What the Terrorists Actually Want

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In the month since the World Trade Center tragedy occurred, America has determined who did it, but not why.

On the day of the attack, I called your attention to the Yemen-born, Saudi-disowned, Afghanistan terrorist Osama bin Laden and reminded you of his announcement in September of 2000.  At that time he openly and specifically declared his intention to “work with all-out power” to effect more violence against America.  He also vowed to force the United States to release all the imprisoned terrorist members of his al-Qaida organization, including Sheikh Omar Abdel Rahman, who is both one of bin-Laden’s henchmen and the imprisoned ringleader of the 1993 World Trade Center bombing.

Eerily, such a madman always seems to have a psychiatrist at his side, continually justifying the sins of his psychotic patient and insisting that the madman’s acts are religiously correct.

It was true yesteryear.  Adolph Hitler’s psychiatrist was Ernst Rudin, whose own racial cleansing program resulted in the systematic extermination of some six million Jews.  Rudin’s stated justification was that the victims were psychological “inferiors.”  The psychiatrist claimed his agenda was all a “spiritual movement” that was religiously correct.

It was true yesterday.  Slobodan Milosovic, former head of the Serbian Communist Party, is currently being tried by the International War Crimes Tribunal for an ethnic-cleansing program that resulted in the deaths of more than 100,000 Croatians.  That program of human extermination was devised and executed directly by both of Milosovic’s psychiatrists, Jovan Raskovic and Radovan Karadzic.

The psychiatrists’ stated justification was what they called the “psychological superiority” of the Serbs.  Raskovic, the chief psychiatrist, even bragged that he had convinced the Serbian people that their “superiority” was religiously correct, specifically that it was more “from heaven, than earth.”

It is true today.  The bloody fingerprints of Osama bin Laden and his Chief Aide, spokesman and psychiatrist, Ayman al-Zawahiri, are all over the rubble of the 110-story Twin Towers, the collapsed portion of the Pentagon, and the aircraft wreckage strewn across the fields in southwestern Pennsylvania.  The stated justification for these acts of terrorism is the allegation that most Americans do not adhere to the perverted, fundamentalist, Islamic path that the terrorist Osama bin Laden and his “side kick” psychiatrist have determined is religiously correct.

Always watch for the psychiatric link behind the madman.  Invariably, it is there!

Of course, all such acts of terrorism have nothing whatsoever to do with any religion, other than to attempt to pervert it.

So, how do we stand one month after the 2001 World Trade Center attack?  Well, polls show that Americans are attending churches more frequently, requiring far more sleeping aids, purchasing many more guns, and drinking much more alcohol.  Considerably more long distance telephone calls to loved ones are being made.  Air travel has dropped drastically; more than 100,000 airline employees have been laid off.  These, however, are all short-term reactions.

Oh, yes, and Americans are flying flags.  Boy, are we ever flying American flags.  That’s nice!  Unfortunately, we are simultaneously serving ourselves up to Osama bin Laden in exactly the manner he had hoped.  I’ll explain.

I told you on the day of the attack that the principal goal of the primary terrorists who commit such horrific crimes is to destroy freedom.  They also have short-term objectives.

Many Americans have speculated that we should try to go about our normal duties, because what “they” want is for us to live in fear.  Well, that’s not exactly what they want.

There is a specific mental mechanism at work here.  When one considers that he has experienced a meaningful loss, he or she feels grief.  If he is allowed to work his way through that, in time he will feel fear.  And if allowed to work through that, he will subsequently feel anger.  (Those who are speculating that the terrorists want us all to live in fear are merely stuck themselves between grief and anger at the moment and are resisting the fear that they feel.)

In fact, Osama bin Laden and his cronies don’t much care what anyone is feeling, as long as Americans fixate their attention on themselves.  That’s one of the initial steps in defeating an enemy: Cause it to interiorize!

When you approach a fly with a fly swatter, you don’t want the insect’s attention on you, but riveted on itself.  You want its attention restricted.

That’s the way spiders capture flies, fishermen catch fish, and snipers kill victims.  Anyone is less effective in anything he does to the extent that his attention is fixated on himself.  And that’s where we are serving ourselves up to the terrorists on a sterling silver platter.

Many Americans are concerned about almost nothing except the calamity and associated worries, fears and troubles.  They hear about it, read about it, and talk about it, all day long … day after day.  They see the same pictures and hear the same stories.  Then they see new pictures and hear new stories.  After an entire month, all the news media are still concerned with almost nothing else.

It really is no longer news; most of the facts are almost a month old.  But the news media will continue to report practically nothing else until well after the last possible story has been told.  Perhaps one of the Nation’s most famous television anchors recently said it best: “People don’t want news; they want stories about the news.”

Well, I’m sorry that the tragedy occurred.  I’m terribly sorry for all the lives lost.  I knew many people in the Twin Towers myself and have apparently lost one particularly close friend of some 30 years, whom I love deeply.  Fixating our attention on the catastrophe every day, however, does not permit Americans to move out of grief, fear, and anger.  It does not permit us to allow our lives to settle.  It does not permit us to return to a watchful, but essentially normal, way of life — which our Country urgently needs.

No, continually fixating our attention on the catastrophe hour after hour, day after day, for weeks and weeks after the event occurred, is not what any sane American should want.

But it is precisely what Osama bin Laden wants.


Mega Genius®

11 October 2001


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