Level III: “The Whole Truth Series”


Find out why every philosopher searched for truth down the wrong road, what truth actually is, and why your happiness and life depend upon discovering the whole truth.

Level III: "The Whole Truth Series," in downloadable MP3 format. Here are the 8 lectures in which Mega Genius® explains the entire subject of truth, from a precisely accurate definition of the word all the way to ultimate truth. Now you can understand the subject as humanity never has before. You should listen to this collection of lectures before hearing those in Levels IV and V.

8 Lectures Included:

27 Nothing but the Truth

28 Nitroglycerin and Mexican Jumping Beans

29 A Shower of Stardust

30 The Imitation of Truth

31 Identifying the Enemy

32 You Be the Judge

33 The Rainbows of Truth

34 For You, the Light Shines

Enjoy “Level III” of a supremely intelligent adventure!

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