Smartest Man In The World

Who is the smartest man in the world?

megagenius.pngJim Diamond, a certified mega genius, is too smart to debate who the smartest man in the world would be. But he points out that the answer is found not in mere claims, but in results produced, since the value of true intelligence is in helping others. As the smartest man in the world, his credentials rest solidly upon the candid praise from audiences around the world, from more than 120 countries, for his discovery of “The Genius Formula™”, and for all The Mega Genius® Lectures, and upon the worldwide news coverage of his evolutionary recordings.  Don't just take our word for it, read more about the smartest man in the world on his Bio page here to learn more about the smartest living man in the world.

“Mega Genius® is the man with the perfect IQ …. His intelligence hits the top of the IQ scale and continues to some unknown and immeasurable point.”
— the Wall Street Journal