Level IV: “The Lost Wisdom Series”


Recently, Mega Genius® recorded Level IV of The Mega Genius Lectures, 10 brand new downloadable MP3 recordings that take you on an adventure straight into the last frontier.

To obtain the maximum benefit from “The Lost Wisdom Series,” you should have previously listened to the first 3 series, listed below:


Level I:     “The Genius Formula™ Series”

Level II:   “The Uncommon Sense Series”

Level III:  “The Whole Truth Series”


A Few Recent Testimonials About “The Lost Wisdom Series”


The lectures truly reflect their title, “The Lost Wisdom,” as the truth communicated in the lectures is wisdom that has been lost to man and is of extreme benefit for man to understand today.”

R. P. S., Perak, Malaysia


“You have expanded my scope of life to such magnitudes that all the missing pieces have now magically fallen into place right before my eyes.”

M. H., Espoo, Finland


“The lecture about responsibility is completely awesome, as it gives an accurate description of our true potential as life entities.  Thank you for recording these lectures; I’ve learned a lot … again.”

G. L., Cuernavaca, Mexico


“This is one of the greatest gifts ever given to humanity.”

E. W., Fuquay Varina, North Carolina, USA


“I’m enjoying the lectures tremendously, as I have all of his others over the past couple of years, and I consistently get a lot out of them with each listening.”

S. K., Austria


“I took great pleasure in listening to them from beginning to end and found myself laughing out loud many times. My personal opinion is that it would have been a gem of a bargain at twice the price.”

R. S., Sydney, Australia



Level IV, Lecture 1:

Applying The Genius Formula™

Earth is changing!

Mega Genius® shares worldwide reactions to The Mega Genius® Lectures with you. Then he gives you more examples of how to properly apply The Genius Formula™ in your day-to-day tasks, and explains precisely how he used the formula to solve the world’s most famous murder mystery — the baffling case of Jack the Ripper.

Finally, he explains how to easily perceive changes to your own intelligence.


Level IV, Lecture 2:

Eliminating the Idiocies

There are 10 idiocies that can interfere with a person’s ability to apply The Genius Formula™ effectively and, thereby, reach intelligent conclusions.  It is imperative that you understand and avoid them, as each of them can stop your intellectual reasoning dead in its tracks.

Mega Genius® explains each of the first nine idiocies in this enlightening lecture.


Level IV, Lecture 3:

Identifying Your Banzai Buttons

Every person continually encounters a factor that is instantly devastating to his ability to reason.  It is the tenth idiocy: “the Banzai buttons.”  Mega Genius® explains it and how it can ruin your intellectual abilities.  Although you will laugh at other people’s “Banzai buttons,” you may be shocked at your own.

Then Mega Genius® gives you more tips on applying The Genius Formula™ artfully and most effectively.


Level IV, Lecture 4:

Mastering The Genius Formula™

Mega Genius® reveals, “I’m going to tell you something about The Genius Formula that you may be startled to learn … a great secret indeed.  But it isn’t supposed to be a secret, which is why I’m telling you.  A few of you are having a little trouble applying The Genius Formula™.  And, you just cannot quite figure out why.  Well, I’m about to tell you why.”

And then he nails it!  This lecture is a real eye opener!


Level IV, Lecture 5:

The Mechanics of Memory

How does your memory work?  What will interfere with your ability to recall?  What is a bad memory?  What is a good memory?  Is there such a thing as a perfect memory?  How far back can a person remember?  What are the secrets of memory experts?

Everything that you need to know about memory — it’s all in this lecture.


Level IV, Lecture 6:

Past Life Recall

What is true and what isn’t?  In this illuminating lecture, Mega Genius® explains the truth about out-of-body experiences, astral projection, remote viewing, and the separation of a life entity from a body.

Have you lived other lives?  If so, why do you not remember them?  Mega Genius® shares several personal experiences with you as he leads you on an adventure in the continuation of your own life, beyond a single lifetime.

This lecture will change your view of yourself, your life, and your future!


Level IV, Lecture 7:

Preparing the Populace

Brace yourself!

Mega Genius® declares, “The true history of Earth and its inhabitants is so different from what most people assume that it is a subject about which the human race is effectually ignorant.  Accordingly, humans have no knowledge of either the historical or current role of this planet.”

Then he begins an examination of what the authorities have determined that the worldwide populace does not have the mental capacity to handle.


Level IV, Lecture 8:

The Role of Earth

Mega Genius® pulls no punches; he lays it all on the line.

In this lecture you will learn what group is really in charge of Earth, when it took control, and precisely what its intentions are.  Find out what happened on this planet 10,000 years ago that will make your teeth rattle and knock your socks flat off.

Then discover exactly where you really fit into the whole picture.


Level IV, Lecture 9:

Whose Responsibility is It?

Like the old saying about the weather, “Everyone complains about it, but no one does anything about it.”  The subject is responsibility, and it is not what everyone thinks that it is.  Responsibility does not even necessarily involve any action.  Discover the truth about one of humanity’s most important and perplexing subjects.

Then Mega Genius® explains 3 more key factors:  (1) the law of retribution; (2) something that you must possess to succeed in any endeavor; and, (3) a hidden formula for trouble, which you surely have run into, and the secret to avoiding it.


Level IV, Lecture 10:

Secrets of a Magical Being

Mega Genius® reveals what every person’s objectives and actions must include.  He warns, “If they do not, he is lost!”

Mega Genius® then tells you how to ensure that your life is in order, and discloses three purely simple and beautiful rules to ensure that you are at least reasonably healthy and happy.

Those who know this wisdom will use it to ward off a multitude of difficulties, magically.  You can use it magically, too!



Although “The Lost Wisdom Series,” consisting of all 10 downloadable mp3 files, is regularly priced at $249.95, we are currently offering this complete series at an 8 percent discount — $20.00 off — for only $229.95.

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