Level V: "The Advanced Abilities Series"

Mega Genius® recorded Level V of The Mega Genius Lectures, “The Advanced Abilities Series,” consisting of 10 brand new downloadable recordings and 3 additional free lectures, to enable you to identify the fundamental abilities that are most essential to attaining your objectives, and to show you how to easily increase those abilities at will. Your dreams can become reality.

To obtain the maximum benefit from “The Advanced Abilities Series,” you should have previously listened to the first 4 series, listed below:

Level I:     “The Genius Formula™ Series”

Level II:   “The Uncommon Sense Series”

Level III:  “The Whole Truth Series”

Level IV: “The Lost Wisdom Series”


Level V, Lecture 1:
The Devil is in the Discord

Mega Genius ® offers examples of how he innately uses “The Genius Formula™” in day-to- day living, and how you can too. Perfect application of the formula makes life so simple that you have to laugh.

Then, like the idiocies and banzai buttons that he pointed out in “The Lost Wisdom Series,” he calls your attention to exactly how he solved the world’s most famous murder mystery, the case of Jack the Ripper, which had stumped Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s master sleuth Sherlock Holmes and every other law enforcement investigator for more than 120 years. The Devil, as he shows you step by step, was in the discord.

Level V, Lecture 2:
Master Keys to Abilities

This lecture is worth it just to find out what happened on 8 May 2016, when The United States Transportation Security Administration (TSA) went up against Mega Genius ® , blocking him from catching his flight that afternoon from Pittsburgh International Airport to Newark, New Jersey. Wait until you hear the details of what Mega Genius ® did.

Level V, Lecture 3:
The Intelligent Solution to problems

The gist of 15 million words of superior self-help advice — the equivalent of 200 books — in just five seconds. That’s what Mega Genius ® gives you in this single lecture about his friend Abigail Van Buren (Dear Abby) and her twin sister Ann landers … and a crocodile egg and a hog with notches in its ear.

Level V, Lecture 4:
The Basic Rules of Communication

The most important activity of your life is communication. How your life goes will depend almost entirely and directly upon your ability to communicate in various ways.

Communication has basic rules that are not taught in any university in the world, but you will learn them here, including the most important rule of the subject that exists.


Level V, Lecture 5:
Einstein’s Conclusion

Einstein was actually modest. He knew much more than most people assume.

If you just thought for 10 seconds every day about Einstein’s conclusion, you would have much less trouble in your life.

Interestingly, few people besides Mega Genius and Einstein have shared the same conclusion — but maybe you will too.


Level V, Lecture 6:
Test Your Mental Stability

Mega Genius ® states, “Few people on earth understand ________ as well as you do now. You know what it is and how to cause it. And you know how to judge people by their association with it.

Find out what it is and why it relates so directly to mental stability, yours and others.


Level V, Lecture 7:
The Secret of Writing Well

A person who cannot write is only semiliterate, probably not able to read well, and has limited knowledge and understanding. Part of his ability to communicate with others is severely impaired. Consequently, writing is an important ability.

With only minor effort, one can improve his writing considerably, actually with far less effort than almost anyone would think. Let a person who has had some 50 million words published show you how easy it is.

Level V, Lecture 8:
Your Own Worst Enemy

This lecture is all about public relations, actually black public relations.  Rather than addressing things that you could do to make others think well of you, Mega Genius ® talks about things that you may be doing accidentally that cause others to lower their opinion about you.

Can you imagine seeing yourself as others see you? This lecture will help you to do that.

Level V, Lecture 9:
A Tune-up for Your Life

To supercharge your life, just run through this 10-point checklist.

Just as you cannot build a skyscraper with a significantly defective foundation, you should not attempt to build your dreams on an unstable base.

Ensuring that these 10 factors of your life are rock solid will help ensure that your future is, too.

Level V, Lecture 10:
How to Succeed at Anything

There are secrets to success, such as staying healthy, having a plan, and not giving up. But there is also a more basic secret that applies to achieving anything at all. Yet more people probably fail for the want of that secret than for any other reason.

In this lecture, Mega Genius ® explains exactly what it is.

“The Advanced Abilities Series,” consists of these 10 downloadable mp3 files, for $249.95, plus 3 additional free recordings, for a total of 13 lectures.

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