Level II: “The Uncommon Sense Series”


“The Uncommon Sense Series” has been delivered by Mega Genius® in a particular sequence.  Listening to “The Genius Formula™ Series” first, and then “The Uncommon Sense Series,” in sequence, will enable you to adjust your considerations in a precise succession that will ensure the greatest benefits to you.

“The Uncommon Sense Series” consists of 20 fundamental and enlightening lectures that are the essence of a basic and general wisdom of life and its numerous facets.  These revelations constitute some 13 hours of riveting wisdom, straight from the mind of Mega Genius®, the man with the perfect IQ™.

Collectively, this Series addresses such diverse subjects as “your owner’s manual for the universe;” all about brainwashing; understanding an astounding secret of your body; the 20 rules for raising children; the 20 rules for getting along with parents; achieving and maintaining true happiness; how to achieve effective education; and, evaluating any friendship or other relationship, and much more.

“The Uncommon Sense Series” also covers a workable resolution to crime; the real trouble with politics and how to correct it; the actual truth about death; who’s really right regarding abortion, and why; all the never-before-revealed secrets of the Kennedy assassinations; how to create your own luck; investing money intelligently; all about psychic phenomena; the importance of ethics; and the hidden truth about religion.  Countless other topics are covered as well.

Details about each of the 20 lectures in this extremely educational Series are listed below.


Level II, Lecture 1:

The Power of Your Thoughts

In this one-of-a-kind lecture, Mega Genius® shares intimate recollections of his early childhood, including his discovery, in his grandparents’ dark attic, of an intriguing mystery that you urgently need to understand, and its startling resolution some 50 years later.

Mega Genius’® discovery of the mystery’s secret will prove that your mind is far more powerful than you have ever permitted yourself to believe.


Level II, Lecture 2:

Einstein Was Wrong!

“The most obvious problem of mankind,” Mega Genius® proclaims, “is that he has a universe without an owner’s manual.”

Hold on; the ride has only begun.

While listening to this fascinating lecture, you will achieve a startling and entirely objective view of where you actually are and what you are really doing.  This lecture is a trip!

Next, Mega Genius® demonstrates that more than 99 percent of the human race use the identical formula to make up their minds about anything of importance.  Then he shows you why that formula is dead wrong and how you can correct it.

Finally, Mega Genius® reveals precisely how you already have been brainwashed without knowing it. Then he describes how brainwashing really works, its 4 basic forms (including one that your government won’t talk about, and another that no government on this planet even knows about, yet), and how you can counteract it.


Level II, Lecture 3:

Better Than Being Right

Find out what is really preventing man from achieving a lasting peace on Earth.

Because humanity has always had difficulty consistently knowing right from wrong, it has often adopted complex religious beliefs to guide people the “right” way.  Mega Genius® gives you the crucial rule that you have been missing.

Incidentally, have you ever trapped yourself by your own thoughts?  Perhaps even more often than you think?  Learn just how it works.

Mega Genius® also explains why the generation gap exists, and explores the subjects of ethics and responsibility, from beyond the highest IQ level.

Learn how to always know the right thing to do; the secret is priceless.


Level II, Lecture 4:

The Solution to Crime

Mega Genius® explains how ineffective discipline breaks down into a lack of control and, subsequently, into punishment.

Then he leads you to a thorough understanding of why crime occurs, and how we can easily prevent it by adopting a revolutionary approach.

If the real reason for crime on this planet has never made sense to you before, it will now.


Level II, Lecture 5:

A Course in Education

Allowing chips to soar and fall where they may, Mega Genius® aggressively identifies the real problems of our public and private educational systems, and reveals how our schools are secretly being destroyed by governmental mismanagement.

If you want our children to learn effectively, here you can learn the specific corrections that are desperately needed because they work.


Level II, Lecture 6:

Forty Rules for Children and Parents

Mega Genius® explains, “The purpose of raising a child is to nurture, protect and educate an evolving human being until you reach the objective of his or her self-sufficiency.”

Mega Genius® then discloses the 20 rules for easily doing that.  They work like magic!

Then he reveals the singular secret children can use to easily get along with parents, and the 20 additional rules that will capture parents’ attention and set them to rubbing their eyes in utter disbelief.

Every teenager, and parent of a teenager, urgently needs to hear how to look at one another from beyond the highest IQ.


Level II, Lecture 7:

Money and How to Get it

Mega Genius® — a Registered Representative of the National Association of Securities Dealers — explains what money truly is, what it isn’t, how it actually works, and the real reason you work harder than necessary to get ahead.

Here also are the 5 most intelligent rules you should always use to protect your investments and ensure an adequate financial return.

Mega Genius® "broke the bank" as a very young person.  You can learn from how he did it.


Level II, Lecture 8:

The Wisest Investment

Discover the startling secret that surfaced when the famous and reclusive multi-billionaire Howard Hughes requested a private face-to-face meeting with Mega Genius®.

Learn the most important thing that you can ever know about money, and what the wisest people really do with theirs.


Level II, Lecture 9:

An Intelligent Look at Your Body

An objective and extremely intelligent look at the evidence, from above the highest IQ,  reveals that you are an immaterial “life entity,” subject to previously undiscovered laws.  You temporarily inhabit a human body, which Mega Genius® demonstrates, in detail, is no more or less than a machine.

Every person with at least a genius IQ on the subject person treats it like one.

This lecture is a basic instruction manual for the proper care of your body.  The wise will take heed!


Level II, Lecture 10:

What Nobody Told You About Sex

What are the factual basics of sex?  Why is it such a confusing and troublesome subject?  There is a simple reason.  Mega Genius® knows, and tells you!

What do parents do that inadvertently prevents them from knowing what their children are really up to?  How can children’s questions about sex be addressed most effectively?

