A War Not Yet Declared, but Already Lost

Mega Genius® Intelligence Briefing [1]


Well, a mere eight months into the twenty-first century and the United States of America is at war again.  This morning the Country was brutally attacked.

The enemy succeeded.

Four large commercial airliners were hijacked.  The terrorists used two of the aircraft to target the World Trade Center, in New York City, and obliterate both 110-story Twin Towers and thousands of the inhabitants.  Other burning buildings nearby may also collapse.

A third airliner was used to destroy part of the Pentagon, in Washington, D.C., and extinguish the lives of many more.

The fourth crashed in rural Pennsylvania, in what was probably a failed attempt to demolish either the White House or the United States Capitol Building.

At this moment, Air Force One is taking secret and evasive action to protect the life of the President.

Colossal symbols of New York City, imbued daily with the lives of thousands, are extinct.  The New York Stock Exchange is closed.  All non-military aviation throughout the United States is grounded.  It is a momentous strike against our financial and military headquarters.

It is as personal to Americans as a body blow.

As a result of our inability to control terrorism, the most powerful Country on Earth is gasping and stumbling to a standstill.

The enemy succeeded.

America has just suffered the most costly tragedy in its history.  The financial expense will be measured in tens of billions of dollars.  Thousands of Americans, and citizens of many other countries, have been physically injured.  Thousands more perished within minutes.  Tens of thousands of their loved ones grieve in agony.

A planet mourns.

Although no one will be talking about it publicly for the time being, the risk of bio-terrorism surfacing in the United States within the next three to four weeks is extremely high.

Innumerable opinions will be expressed about the catastrophe and many facts will be determined.  Yet, except for these words, the truth will remain obfuscated.

The enemy succeeded.

Or, so it seems.  But, things are seldom as they appear.  In truth, the terrorists have failed, by missing the target entirely.

People who commit crimes of such magnitude appear to do so for reasons of misguided religious conviction, or as retribution against perceived injustice.  They will offer many reasons for their unjustifiable acts, but they will not speak the truth … for they do not know it themselves.

Here is the truth!

Terrorism is being supported by a number of governments, including those of Afghanistan, Iraq, Iran, North Korea, Cuba, Syria and Libya.  Some are more active than others.

While we do not yet know who was responsible for today’s tragedy, let’s not forget that just a year ago, in September of 2000, Qatar satellite TV played a taped announcement from “Islamic” terrorist Osama bin Laden, in which he openly and specifically declared his intention to “work with all-out power” to effect more violence against America.  In the same announcement his Chief Aide, spokesman and psychiatrist Ayman al-Zawahiri proclaimed that enough words had been spoken and that the time had come for action.

At the source of all the terrorism that exists on this planet today are the “primary terrorists.”  They actually number less than a dozen, although they have many henchmen.  They are merely a minuscule cult of cowards, only a few misguided men, with the bodies of human beings and the minds of savage animals.  Their intelligence is minimal and they know nothing of either honor or courage.

The most primitive part of a man attacks those who are different and whom he is incapable of understanding.  Similarly, these primary terrorists are frightened by those who are considerably different from themselves — by those who are civilized — by men and women who are benign, honorable, and compassionate.

Ironically, the terrorists are actually terrified themselves.  They are deathly afraid of good people who come to power and they are appalled by any great country that seeks to disseminate such abhorrent ideas as democracy, freedom of speech and the tolerance of divergent religious views.

They are absolutely horrified by the concept of freedom.  After all, if the world became free, where would that leave them, and their arrogance, and their suppressive power, and their unscrupulous grip upon the day-to-day lives of those they fervently control?

Those who most effectively promote freedom are, in the eyes and minds of the primary terrorists, the principal enemy.

If these few evil acting men who are at the actual source of terrorism had no money, they would be incapable of any appreciable effect.  Their money lines are their lives’ blood.

Consequently when these criminals have access to sufficient funds — through such means as oil production or, as the evidence suggests in this particular case, through inheritance, extensive drug operations, and the donations of wealthy Middle Eastern business men and others — they are able to exert their unethical influence over subordinates to do all their despicable work for them, while they shroud themselves from view.

