Level II: “The Uncommon Sense Series”


Mega Genius® explains every major facet of humanity’s existence, encompassing yourself and your environment, resulting in an extensive wisdom of life.

Level II: "The Uncommon Sense Series," in downloadable MP3 format, at a substantially discounted price of $149.95. These are the revealing 20 lectures in which Mega Genius® explores a multitude of important subjects, a thorough understanding of which is essential for a comprehensive wisdom of life and for your success and happiness. You should listen to this collection of lectures before hearing those in Levels III, IV and V.

20 Lectures Included:

07 The Power of Your Thoughts

08 Einstein was Wrong

09 Better Than Being Right

10 The Solution to Crime

11 A Course in Education

12 Forty Rules for Parents and Children

13 Money and How to Get it

14 The Wisest Investment

15 An Intelligent Look at Your Body

16 What Nobody Told You About Sex

17 The Seven Secrets to Happiness

18 The Truth About Death

19 What's Wrong with Politics

20 The Great Political Cover-up

21 The Luck of the Kennedys

22 Cross Fire in Dallas

23 Create Your Own Luck

24 Psychics in the Light

25 Houdini's Gift to You

26 Wisdom: Knowledge Worth Knowing


We hope that you enjoy “Level II” of a supremely intelligent adventure!

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