Learn to think about sex with a genius IQ.  The most intelligent answers about sex are in this lecture.


Level II, Lecture 11:

The Seven Secrets to Happiness

Find out how you can consistently be happy, and what the secret has to do with American Indian Chief Sitting Bull’s sagely warning: “Don’t be a fool by becoming a slave to a fat piece of bacon.”

Also, here are all the criteria you need by which you can readily and, finally, intelligently appraise your friendships with all your family members, relatives, co-workers and friends.

Be prepared for a shock at the end of this lecture.


Level II, Lecture 12:

The Truth About Death

The only reason people are confused about death is because science made a fatal mistake in its attempt to understand the phenomenon.

Mega Genius® explains the true anatomy of death.  As he does, the great mystery will vanish like a shadow at dawn, and never look the same to you again.

Then he takes an unemotional look at precisely when a human life begins, regardless of what either science or religion thinks, and regardless of its relationship to the controversy on abortion and human cloning.  Neither side on the abortion issue is 100 percent right.

Finally, Mega Genius® explains what technically occurs at death, what the “life entity” — which is you — does then, and, just for your understanding, what morticians really do to a human body after it dies.  Others won't tell you, but Mega Genius® will!


Level II, Lecture 13:

What’s Wrong with Politics?

Mega Genius® identifies what a government’s function should be, what’s really right with the United States Government, and some of the fundamental things that are wrong with it today, and why.

Learn the secret of the two major flaws in the American Government’s organizational structure.


Level II, Lecture 14:

The Great Political Cover-Up

Here you discover “Mega Genius’® Law of Politics.”  It’s worth knowing!

Then find out what even Barbara Walters couldn’t discover — what Commander-in-Chief of Central Command, 4-star General H. “Stormin’ Norman” Schwarzkopf revealed to Mega Genius® in a private and deeply insightful political discussion.

All the major problems of government are resolvable by electing the right politicians.  But no one knows how.

Finally, Mega Genius® tells you precisely how to do that.


Level II, Lecture 15:

The Luck of the Kennedys

To explain the essence of the subject of luck, Mega Genius® reveals the findings of his own personal and extensive investigation into the most controversial incident of the twentieth century:  The assassination of President John F. Kennedy.

No one can ferret out the truth like Mega Genius®!

He was near the President and First Lady, in Texas, on November 22, 1963, that fateful day when the President was assassinated.  What really happened during those 6 seconds in Dallas … and before … and after?  Mega Genius® knows, and it’s all here in this and the next two lectures.

Learn all the secrets that you were never … never … never suppose to know.


Level II, Lecture 16:

Cross Fire in Dallas

There was much more to the death of Marilyn Monroe, the world’s most famous movie star, than the public was ever told.  Mega Genius®, who was a neighbor of Marilyn, knows!

Here, too, are the behind-the-scenes facts of President John F. Kennedy’s and Attorney General Robert F. Kennedy’s super-secret relationships with her.

The truth be known!  Mega Genius® tells it all!

Contrary to the news reports, Marilyn Monroe didn’t even die at her residence.  Mega Genius® reveals where it really happened and who, subsequently and surreptitiously, transported her body to her bedroom.

Then discover who secretly tape-recorded Marilyn’s death, and why the entire tragedy had to be covered up, bulldozed over and sealed like a tomb.

Finally, what really occurred during those 6 seconds in Dallas that gave Lee Harvey Oswald the shock of his life?  Why was it imperative that he be eliminated before he talked?  Who gave the order?

There was cross fire that morning in Dealy Plaza, in Dallas, but not from the grassy knoll.  Mega Genius® explains precisely how and why it all happened, literally shot … by … shot.

Here are the long-sought answers … in spellbinding and uncensored detail.


Level II, Lecture 17:

Create Your Own Luck

Mega Genius® reveals all that you were never told about Lee Harvey Oswald; why Jack Ruby, his assassin, proclaimed, “The world will never know the true facts;” and, the real reason Senator Robert F. Kennedy was murdered.

You won’t believe Mega Genius’® bizarre 1984 face-to-face meeting with India’s Prime Minister Indira Gandhi. Nevertheless, it is a crucial part of his revelation of how to have all the luck for which you could ever dream.


Level II, Lecture 18:

Psychics in the Light

As only he can, Mega Genius ® sets the record straight about the misstated, distorted and suppressed history of the psychic world.  These are the facts everyone needs to know about the misunderstood realm of psychic phenomena.

Clairvoyance, channeling, mediums; psychokinesis, astrology; psychic readings; Mega Genius® addresses it all, from above the highest IQ.


Level II, Lecture 19:

Houdini’s Gift to You

Houdini, the world’s greatest escape artist, used a singular incredible secret that enabled him to escape from anything.  Mega Genius® — who performed either the world’s greatest illusion or the world’s first fully witnessed and documented transcontinental teleportation — knows that secret!

Hollywood has taken extensive liberties with the famous magician Houdini’s biography.  Now Mega Genius® tells it like it was, and discloses the real reason Houdini began his life-long research into psychic phenomena.  Here is the unveiled truth about Houdini’s war-around-the-world investigation of psychic channeling.

Also, learn how Houdini really died — it was not during an escape — and discover his death-bed promise to the public.

As a priceless bonus, in this lecture you will learn how to intelligently understand all psychic phenomena, from above the highest IQ.


Level II, Lecture 20:

Wisdom — Knowledge Worth Knowing

Mega Genius® explores the intriguing relationships between wisdom, philosophy, and religion, and begins a highly educational review of the history of Eastern philosophic thought.

Then he identifies the most important religious difference between the Eastern and Western worlds, and then isolates the single denominator of all the world’s great religions.

It’s a real eye opener!


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