — one other road that is possible in the long run.

Unfortunately, it is an exceptionally unintelligent course of action.

Its steps are anti-social communication, pain and sorrow.

It is a road that is neither rational, civil, nor wise.

Its aftermath is silence.


Mega Genius®

8 April 2002


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