A Time for Reflection and Prediction

Mega Genius® Intelligence Briefing [15]


More than a year has passed since America suffered its most costly tragedy and our President initiated a battle plan to prevent such a catastrophe from recurring.

On 11 September 2001 terrorists hijacked two commercial aircraft and obliterated both 110-story Twin Towers of the World Trade Center, in New York City, and thousands of inhabitants. A third hijacked airliner was used to destroy part of the Pentagon, in Washington, D.C., and extinguish the lives of many more. A fourth crashed in rural Pennsylvania in a failed attempt to demolish the United States Capitol Building.

So what have we learned and where do we stand?

On 11 September 2001, American’s did not know the identity of the perpetrator. Nevertheless, on that very day, in the Mega Genius® Intelligence Briefing titled “A War Not Yet Declared, but Already Lost,” I directed your attention to Afghanistan. Even as Air Force One was taking secret and evasive action to protect the life of the President of the United States, I called your attention to Osama bin Laden, by name.

In that Mega Genius® Intelligence Briefing, I also told you, “Although no one will be talking about it publicly, the risk of bio-terrorism surfacing in the United States within the next month is extremely high.”

Twenty-four days later, an anthrax attack in our Country resulted in the death of the first of five Americans, the dissemination within the month of anthrax to the offices of news media executives and, subsequently, to the offices of some of our Government’s leaders.

On the day of the attack, I also wrote:


As surely as our Country will evolve from grief to anger, our future has already been written by our own hand, in indelible ink, in the historic records of man.  Fate will turn the pages. You will bear witness.  With the noblest intentions, the President of the United States will declare war on terrorism and quickly form an extensive coalition to ensure success. Whatever political, economic, and military actions that are deemed necessary will be taken. As force begets force, the might of the United States’ military will come to bear. Within less than a month, transitory results will be produced. Some terrorists soon thereafter will be eliminated. The scent of revenge will waft fragrantly amongst our painful memories.


Then I added:


In the long run, however, although many battles will be won, the President’s war on terrorism will fail.


That was a radical prediction.  Nevertheless, grief evolved to anger. Fate turned the pages and you bore witness. The war was declared, the coalition was formed and the political, economic and military actions were taken. The might of our military came to bear when I predicted it would, within less than a month, when we first struck Al-Qaeda terrorist training camps and the Taliban on 7 October 2001. Some terrorists were eliminated. Revenge smelled sweetly.

In the Mega Genius® Intelligence Briefing of 5 January 2002, titled “A Lesson in Prediction,” I told you, “Regardless of what the news media have reported to you, in the weeks just prior to the (11 September 2001) attack, our Central Intelligence Agency knew that a major assault against America had been carefully planned and was about to be executed.”

Then the wire services broke the same “headline” news to you on the evening of 15 May 2002, more than four months later.

As I explained to you in The Mega Genius® Lectures, prediction is effortless when one knows the simple secret, which I revealed to you in “Create Your Own Luck,” the seventeenth lecture of “The Uncommon Sense Series.”

We have won many battles, but…. We have not yet captured Osama bin Laden, although the CIA’s best intelligence is that he is still alive, in Pakistan. Nor have we found his Chief Aide, spokesman and psychiatrist Ayman al-Zawahiri, who is still alive and a threat of equal magnitude.

Our war against terrorism continues. A sleeper terrorism cell was discovered a couple of weeks ago in Buffalo, New York. The six suspects had been trained in terroristic tactics by Al-Qaeda, in Afghanistan.

A Sudanese national was arrested a few days ago in the United States for intending and planning to crash an airliner into the White House. Incidentally, you will recall that on 5 January 2002, in the Mega Genius® Intelligence Briefing titled “a Lesson in Prediction,” I called your attention to Sudan and its likelihood as a source of future terrorism.

A suspected Bulgarian terrorist was recently arrested in Atlantic City, New Jersey, after attempting to board an airliner with a pair of scissors hidden in a bar of soap and two box cutters concealed in a lotion bottle in his carry-on luggage. He was the first passenger to check in for his flight, but the last to attempt to board. His ticket was one-way.

Two weeks ago, journalists purchased one-way airline tickets on some half dozen U.S. airlines, on short notice, for flights through more than a dozen major cities in the United States. Then they tossed a variety of pen knives, box cutters and jackknives into their carry-on luggage and boarded the flights. All the weapons passed undetected through all the security at every terminal, on every airline, on every flight.

Last week psychiatrist Ayman al-Zawahiri threatened more attacks against the United States, its economy and allies. That same day terrorists set a French supertanker ablaze, off Yemen.

Just a few days ago terrorists opened up with automatic-weapons fire on United States marines training in urban warfare on the Island of Failaka, in the Persian Gulf, killing one marine and wounding another.

The day before yesterday, nearly 200 people were killed and over 300 wounded in an Al-Qaeda bomb explosion in Bali, Indonesia. Indonesian Health Minister Achmad Suyudi now describes the Island as, “Like hell in paradise.”

The United States Homeland Security Status is “Yellow Alert (elevated).” At this very moment President Bush’s advisors are considering increasing it to ”Orange Alert (high),” the second highest security status.

