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Laws are rules of conduct or action formally recognized and enforced by a controlling authority.

In other words, for all practical purposes, laws are regulations that society uses to ensure the survival of the group. You could even say that laws are rules of the game of life, as it is being played in a particular location and during a particular time.

Each member of any group has a responsibility to learn the rules of that group to which he or she subscribes and to abide by the rules, to guarantee the group’s survival. Or, to make known to the group that he does not intend to abide by certain rules and to persuade the group to change them. Or, to leave the group.

Any intelligent person makes sure that he knows whether he is or is not in a particular group, and that the group knows, too. He is either in a group, doing his best to abide by all its rules and strengthen the purposes of that group, or he is not in that group. Being half in and half out, supporting some of the rules while secretly breaking others, is at cross purposes with the group of which he is deceptively pretending to be a member.

It is also dishonest and cowardly.

It is unfortunate that many members of the society in which you live play the game of “half in and half out.” For example, a particularly prominent Catholic Cardinal in the United States is  in direct violation of his voluntary vow of chastity. Other Cardinals are aware of it, but it is just one more unfortunate facet of the Catholic Church that is not yet being effectively addressed by the Church.  The news media are also aware of the Cardinal’s activities, but have chosen not to report it due to the sensitivity of the matter.

The Church’s game of “half in and half out,” however, extends much further than that.  A current magazine article approved by the Vatican advises bishops in the United States not to cooperate with law enforcement.

Incidentally, in an effort to protect drug trafficking into the United States, Mexican Federal Army personnel and other “federales” have crossed the border into the U.S. on an average of approximately twice a month, for years and years. Sometimes they have even shot at U.S. officials.  Five days ago Mexican soldiers opened fired again upon a US Border Patrol agent, some five miles across the border in Arizona, striking his windshield and nearly taking his life.

The news media knows this, too, but once again has chosen not to report the story due to our Government’s desire that they maintain sensitivity regarding the Mexican illegal immigration issue.

Now I ask you, if an extraterrestrial space ship landed at a military base in the U.S., and the news media were aware of it, what do you think the chances are that they would report the story on the evening news if the 
Government advised them to bury it for reasons of national security?

Regardless, in the United States most citizens adhere to most of the state and Federal laws, but sometimes knowingly and secretly break some of them. That’s an unpatriotic thing to do. Have you covertly broken any laws of the land lately?

Government has the duty to pass laws intelligently, and to ensure that only the minimal number of laws necessary are in effect.

It is not doing its duty.

The number of laws currently on the books in the United States is practically incalculable.

For instance, in Alabama it is illegal for a driver to operate a vehicle while blindfolded. (All Alabamians with X-ray vision, please note.)

In California you cannot try to stop your child from jumping over puddles of water. (Actually, that may be a good law. Don’t they usually insist on jumping into them?)

In Los Angeles you cannot bathe two babies in the same tub simultaneously. (Just one more headache for the parents of conjoined twins.)

In Connecticut you are not allowed to ride a bicycle over 65 miles per hour. (Just try to hold it down to 65, madam.)

In Florida a woman may be fined for falling asleep under a hair dryer. (And then I dreamt I was in hell.)

In Indiana you are not allowed to attend a theater, or ride on a public streetcar, within four hours after you have eaten garlic. (If you work in a theater, can you get a doctor’s excuse? Will the doctor see you?)

In Massachusetts it is illegal for a taxi driver who is on duty to make love in the front seat of his taxi. (Apparently the back seat is okay.)

In St. Louis, Missouri, you are prohibited from sitting on any street curb while drinking beer from a bucket. (Duh…isn’t this a bedpan, officer?)

In New York a man cannot turn around on the street and look at a woman “in that way.” Any man who is fined for doing so and convicted a second time must wear a pair of horse-blinders whenever he goes for a walk. (I’m not making these up.)

In Pennsylvania a resident is not allowed to hide dirt and dust under a rug in his or her house. (Otherwise, a kid might fall off it and break his arm.)

Neither can a man in Pennsylvania buy alcohol without written permission from his wife. (Getting a general power of attorney in that State must be on a par with winning the State lottery.)

And anyone traveling a Pennsylvanian country road at night must stop every mile, send up a rocket signal, and wait 10 minutes for the road to be cleared of livestock before proceeding. (They may have a warrant out for me in that State.)

In Vermont everybody is required to take a bath every Saturday night. (Always try to pass through Vermont on Sunday.)

