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Mega Genius® Intelligence Briefing [45]:


“TRUMPQUAKE,” cries one of the newspaper headlines today!

Political shockwaves reverberate worldwide as Donald J. Trump was just elected president of the United States of America, an event that the news media are calling unforeseen, astounding, stunning, and unbelievable.

Please understand:  This briefing has nothing to do with whether Secretary Hillary Rodham Clinton or President-elect Donald J. Trump, or anyone else, was the better candidate.  Instead it has everything to do with the mainstream news media’s responsibility to report accurately and avoid misleading the public, either intentionally or accidentally, and why the media are reporting that the election results today are completely unanticipated and even catastrophic.

They are calling it “the greatest political upset in the history of The United States.”  To justify calling the election an upset, by definition it had to have been won by someone who was expected to lose.  And the news media were certain that Mr. Trump would … from the day he declared his candidacy.

Bob Wright, former president and CEO of NBC Broadcasting and Chairman and CEO of NBC Universal, is a longtime friend of mine.  After Bob once graciously gave my friend Michael Landon, the actor and producer, a live peacock as a symbol of NBC’s appreciation for Michael’s work — a peacock that I later whispered in Bob’s ear had turned out to be more trouble than Michael’s nine children had ever been — Bob promised me that he would never give a live symbol of NBC to anyone again.  And, of course, Michael forgave him.

Well I trust that Bob will forgive me now also, for pointing out where the news media stood on the issue of Mr. Trump’s candidacy:  Last year, Chuck Todd — the American television journalist, moderator of Meet the Press (the longest-running program in U.S. television history), and Political Director for NBC News — flatly refused to answer a single question about Mr. Trump’s chance of winning the Republican nomination against 16 challengers, insisting that it was ridiculous to even consider such a possibility.  Accordingly, for the last 17 months, just about all the press and the news media’s talking heads have seized almost every opportunity to convince readers and television viewers that anyone who thought that Mr. Trump actually had a chance of winning the presidency was a certifiable fool.

So­­­ what happened during those 17 months while the news media was too busy opining to look out their window?


1.  First, Donald J. Trump brazenly debated all 16 Republican challengers, deconstructing each of them, including Governor “Jeb” Bush, the Republican Party’s favorite son, thereby also axing the Bush dynasty.

2.  Then Mr. Trump won the Republican presidential nomination.

3.  Then Mr. Trump campaigned toe to toe against Secretary Hillary Rodham Clinton, the Democratic presidential nominee, identified by current President Barack Obama as the most qualified man or woman ever for the presidency of the United States.

4.  Then Mr. Trump won that election a few hours ago, thereby decapitating the “Clinton dynasty.”

5.  Now President-elect Trump has carried a unified Congress on his coattails, appropriately positioning himself to rip President Obama’s legacy out by the roots.


So today, reacting to flashes of lightning and rumbling thunder outside their window, the mainstream news media are finally noticing what they tell us is “the most chilling political story that any of us have ever covered.”

They never saw it coming!  Or even the possibility!  Or they would not be reporting it as “the greatest political upset in the history of The United States.”

They ignored each part of “The Genius Formula™.”  Where were the self-hypnotized mass media looking?  A horse with blinders might have foreseen the possibilityof a Trump victory.

While we may not know how successful, or how ineffective, President-elect Trump will be, I’ll tell you why the news media were so mistaken about his chances of winning.  It was because, rightly or wrongly, they did not want him to win.  And, as I have said in both The Mega Genius® Lectures and in Mega Genius® Intelligence Briefing No. 13, “America’s Secret Agenda,” “Average intelligence is reflected by the act of believing what is most convenient and disregarding everything else.”