The goal of these primary terrorists has never changed.  Throughout their lives they have sought to destroy freedom.  You just don’t notice them until they have the means to cause a particularly noticeable effect.

Power never corrupts; it merely magnifies whatever intentions existed previously.

When one of these psychotics decides that he is mighty, and has cast his web broadly, he will suddenly spring from the shadows into the sunlight and feast openly upon the blood of his neighbors.  Then the world suddenly recognizes an Adolph Hitler, Joseph Stalin, or Saddam Hussein in its midst.

These primary terrorists always fail in the end, due to unalterable laws of life that they do not begin to understand.  In the interim, however, to protect their depraved interests, they continually plot to destroy freedom.

In the process, they will wantonly murder you, or anyone else who stands in their path.

Don’t be misled! Today’s primary terrorists will claim to hate America because of its support for Israel, or because of America’s “interference” in other countries, or for many other reasons.  Expect them to hide behind the pretext of a religious war.  Those are excuses — merely attempts to justify their unjustifiable transgressions.  They commit their crimes against humanity only in an attempt to weaken and destroy the concept of freedom. That alone is their principal and unwavering objective.

America is the most powerful source of freedom on this planet, and its compassionate intention to disseminate freedom throughout the world centers it in the primary terrorists’ cross hairs.

After the sun has set this evening, it will be no coincidence that the diminutive golden light of the Statue of Liberty will glow throughout the night, close beside the dire wound in the heart of America’s most populated city — but glow it will.  And neither is it by chance that the Statue’s actual name, which reflects the symbol’s intention, is “Liberty Enlightening the World.”

The terrorists, however, missed the correct target, entirely.  The insane always do.

The actual enemy is themselves.  Specifically, it is the irrationality that exists in their own minds that causes them to attack man’s fundamental desire for freedom.

That is insanity.

As surely as our Country will evolve from grief to anger, our future has already been written by our own hand, in indelible ink, in the historic records of man.

Fate will turn the pages. You will bear witness.

With the noblest intentions, the President of the United States will declare war on terrorism, and quickly form an extensive coalition to ensure success.  Whatever political, economic, and military actions that are deemed necessary will be taken.  As force begets force, the might of the United States’ military will come to bear.  Within less than a month, transitory results will be produced.  Some terrorists soon thereafter will be eliminated. The President’s popularity will stabilize at close to ninety percent and the scent of revenge will waft fragrantly amongst our painful memories.

In the long run, however, although many battles will be won, President George W. Bush’s war on terrorism will fail.  Since the President has the wrong target, it is a war that is impossible for him to win, although it will be several years before he will be forced to publicly admit it.

And so, the President’s war on terrorism will fail.

Just as a previous President’s war on poverty failed.

And just as another President’s war on crime failed.

And just as another President’s war on drugs failed.

Terrorists will strike again, and terrifyingly so.

I see infinite irony in today’s tragedy, for just as the terrorists already have, the United States soon will identify an entirely incorrect target, again.  In less than a month, America will be launching cruise tomahawk missiles at a decoy.

The great misfortune of this particular catastrophe is that neither side has the intelligence to realize and understand that the enemy is not his own kind, but, rather, the irrationality in the mind of man that causes him to attack his own species. In truth, both sides have the same actual enemy, but neither is capable of identifying it.

Again ironically, mental aberration is not a formidable opponent.  Far from it! It actually solidifies and persists when any man begets unacceptable force against another, but evaporates instantly in the light of simple understanding.

Sufficient understanding, not time, is the miraculous balm that completely heals all wounds.  But there is a horse fly in the ointment: mankind has no understanding of the human mind. Absolutely none!

“Authorities” wave overhead their diplomas of dead animal skins, embellished with calligraphically precise declarations of august knowledge, written in a long-dead language, and punctuated with golden seals of institutional conviction.

They continually insist that the mind is an incredibly elaborate array of flying neurons, sub-atomic receptors, and electrochemical impulses and imbalances, which is far too complex for anyone else to comprehend, and which they are always on the verge of totally understanding … tomorrow. Always tomorrow.

Meanwhile, with no concept or workable explanation of how an almost infinite number of memories seems to be permanently stored in too few cranial cells, the results that psychiatrists can consistently produce — according to their own statistics — are literally less impressive than those of a dancing witch doctor shaking a painted rattle.

