Time-traveling Intelligently

Mega Genius® Intelligence Briefing [24]:


Please ensure that your safety harnesses are secured and all loose items are properly stowed.

Prepare for ignition!

Our destination is the future.

Mankind never seems to get it right — the future, that is. He always thinks he knows where he is going, but, when he arrives, is never where he thought he would be.

In the mid-20th century, I read in one of America’s most popular magazines that by 1970 everyone would be zooming to work in his own individual rocket ship. Foolishly, most people said, “Won’t that be exciting?” rather than, “What is the predictor’s track record for accuracy?”

So, where are all the “rocket-propelled backpacks” that were later predicted to replace those individual rocket ships?  And all the “moving sidewalks” from the 1964 World’s Fair “City of the future”?  And the live “videophones” from the same World’s Fair, that we were all supposed to be using in the 20th century?  We may get them yet, but they are already decades late.

Where are the “automatic automobiles” that would detect sensors in the roads and drive themselves, predicted in the 1950s? And the “meal in a pill,” predicted nearly every year since then? And the “flourishing civilization on the moon” by 1990, confidently predicted by the “New York Times” in 1960?

How could one of the largest newspapers in the world have been so indisputably wrong?

Astronomers, anthropologists, engineers, psychics, psychologists, astrologers, et cetera continually claim the ability to predict the future, but … continually the future proves them wrong. They are trying to time travel, in a fashion, but usually never even get out of the year they are in.

So, what is their mistake? Actually, there are four.

Their predictions are based on incorrect information (one), and missing facts (two), which results in their erroneous assignment of significance to various matters (three), and a misunderstanding of the sequence of future events (four).

To cut through all that and predict successfully, one must do three things.

First, he must ensure that he has eminently accurate information, which he has personally verified through careful examination. Since many of today’s “facts” will turn out to be misunderstandings tomorrow, he must be able to identify those facts as false today. The world wasn’t really flat a few centuries ago, you know; everyone was just sure that it was a fact.

Second, he must see the “big picture,” meaning that his information must be complete. And if he is going to predict well in advance, he must have an extremely thorough understanding of what actually exists today, in all aspects of life and this physical universe. To the degree that he does not, he will not predict accurately.

Third, he must not be influenced by how he may wish things were, or will be, or ought to be.

By skillfully doing those three things, one is then able to see the big picture both accurately and unbiasedly and, therefore, can correctly predict the future. Because prognosticators are unable to see the entire big picture, they unintelligently make assumptions that whisk them like Dorothy in “The Wizard of Oz” into an imaginary future.

If one does those three things well enough, he even knows how things are going to end up at the end of the physical universe, which makes predicting in the meantime child’s play.  Let me show you what I mean:


I’ll gvie you an eaxmlpe.  Poelpe dno’t raed evrey ltteer by istlsef.  Tehy raed the wolhe wrod.  As lnog as the frist and lsat leettr of ervey wrod is crrocet, poelpe can raed wahteevr you wirte.


Similarly, if one accurately perceives what exists now — which is similar to the first letter being correctly in the first position — and he knows how everything is going to exist in the end — the last letter is correctly in the last position — he can see the entire big picture — the whole word — and can make sense out of everything in the middle.  Accordingly, he can easily predict the future — the various letters that come after the first.

Before we peer intelligently into the future, let’s glance briefly at the past. In the two dozen Mega Genius® Intelligence Briefings that I have recorded throughout the last two years, I have originated numerous predictions, including the following:


I predicted on the morning of 11 September 2001, the day of the attack on the Twin Towers and the Pentagon, that the President of the United States would declare war specifically on “terrorism,” quickly form an extensive coalition, and order the United States’ military into action.

He did.


I predicted on 11 September 2001, as Air Force One was taking secret and evasive action to protect the life of the President — and before the source of the tragedy was known to the U.S. Government — that our focus would be on Afghanistan, Iraq, Iran, Syria and Libya.

It was.


I also called your attention specifically to both of the Afghanistan terrorists Osama bin Laden and his Chief Aide and psychiatrist Ayman al-Zawahiri (who were later determined to be the perpetrators), by name, and then to the psychotic Saddam Hussein, who subsequently became the most prominent news story of the next year, 2002.


I predicted on 11 September 2001 that the U.S. military would launch a strike against the terrorists “in less than one month.”

Our military first struck Al-Qaeda terrorist training camps and the Taliban four days less than one month later, on 7 October 2001.


I predicted at that time that the President’s popularity would soar “close to ninety percent.”

President George W. Bush’s popularity quickly rose from 51 percent to 89 percent.  (I could have easily predicted 90 percent, a round number, but then my prediction would have been inaccurate by one percent.)


I predicted on 11 September 2001 that Americans should expect a bio-terrorism attack in the United States within the following four weeks, even though the public knew of no reason to anticipate such an occurrence.

A deadly anthrax attack occurred three weeks later.


I predicted on 5 January 2002, when our Country’s attention was focused on Osama bin Laden, that Saddam Hussein’s chemical and biological capabilities were being underestimated and that he would quickly be recognized as “tomorrow’s problem of escalating magnitude,” adding, “Remember what I have told you today.”

The keynote of President Bush’s State of the Union address 24 days later, on 29 January 2002, was his identification of Hussein’s regime as part of “an axis of evil” and his warning to the dictator, “America will do what is necessary to ensure our nation’s security.”  Those surprise pronouncements were last-minute changes to his speech.


I predicted on 1 April 2002 (April Fools’ Day) that the wise would carefully weigh the risk when entrusting their funds to the United Way.

