Intelligence Consultant

As author of The Mega Genius® Lectures and as an internationally recognized expert intelligence consultant in human intelligence, Jim Diamond teaches corporate executives, celebrities, students, and others, in more than 120 countries, how to apply his simple formula to significantly increase their intelligence. Being an intelligence consultant, he encourages you to apply "The Genius Formula™," a simple, 3-step, easy-to-understand principle that he has isolated and explained in 6 MP3 lectures titled The Genius Formula™ Series.  Thousands worldwide have already adopted this highly advanced technique of the 21st century, proven to increase intelligence and IQ when conscientiously applied.  Mega Genius, Inc. is introducing the "Ask Mega Genius®" Video Conference with the personal intelligence consultant costs cut by 50 percent.  It's all available to you here today.

“Mega Genius®, ‘The Man with the Perfect IQ™,’ has held memberships in all the major high-IQ societies in the world.”
— The Associated Press

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