Vice President Richard Chenney is still operating from a secret and secure location.

Today a communiqué alleged by the Qatar-based Arabic language network Al Jazeera to have been issued and signed by Osama bin Laden praised the deadly attack against our marines and the French supertanker, and threatened that there will be no peace.

So, our war against terrorism continues.

Why did I make that radical prediction: “In the long run, however, although many battles will be won, the President’s war on terrorism will fail.”?

Ask yourself this question: What would have to happen for you to know that the war on terrorism has been won?

That’s what we have learned and that’s where we stand. Now, where are we going?

By understanding and easily applying the simple 3-step “Genius Formula,” anyone can almost effortlessly know the future of our planet for the next millennium and well beyond, including the destiny of the United States.  Accordingly, in the Mega Genius® Intelligence Briefing of 11 September 2001, titled “A War Not Yet Declared, but Already Lost,” I addressed the factor that would become the most prominent news story of 2002: I directed your Attention to the psychotic Saddam Hussein and to his “Hitler-Stalin” mind set.

Again, in the Mega Genius® Intelligence Briefing of 5 January 2002, titled “A Lesson in Prediction,” I wrote at length of Saddam Hussein’s unethical intentions and increasing chemical and biological capabilities and, in conclusion, I warned:


As long as the psychotic Saddam Hussein remains underestimated and in power in the middle east, yesterday’s tragic solution will loom as tomorrow’s problem of increasing magnitude.


Then I added:


Remember what I have told you today.


Twenty-four days later, on 29 January 2002, President Bush gave his State of the Union address. In what the news media reported as “his most newsworthy proclamation,” he suddenly focused on Saddam Hussein’s covert intentions, calling the Butcher of Baghdad and his Iraqi regime part of “an axis of evil” and warning Hussein, “America will do what is necessary to ensure our nation’s security.”

Again, you foresaw the headlines weeks before the wire services.

“The Genius Formula” works!

Now President Bush has obtained a Congressional Resolution authorizing him to use force against Saddam Hussein, if necessary.

The President has also requested a similar United Nations Resolution. Eleven other members of the U.N. Security Council are in alignment with the President. France, Russia and China, however, stand in opposition, each with U.N. Security Council veto power. All three of those countries would prefer to see Hussein removed from power. They merely want to sell their United Nations votes.

Besides being appropriately “wined and dined,” France’s egocentric interest is in the oil it receives from Iraq.  Russia has its own Iraqi oil interests and doesn’t want to lose the seven billion dollar debt Iraq owes it. Russia would also like a free hand to suppress terrorism from the Country of Georgia. China wants whatever it can get for its abstention. If President Bush pays the prices, none of those countries will veto the Resolution he wants.

Although it has not yet been publicly disseminated, some two dozen countries, in addition to England, Australia and Kuwait, have already privately committed themselves to the President’s coalition to oust Hussein. They include Japan, Norway, Spain, Peru, Chile, Italy, Columbia, Hungary, Argentina, Poland, the Czech Republic, Bulgaria, Turkey, and Qatar.

America’s war with Iraq has continued covertly for almost 11 years; the 1991 Persian Gulf War never officially ended. Saddam Hussein admitted nothing and signed nothing, but, in accordance with the terms of the declared cease-fire, the Iraqi dictator agreed to unconditional inspections.

Simultaneously, former President George H. W. Bush allowed Saddam Hussein to remain in power.

At that time, I met with Lt. General Thomas S. Moorman, Jr., Commander of the United States Space Command (now the United States Strategic Command), and General H. “Stormin’ Norman” Schwarzkopf, Commander in Chief of the United States Central Command and Commander of Operations Desert Shield and Desert Storm, and discussed the President’s decision.

One of General Schwarzkopf’s objectives had been Saddam Hussein’s elite Republican Guard. At the beginning of the war, General Schwarzkopf had even instructed his generals, “I don’t want them degraded; I don’t want them mistreated. I want them destroyed.”

Nevertheless, when President George H. W. Bush made his public relations decision to halt all US military operations at exactly 100 hours, General Schwarzkopf accepted and concurred with the decision. In his own words, however, the General would have “been delighted” to have continued, and he agreed with me privately that the President had made a mistake. Finally, five days ago and more than a decade later, General Schwarzkopf finally offered the same opinion publicly.

For many years Saddam Hussein shuffled his chemical and biological weapons programs, misdirecting the attention of the U.N. Inspectors with his ”which shell is hiding the pea” game. Then, in 1998, in a dazzling flash of idiocy, United Nations Secretary-General Kofi Annan promised Hussein that the Iraqi dictator’s eight “palaces,” encompassing some 12 square miles, would remain free from United Nations inspections.

Accordingly, you can be sure that any statement that Saddam Hussein issues nowadays that appears to accept inspections “unconditionally” is based on his assumption that everything within and under certain palace grounds is off limits.

Saddam Hussein is one of the world’s principal terrorists. For example, West Nile Virus, which is currently causing considerable concern throughout America, is not an act of God, but deliberate terrorism. American Intelligence Agencies know that Saddam Hussein had the virus in his biological laboratories in 1985.

