Level III: “The Whole Truth Series”


“Even a child can be knowledgeable about many things, but the conundrum of the ages is how to be knowledgeable about the subject of truth.  Finally, in just a few hours, anyone can!” — Mega Genius®

“The Whole Truth Series,” by “The Man With the Perfect IQ™,” constitutes the first complete and detailed analysis of the subject of truth that has ever existed on this planet. It is an advanced series, consisting of 8 soaring lectures that will take you beyond the stars.

Here you will learn what truth actually is.  It isn’t exactly what you think.

Throughout this Series, Mega Genius® leads you on a logical, adventuresome and exhilarating exploration that finally culminates in the astonishing discovery of “ultimate truth.” Then he explains how science and religion can — and soon will — merge perfectly in the twenty-first century.

Discover the basic secret to the “mystery of life,” and even precisely identify your own personal ultimate purpose and objective.

“The Whole Truth Series” of lectures is easy to understand, but will provide the maximum benefit if heard after “The Genius Formula™ Series” and “The Uncommon Sense Series.”  Listening to the levels in sequence will enable you to adjust your considerations in the precise succession that will ensure the greatest benefits to you.

Details about each of the 8 lectures in this evolutionary series are listed below.


Level III, Lecture 1:

Nothing but the Truth

Mega Genius® begins the world’s first complete and detailed analysis of the subject of truth with a review of mankind’s ancient and continuous search for it.

Every great philosopher searched for truth down the wrong road, Mega Genius® discloses, due to a faulty definition of the word.  Now, for the first time on this planet, Mega Genius® defines the word truth accurately.

Suddenly, this elusive subject begins to make perfect sense.


Level III, Lecture 2:

Nitroglycerin and Mexican Jumping Beans

Here Mega Genius® reveals the hidden factor that causes you to continually see things differently from your family members, friends and others.

He also lets you in on the secret of winning any argument; it’s easier than you think.  From personal arguments to divorces to world wars, all disagreements exist solely because of hidden truth.


Level III, Lecture 3:

A Shower of Stardust

Here the man who knows what geniuses ponder explores a bizarre, mysterious, and glorious mental phenomenon that can happen to anyone, at any time, unexpectedly.  It may have already happened to you.  If not, then be prepared!

Then Mega Genius® leads you to a full understanding of the 3 characteristics of truth — the precious secrets you can use to invariably identify it.


Level III, Lecture 4:

The Imitation of Truth

There is a way to always know when something that is alleged to be true cannot possibly be so.  In this lecture Mega Genius® shares that priceless secret with you.

“Most sagely proverbs,” he reveals, “are actually false.”  Then he randomly selects a dozen of the most popular adages and proves his point.


Level III, Lecture 5:

Identifying the Enemy

Mega Genius® explains why the only thing that can really hurt you is what you still don’t know.  Then he guides you into discovering your only true enemy.

“Planets change significantly for the better only when…” one specific thing happens, he declares.  Here Mega Genius® reveals that extraordinarily important missing key.

Then he guides you on a journey toward your recognition of … ultimate truth.


Level III, Lecture 6:

Judge for Yourself

You have resolved almost all the great mysteries that have consistently barred this world from understanding the subject of truth.  Now you discover the hidden answer to the final one.

And, as a delightful bonus, you learn the specific condition under which you must never accept something as being true.


Level III, Lecture 7:

The Rainbows of Truth

In this thrilling lecture, Mega Genius® carefully prepares you for a face-to-face introduction to “the truth about life.”

Then, in a merging of science and religion, Mega Genius® whisks away the final veil and you discover the deepest secret of the universe: Ultimate truth!


Level III, Lecture 8:

For You, the Light Shines

In this epilogue, Mega Genius® addresses the unrecognized, but crucial, difference between facts and truth, explaining, “Facts are real — but almost never actually true!”

“Consistently distinguishing the difference is the primary identifying characteristic of a mega genius.”

Then he completely solves “the mystery of life” and shows you precisely how to identify and understand your own ultimate purpose and objective.

Mega Genius® asserts, “There is absolutely nothing wrong with anyone, that getting the person to see enough actual truth will not entirely resolve.”


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