But wait! It gets worse. I suspect that some other laws currently in effect were written by politicians while they were actually sitting on curbs, drinking beer from buckets.  Here are a few examples.

In Florida unmarried women can be jailed for parachuting on Sunday. (But if you are married, as soon as the benediction is over … Geronimo!)

The law there also says that you must buy time on a parking meter if you leave your elephant tied to it. (When in Florida, remember that law.)

Also, in Florida, no man may go out in public in a strapless gown. (Apparently a silver lame ensemble with an empire waistline and straps would be acceptable by law makers [drinking beer from buckets.])

In Kentucky you’ll have to give up your practice of carrying an ice cream cone in your pocket; it’s illegal there. (Unless you’re late for your meeting with a court-appointed psychiatrist.)

Also, in Kentucky, any woman in a bathing suit on any highway must be escorted by at least two police officers, unless she is carrying a club. That law, however, specifically states that all female horses are exempted. (Otherwise, the law would be ridiculous.)

In Zion, Illinois, everyone who gives lighted cigars to dogs or cats is breaking the law. (I don’t plan on ever checking out the residents of Zion, Illinois, except from some 5,000 yards away, through heavy lenses.)

In Baltimore, Maryland, if you go to a movie, it is illegal to bring your lion. (Fifty more boxes of “Milk Duds” for my alligator, please.)

In Oxford, Ohio, any woman can be arrested for undressing in front of a picture of a man. (But it’s probably okay in Kentucky, if you’re carrying a club.)

In Oklahoma you can be arrested and thrown in jail if you make ugly faces at a dog. (Why is that such a problem in Oklahoma?)

In Washington, before entering a town, any motorist who intends to break the law must first stop at the city limits and telephone the chief of police. (Perhaps Washington should consider executing the politician who wrote that law, just to clear the gene pool.)

Interestingly, if all the extraneous and ridiculous laws were repealed, our society would still have far more laws than it should. That is because the less ethically a civilization acts, the more laws it needs. And mankind does not act very ethical.

I’ll tell you why.

Any person’s mind acts like a computer. If sufficient and accurate data is put into it, he will always make rational decisions based on that data. On the other hand, “garbage in, garbage out.”

Man, however, often acts irrational:  non-sensible; illogical; irresponsible; cruel; dangerous; criminal; violent; war-like; even inhumane to his own species. He frequently acts crazy.

The actual reason for this is not that he has insufficiently evolved from monkey-like ancestors. In fact, the true history of man traces back millions of years ago into the depths of the Milky Way Galaxy, as man will soon discover. And neither does he often act in an evil manner because a mysterious ethereal red creature with horns and a pitchfork makes him do it.

Just as any computers can become infected with a “virus,” which can become extensively pervasive, so can the minds of humans. The particular electronic virus that contaminates the mind of practically every human on this planet dates from a very long time ago. Its ability to continue unchecked through the eons is the result of mankind’s inability to understand the human mind and realize the virus’ existence.

I could write tomes on the precise time and place of its origin, specific technical anatomy, resolution, et cetera, but I merely wanted to give you the basic truth of why man finds it necessary to create so many laws to control his own behavior, in order to ensure his survival.

Some will find what I have just told you impossible to believe. Their descendants in the next century will not.

Laws always limit actions and conduct. Yet, one is only as free as he has choices.

Mankind needs laws, but not to protect every person from his own actions, or to protect every person from every conceivable occurrence.

The wise will remember that in this land in which “Liberty Enlightening the World” (commonly known as the “Statue of Liberty”) lifts her lamp beside the golden door, every time another law is passed, another freedom is lost.

Every person on Earth should be watchful to ensure that the freedoms that we lose are the freedoms that we choose to forfeit.

Mega Genius®


22 May 2002


[Note: On the evening of 15 May 2002, the wire services broke the "headline" news that on 6 August 2001 US intelligence knew that Al-Qaeda was planning a major terroristic attack against America, but never released the information to the public due to the non-specific nature of the impending assault.

I had already told you in the Mega Genius® Intelligence Briefing titled "A Lesson in Prediction," dated 5 January 2002, "Regardless of what the news media have reported to you, in the weeks just prior to the (11 September 2001) attack our Central Intelligence Agency knew that a major assault against America had been carefully planned and was about to be executed." (Previously, in the Mega Genius® Intelligence Briefing written the very day of the attack, I had even called your attention to Osama bin Laden, by name.)

By following these Mega Genius® Intelligence Briefings, you knew the top news story of 16 May 2002, as reported by every major network, more than four months before the story broke.]


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