Subsequently the FBI began an investigation of the United Way, in the Nation’s Capital, and now, 18 months after my prediction, the organization is again steeped in scandal and is the subject of an ongoing criminal investigation by the U.S. Attorney’s Office, in Alexandria, Virginia.


I predicted on 8 April 2002 that every attempt to resolve the Israeli-Palestinian conflict would be doomed to failure, unless it precisely followed my Mega Genius® Intelligence Briefing, “The Most Intelligent Solution to the Middle East Crisis,” which I revealed at that time.

Not only have all other subsequent attempts to effect a peaceful settlement failed, but the situation has deteriorated drastically and intensified militarily.


I predicted on 13 May 2002 that the public’s attention would be directed to the Catholic Church’s procedures to oust pedophiliac priests when they are discovered, but that attention would be effectively directed away from any attempt to rehabilitate the priests and away from the fact that the Church knowingly and unethically allowed such detestable crimes to flourish in secret for decades.

That was precisely what happened.


I also predicted on 13 May 2002 that His Holiness Pope John Paul II would never offer any explanation for the extensive cover-up by the Church’s hierarchy.

He has not.


I predicted on 5 January 2002, “Regardless of what the news media have reported to you, in the weeks just prior to the [11 September 2001] attack our Central Intelligence Agency knew that a major assault against America had been carefully planned and was about to be executed.”

More than four months later, on 15 May 2002, the wire-services’ “headline” news was that on 6 August 2001 U.S. intelligence knew that Al-Qaeda was planning a major terroristic attack against America, but never released the information to the public.


I predicted on 5 January 2002 that Sudan would be the source of a terroristic attempt (not an actual attack) against the U.S.

Nine months later, in early October 2002, a Sudanese national was arrested in the U.S. for intending and planning to crash an airliner into the White House.


On 14 October 2002, I predicted that U.S. Intelligence Operatives and Special Operation Forces had secretly “been in Iraq for months in preparation for overthrowing Saddam Hussein and his regime.”

More than four months later, on 29 January 2003, Joint Chiefs Chairman General Richard Myers revealed to the public that the U.S. military forces had secretly been operating on the ground in Iraq.


I predicted on 14 October 2002 that — although no member of the news media had any idea when the inevitable U.S. military strike on Iraq would occur — President George W. Bush’s plan was for the citizens of Iraq to celebrate “the last week of March 2003.”

More than five months after my prediction, U.S. and coalition forces launched their missiles and bombs on the morning of 20 March 2003 (Baghdad time), and the citizens of Iraq celebrated the last week March 2003.


All those, and the numerous other predictions that I made in the 24 hours of The Mega Genius Lectures, have invariably come true, or are in the process of being realized.

Throughout the years, no one has ever questioned my 100 percent published track record.  Rather, people scratch their heads, ponder how I do it, and then finally discover that I revealed the specific details of my method in “The Genius Formula™” Series of The Mega Genius® lectures.

The secret is “The Genius Formula™.”

Now let’s look ahead, “time traveling” for just a moment, and peer again at our civilization from beyond the top of the IQ scale.

The following 10 predictions have nothing to do with opinions, or what I might prefer to happen or not happen — the trap into which other prognosticators fall like lemmings. These predictions are based solely upon “The Genius Formula™” and, therefore, an intimate knowledge of the truth.

At the beginning of the twentieth century, none but the best science fiction writers might have imagined the advanced technologies that exist now. So, don’t be surprised if the predictions that follow strain your imagination today.

Are you ready?  Here are a few more Mega Genius® predictions of what the future really holds for mankind in the twenty-first century:


The true history of this planet will be uncovered, and much of what has alleged to have been factual will be discovered to have been, as Mark Twain suggested, “a Mississippi of lies.”


Man will discover that intelligent life forms exist not only nearby, but throughout the physical universe.


The Governments of the U.S. and many other countries will be forced to admit that for many decades they have covered-up the existence of extraterrestrial spacecraft and space neighbors so as not to upset religious institutions and, thereby, cause turmoil to the populace.


Mankind will finally realize that to advance as a species, and even to survive through the 21st century, he must adopt an extremely higher level of ethics. In the process of doing so, mankind will place emphasis, that would seem almost unfathomable today, on increasing every individual’s reading ability and vocabulary, as a necessity.


The body, mind, and spirit of an individual will be viewed as different and entirely separable aspects of the person, and both science and religion will undergo significant changes that will enable those two fields to meld into a tightly agreeable partnership.


Man will conclude that his excessive dependence on drugs was a crucial, costly and primitive mistake. He will view all street drugs and medically prescribed drugs as much more damaging to both one’s physical and mental health than was previously assumed.


As a result of the formulation of a revolutionary technology, the mainstream medical community will abandon the practice of treating symptoms with drugs and concentrate on newly formulated holistic techniques that will enable a person to repair his own body and maintain its good health.


The dissemination of that earthshaking technology will eliminate virtually all physical and mental diseases and maladies, and much more, changing civilization as nothing has since the discovery of fire, but the technology will not be the product of any Nobel Laureate, medical school, mainstream science, or university, per se.


Psychiatry will be utterly discredited for its false fundamental concepts regarding the anatomy of human beings and its inability to produce meaningful results; and, along with psychology, it will be relegated to the scrap heap of archaic pseudosciences.


Several startling catastrophes will occur on this planet relatively soon, exceeding all those of recorded history, but those who will predict that the end times are at hand will be false prophets. Rather, the newly discovered technology will enable a portion of mankind — only those with sufficient intelligence — to survive and begin a magnanimous evolution in the 21st century into undreamed-of levels of prosperity and brotherhood.


The technology will even include effective techniques to literally raise the dead.


Time will prove, “What geniuses ponder, Mega Genius® knows™.”


Mega Genius®

18 October 2003


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