Level I: “The Genius Formula™ Series”


From beyond the top of the IQ scale, Mega Genius® reveals how anyone of at least average intelligence can learn to think exactly like a genius.

Level I: "The Genius Formula Series," in downloadable MP3 format, at a low introductory price of only $29.95. Here are the 6 lectures — renowned throughout more than 60 countries — in which Mega Genius® explains how you can skyrocket your intelligence in 3 easy steps and learn to think exactly like a genius. You should listen to this collection of lectures first, before hearing those in Levels II, III, IV and V.

6 Lectures Included:

01 The Truth About Intelligence

02 The Fundamentals of Trickery

03 How to Keep From Being Fooled

04 Skyrocket Your intelligence

05 Life's Road Signs

06 More Mega Truths

We hope that you enjoy “Level I” of a supremely intelligent adventure!

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