Level I: “The Genius Formula™ Series”


In these historic recordings, Mega Genius® first discloses what’s wrong with the way people think.  Then he addresses the truth about IQ test scores.  Finally he reveals, for the first time ever, what intelligence actually is.

Then this former professional magician of stage and television boldly casts aside the black velvet drapery, disclosing exactly how your mind is fooled at any time, under any circumstances, and precisely how you can prevent it from occurring.

Finally, Mega Genius® discloses a stunning revelation that will shake the girders of your mind:  He guides you step-by-step into a full understanding of how, in just 3 easy steps, you can learn to think exactly like a genius, and attain genius IQ and beyond.

The Genius Formula Series has been delivered by Mega Genius® in a particular sequence.  It is imperative to listen to these 6 lectures, which consist of some 4 hours of spellbinding discoveries, in the order in which they were delivered.

Once you have heard them, you will know how to be in control of your own intelligence.



Level I, Lecture 1:

The Truth about Intelligence

Mega Genius® explains the baffling problems associated with intelligence testing and IQ test scores.  Then he solves them all by cracking the secret that has puzzled humanity for centuries:  Mega Genius® reveals what intelligence actually is and how to measure it accurately.

Learn the real reason “great minds” sometimes make stupid mistakes.


Level I, Lecture 2:

The Fundamentals of Trickery

To think more intelligently, it’s imperative that you understand precisely how your mind is fooled.  Mega Genius® daringly casts aside the persistent shroud of professional magicians, disclosing publicly, for the first time ever, all their most basic and deepest secrets.

As an aside, in a moment of personal confession, he even reveals how he used a deck of cards to fool the owner of one of the world’s largest Las Vegas casinos, on live television.


Level I, Lecture 3:

How to Keep from Being Fooled

Mega Genius® explains why it is imperative to magicians that you believe “the hand is quicker than the eye,” even though it is actually false!

Learn how to keep your eye on the “hole” and not on the “donut.”

Then learn the 3 rules that will always unlock the secret of any magic trick.

Here you will discover precisely how your mind is fooled, any time, any place.  And how to prevent it from ever happening again.


Level I, Lecture 4:

How to Skyrocket Your Intelligence

In this lecture, Mega Genius® reveals, and thoroughly explains, his astounding discovery:  “The Genius Formula ™” — the simple 3-step process that anyone of at least average intelligence can use to think exactly like a genius, and attain genius IQ and beyond.

It will blow your mind!


Level I, Lecture 5:

Life’s Road Signs

First, Mega Genius® discloses much more that you urgently need to know about the subject of intelligence.

Then it gets even better, as he begins divulging the 100 “mega truths,” those priceless truisms — from beyond the highest IQ level — that are the essential road signs of life.


Level I, Lecture 6:

More Mega Truths

Here Mega Genius® wraps-up his revelation of “The Genius Formula“and shares many more earth-shattering mega truths.

Mega Genius® reminds us, “If you always do what you always did, you’ll always get what you always got.”  Well, here Mega Genius® shows you how to adjust your thinking so as to finally understand all those things that you have always wondered about, and finally get those things that you have always wanted.


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