Increase Your Intelligence -- Testimonials

image3.jpg“He’s the man with the perfect IQ.  He will increase your intelligence!” Gary Burbank of  “The Gary Burbank Show,” WLW Cincinnati, Ohio, USA


“Check out his website,  He will make you more intelligent!”  Vic “The Brick” Barry, “Cork Talks Back” show [Red FM 104 - 106], Bishopstown, Cork, Ireland

“I purchased The Mega Genius® Lectures approximately two years ago. They were incredible. They changed my life. I’m still experiencing so much growth all the time. It’s incredible how clear and simple Mega Genius® makes everything. Goethe once said that when he read Kant he felt as though he had entered a brightly lit room.  That is what I get out of the lectures.”
O. A. S., Dubai, United Arab Emirates

“Absolutely fantastic material!

“These lectures have provided me with everything for which I could ever have wished.… As for ‘The Genius Formula,’ it literally blew my mind. This is what I have always wanted. I want answers for so many things and now I have the tool to get those answers.”
M. H., Espoo, Finland

“’The Genius Formula Series™’ does exactly what it promises. The lectures are done so well that, every time I have listened to them, I have consistently been able to notice a significant increase in my intelligence. The spirit in which Mega Genius® imparts this wisdom is a quintessentially intelligent act, what my best observation says is in the very nature of truth. This is a gift of the highest quality.”
A. S., West Windsor, New Jersey, USA

“I have listened to all your lectures and I must say that The Mega Genius Lectures are the most valuable thing that I have ever invested in.  Thank you!”
A. M., Athens, Greece

“I’m extremely glad that I had the curiosity to buy The Mega Genius® Lectures. He explains why IQ doesn’t increase naturally, and then shows us how to change that. Anyone who denies the validity of ‘The Genius Formula’ doesn’t know what he’s talking about; the more a person applies it, the more intelligent he becomes.  As Mega Genius® says, ‘It works ‘like a dream.’  Believe me, it will fulfill your expectations, and then some.”

R. N., Louisville, Kentucky, USA


“At first, I saw this man as a fraud.  However, when I finally listened to these lectures, the definition blew me away. The man truly has something amazing that I cannot argue with.  As for ‘The Genius Formula,’ it is truly fantastic!  It definitely works. These lectures are fully packed with truth after truth!  The improvement so far is spectacular.”

M. A. C., San Francisco, California, USA


“In just two days I have already listened to the first six of The Mega Genius® Lectures and I must say that I am impressed.  The structure, depth and flow of each lecture makes for compelling listening.  I appreciate the opportunity to listen to the thoughts of such an intelligent person and, in particular, appreciate you sharing ‘The Genius Formula.’  Despite only hearing the formula today, I feel that I am already looking at everything in a whole new way.  Thank you!!!”

B. H., Taree, New South Wales, Australia

“I just awoke, and immediately I want to say that ‘The Genius Formula’ is incredible.  Last night I heard the lectures; then this morning, somehow, already, I felt like I was thinking in another dimension, like my mind was beginning to open up.  So, I’m speechless really.  And thanks to Mega Genius® for sharing his discovery.  Maybe it’s the perfect gift ….”

D. M., Millbrook, Northern Ireland


“I had made several assumptions about Mega Genius® … and quickly realized I had better change my mind.  I highly recommend this to anyone sharper than Dufus, smarter than Norm, and even the Brainards out there!  Thank you!”

A. D. C. Yakima, Washington, USA


“Thank you for the lectures; they’re really lovely, like fresh pine mountain air after a rain storm or a great piece of chamber music: beautifully simple and simply beautiful.  I very much appreciate the effort and great energy you’ve put out.”

N. M., Al Muharraq, Kingdom of Bahrain


“Hearing ‘The Genius Formula™,’ one’s inner genius resonates much with what he reveals, making its presence and attainability undeniable, guiding you towards it as only a man of superior intelligence can easily take you where he has been.”

A. A., Morgantown, West Virginia , USA


“Great Lectures; real eye-openers.”  A. S.  Simi Valley, California, USA

“This is absolutely the most effective approach to increasing your intelligence that exists today. ‘The Genius Formula’ works!  To Mega Genius®: Thank you. I wish there were more people like you who were willing to share their gift with the world.”

J. A., North Easton, Massachusetts, USA


“HOLY S**t!  I listened to ‘The Genius Formula Series’ all in one sitting; I couldn’t stop.  I love the first lectures that I ordered so much, as I am able, I’ll get the whole series.”

M. M., Atlanta, Georgia, USA


“The first thing I found awesome was the definition of intelligence.  The subjects of money, luck, education, relationships, government, death and even truth are easily understandable and with information hardly available from other sources through the reach of the common citizen.”

G. L. D. C., Cuernavaca, Morelos, Mexico


“The Mega Genius Lectures, not just listened to, but applied and practiced, enabled me to see life in a different perspective.  In a world filled with exaggerated misinformation, the lectures were a refreshing new view; I would enthusiastically recommend them to anyone of any age.”

D. F. K., Kula, Hawaii, USA


“‘The Genius Formula’ offers a means of thinking critically, intelligently and incisively about the various issues that we encounter each day. I recommend ‘The Genius Formula lectures” to anyone who is interested in sifting through the mire that is our media, and is equally interested in moving our society out of the Age of Mediocrity.”

G. C., Westminster, Colorado, USA


“I truly enjoyed The Mega Genius Lectures. His heartfelt caring for humanity is refreshing.  His clarity, and words, and bits of humor make the lectures extremely enjoyable, as well as informative.  May all of your words of truth reach the world, for the greater good.  You express great wisdom and for that I am eternally grateful, as I’m sure many others are.”

K. T. S., Acushnet, Massachusetts, USA


I am a Senior Pastor and superintendent for a large corporation and this is exactly what I have been searching for my whole life.  In one day, I ate up all of the lectures.    I am confident now that there is nothing that I cannot get my understanding around.  Thank you, Mega Genius®, for your formula ….  I know something phenomenal when I see it.

Pastor C. N., Kansas City, MO, USA


“I have really enjoyed the current Mega Genius® Lectures. They are a true treasure in this world of ignorance and deception; I’m very excited to see what is to come.  I would like to know when the next series of lectures will be released.”

R.S.R., Cincinnati, Ohio, USA


The Mega Genius Lectures are the most right-on, easily understood, lectures that I have ever heard. Every subject applies to every one of us and is extremely well thought through, with irrevocable logic.  I have listened to many self-help CDs and read many self-help books, but none of them ever addressed expanding your thinking. Thank you, Mega Genius®, from the bottom of my heart, for showing me the pathway to achieving this, which has led me to greater understanding and personal happiness.”

L. A. L., Putnam, Illinois, USA