Since 1991 Saddam Hussein has covertly supported Al-Qaeda, secretly and continually promoted suicide terrorism in the Middle East, and significantly advanced his chemical and biological capabilities. He has rebuilt his nuclear research facilities.

Without being privy to classified briefings, few citizens of this planet understand the full scope of the intentions and increasing capabilities of such primary terrorists as Saddam Hussein, Osama bin Laden, and psychiatrist Ayman al-Zawahiri. They pose an enormous risk to the free world and civilized existence. They know how to construct nuclear bombs. Weapons grade uranium is available on the black market and, in a single terroristic attack, could be easily be used to annihilate some 300,000 Americans.

Highly enriched uranium, the preferred component, is inadequately protected at numerous locations throughout Russia. Thirty pounds of it, the size of a five-inch cube, is all that is needed to produce a “Hiroshima” in the United States.

The threat of nuclear warfare is higher than you realize. “The Genius Formula” reveals that primary terrorists are currently planning a nuclear strike against Americans. The Nuclear Emergency Search Team (NEST) knows this, and is working 24 hours a day to prevent it. Its members also know their only hope is eternal vigilance.

Some believe it is unethical for America to preemptively strike another country.

Confusing the issue are such public statements as those of the Reverend Jerry Falwell, who has called the Islamic prophet Mohammed “a terrorist.” And those of the Reverend Pat Robertson, who has called Mohammed “a robber” and Islam “a monumental scam.” And those of the Reverend Dr. Franklin Graham (son of the evangelist Reverend Billy Graham), who delivered the prayer at President Bush’s inauguration, who has called Islam “a wicked and evil religion.”

Despite such inflammatory and irrational blather, America’s war is not with any religion. Nor is America’s goal to wage war on the entire Country of Iraq. The objective is merely to neutralize one madman and his henchmen.

Saddam Hussein is a psycho who continues to threaten and suppress the citizens of Iraq and other countries. America and other civilized nations have the capability and, therefore, the responsibility to do something about it. To neglect that responsibility is what would be truly unethical.

Sadly some would only see the light the instant that it precedes a mushroom cloud.

U.S. Intelligence Operatives and Special Operations Forces have been in Iraq for months in preparation for overthrowing Saddam Hussein and his regime. (The U.S. Government will not tell you that at this time, but I just did.*) Next week President Bush will begin an intensive campaign to bolster American patriotism and focus the war on terrorism. His message will be that great progress has been made, but that the war must continue relentlessly.

At this time of the year the temperature in Baghdad is still more than 100 degrees Fahrenheit, more than 38 degrees Celsius. Military personnel will each need to wear chemical and biological protective gear that averages 5.6 pounds, with minimal air circulation and substantial body heat. Accordingly, ground operations are not feasible until the window of November through March. All the necessary military personnel and equipment are scheduled to be in position by the end of 2002.

Eleven years ago we amassed our tanks and troops and fought a ground war, with key air support, from the “outside in,” and then stopped too soon. This time, with or without United Nations support, we will use the opposite technique: The “inside out” plan, designed to immediately terminate Saddam Hussein’s communication with his generals, with the first air strike, and then promptly render him and his high command utterly inoperative.

In 1991, on one occasion during Desert Storm, we knew that Saddam Hussein was in a specific building at a precise moment. General Schwarzkopf immediately asked President George H. W. Bush for permission to take out the ruthless dictator. The President authorized the action, but it was too late. Just that quickly, Saddam Hussein had left the building to take refuge in some unknown location. That was once.

On another occasion, a large convoy was detected moving in the darkness one night during Desert Storm. It was promptlyly “killed” by our air power. Two particular vehicles in the convoy, and all the bodyguards inside, were obliterated. Although U.S. forces did not know it at the time, between the two vehicles, in a third one, rode Saddam Hussein. He escaped. That was twice.

Saddam Hussein is a thief of freedom; in Iraq thieves lose their appendages. Since the Islamic New Year won’t begin until 5 March 2003, my advice to Saddam Hussein is to break out the champagne now, while he still has hands to pop the cork.

Unknown to the public, the last week of March 2003 has been scheduled by President Bush as a time for the citizens of Iraq to begin their celebration.

Mega Genius®

14 October 2002


[On 16 October 2002, the Bush administration announced that the terrorist Nation of North Korea had broken its promise and was using nuclear technology, given to that Country for peaceful purposes in a 1994 deal brokered by then President Bill Clinton and former President Jimmy Carter, to create nuclear warheads. Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld said he is convinced that North Korea has already produced several nuclear bombs.

On 18 October 2002 the Bush administration said it was considering increasing the Nation's Security Alert Level to "High."

*On 29 January 2003 Joint Chiefs Chairman General Richard Myers revealed that U.S. military forces had been actually operating on the ground in Iraq.  (Mega Genius® had released that same information in this Mega Genius® Intelligence Briefing 15 weeks earlier.)

On 5 February 2003 President Bush announced to Saddam Hussein and the citizens of Iraq, "The game has come to an end." ]


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