Because the news media desperately wanted Secretary Clinton to win, and because in recent decades reporters have rewritten their own “hats” to report fewer facts and eagerly disseminate their opinions, they continuously opined about the election; disregarded facts to the contrary that included major polls that were at variance with what the mass media found convenient to believe; and tried to convince the public that Mr. Trump had no chance.  Nevertheless, most Americans who voted for him did not believe the news media, for they would not have voted for a candidate whom they believed could never win. Other than the news media, the only ones who see the election today as a “great upset” — as an impossibility that in some bizarre manner occurred — are those who had believedthe news media.This was an upset around the globe, as this type of brainwashing by the news media is international.  Otherwise, there also would have been no recent “upset” as Britain stunned the world by voting to leave the European Union of 28 countries (“Brexit).”  And today’s newspaper headlines worldwide would not be reflecting the identical reaction, for example (translated): “SHOCK” (Sweden); He breaks all the predictions …” (Uruguay); “OH MY GOD!” (Canada); “TRUMP TRIUMPH SHOCKS WORLD (ENGLAND); “GLOBAL SHOCK” (Mexico); “Trump — How Could This Happen?” (Germany); and “W.T.F.” (Australia).

Here is an insightful example of how it works.  Several years ago, in Australia, I nonchalantly mentioned to a dear friend something worthwhile that the man who was president of the U.S. at that time had once done.  The deed was merely a thoughtful act that the president had performed for a person in need, like any other well-intentioned person might have done.

The friend with whom I was dining, who was intelligent and educated, stared at me in silent astonishment for several seconds, and then asked if I actually believed that the U.S. president was anything other than a clown.  I then realized that practically all the information about that president that my friend had ever encountered had been filtered through the unreliable international news media.  My friend’s conviction that the president of the U.S. was only a clown made sense, if I considered the limited information about the president to which my friend in Australia had easy access.

The news media’s primary objective should not be to sensationalize, exaggerate, overstate, play up, or play down facts.  Or to lay it on thick.  Or to attempt to influence, which requires an understanding of ethics that the media do not possess.  Ethically, the news media’s primary objective should be to report news accurately.  It is not!

Just eight weeks ago, Gallup, Inc. measured Americans' trust in the mass media. They asked this question: “In general, how much trust and confidence do you have in the mass media — such as newspapers, TV and radio — when it comes to reporting the news fully, accurately and fairly — a great deal, a fair amount, not very much or none at all?”

A great deal or a fair amount was reported by only 32 percent, the lowest level in Gallup’s polling history.  As far as we know, Americans have never trusted the mass media less.  Breaking it down further, trust in the media was at 14 percent for Republicans, 30 percent for Independents, and 51 percent for Democrats.  (I’ll bet those figures nosedived even further this morning.)

Almost without missing a beat last night, as the avalanche of election results began indicating that the political analysts had been consistently wrong for the last 17 months, the talking heads shifted gears so smoothly that within minutes of seeing the writing on the wall they were glowing again in their auras of supposed expertise, authoritatively explaining in detail why everything that they had failed to see coming was somehow landing on top of them with a “thud.”  Do you see?  Even though they had been horrendously wrong every day for almost a year and a half, they continued confidently explaining everything to the masses, still believing that as the news media they were the political “experts.”  (On what planet they didn’t say.)

I recall President Harry S Truman’s retort, just before the 1948 election, when a Newsweekmagazine’s poll showed that 50 political analysts all agreed that Thomas Dewey was just days from becoming the next president:  “I know every one of these political analysts personally,” Truman proclaimed, “and there isn’t a single one of them with enough sense to pound sand in a rat hole.”

A few hours later, Truman was elected president of the United States and, grinning like a Cheshire cat, held high the front page of the prestigious Chicago Tribune, the headline of which erroneously proclaimed “DEWEY DEFEATS TRUMAN.”  And so the news media in 1948 were completely befuddled by the greatest political upset in the history of The United States.

Today the news media are again completely befuddled by what they are calling “the greatest political upset in the history of The United States.”  Little has changed in seven decades. 

I hope that you would not have been surprised regardless of which way yesterday’s election might have gone.  The voting was so close in many states that it took hours longer than usual for the national decision to be called.

On the other hand, if the outcome was the opposite of what you expected, you may have assumed that it was safe to place your trust in most of the talking heads.  If so, the lesson here is one of many from The Genius Formula Series:  Anytime you believe someone who is fooled, you will find yourself fooled too.

Here is another lesson worth remembering:

Those who are unable or unwilling to think for themselves will be taught how to think by the mainstream news media.  Whether you conscientiously apply “The Genius Formula™,” or strap on the news media’s horse blinders, is solely your responsibility.


9 November 2016


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