As one whose proven intelligence far exceeds theirs, believe me — they know nothing about the mind. Nothing at all!

They have yet to even define the word intelligence properly, which is the most elementary step of understanding anything.  If they had ever done so, they would have immediately realized that the human mind doesn’t even properly fall within the field of the medical profession.  That is why society’s most advanced method of “treating” depression, uncontrollable emotions, and other unwanted behavior, is to overwhelm the body’s circuitry with powerful mind-altering psychiatric drugs, or desperately electrocute the brain with electroconvulsive shock “therapy.”

Man always resorts to force against his own kind in the absence of understanding.

Today our Country operates on the Weinberger-Powell Doctrine, which holds that the key to winning any war is the use of overwhelming force.  That, however, is wrong.

No war was ever lost, but through the inability to sufficiently understand one’s enemy.  You may recall that General Patton discovered, in World War II, how to defeat General Rommel’s troops by reading Rommel’s own writings.  To ensure success you must thoroughly understand your enemy’s mind.

But here is a secret: You will never thoroughly understand your enemy’s mind until you thoroughly understand your own.

Let’s step back for a moment and look at the bigger picture.

Whatever you do, do not mistakenly assume that we are alone in this remote region of our Galaxy.  We are not!

Just imagine, however, one of our upstairs neighbors landing his spacecraft anywhere in America today.  And then imagine the message he might transmit to his superior: “Beam me up, Scotty, there’s no intelligent life down here.”

I’ve said it before: “If Earth were an airport, I’d land someplace else.  Wouldn’t you?”

Other intelligent life forms are much closer than you think, and they monitor our planet as you would maintain a vigil on a rabid dog.  They have no intention of relating to us on equal footing as long as mankind so fails to understand his own mind that he continually attacks his own species.

Again, that is insanity.

In the years to follow, every time you learn that a human being has committed a horrendous crime against his own kind, also remember that the war that the President will surely declare against terrorism was lost before it was begun.  And always remember why: The recognized authorities of the human mind have less understanding of it than a witch doctor.

Then avoid the mistake of foolishly wondering why a supreme being has allowed another tragedy to happen, or how any human being could commit such an atrocity, or why society never succeeds in preventing these recurrences.

I have shared with you the answer from beyond the top of the IQ scale.

The responsibility lies in our own duty to understand the anatomy and workings of our own species’ mind.  It’s elementary.  Such an understanding is an integral part of the basic wisdom that man tragically lacks, but urgently needs.

My duty was to care enough to record “The Mega Genius® Lectures.” Collectively, they are a source of great wisdom that has never been available previously on this planet.  I think that it is your duty to care enough about yourself, your loved ones and  country to listen to them.


Mega Genius®

11 September 2001



In 2002, terrorists killed 202 people in Bali, in the deadliest attack in Indonesian history; in 2003, they killed 58 people in two attacks in Istanbul, throwing Turkey’s capital into chaos; and, in 2004, they killed 191 people in Madrid, in the worst militant assault in modern Spanish history.

On 30 August 2004, nearly three years after President Bush declared war on terror — a war that he said we could win — in an interview on NBC-TV’s “Today” show, he was asked, “Can we win?” the war on terror. The President admitted, “I don’t think you can win it.”

On 7 July 2005, terrorists killed 52 people in London, England, in the British capital’s bloodiest day since World War II.

On 9 June 2006, two day after the elimination of terrorist leader Abu Musab al-Zarqawi, Tom Ridge, the former Homeland Security Chief, stated that governments cannot eliminate terrorism.  “There will be a successor to bin Laden, as there will be a successor, unfortunately, to Zarqawi,” he said.  “There will be a successor to al-Qaida.”

On 10 August 2006, British, United States, and Pakistani intelligence agents foiled a terrorist plot in its final stages, to blow up 10 aircraft simultaneously, of United Airlines, Continental Airlines, and American Airlines that were in flight from the United Kingdom to major U.S. cities.

In just the first five years since the terrorist attack of 11 September 2001, the United States thwarted 16 significant terrorist attacks against America, one later in 2001, two in 2002, two in 2003, three in 2004, three in 2005, and five in 2006.

And the attacks continue ….


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